Chapter 20: Dark Place

"We've been walking for a while but we still haven't found a place to sleep," Alvin growled. Ever since we entered the Dark Place I had heard nothing from him but incessant complaining. "Even if we go for a walk, there is no good place for us to rest. Let's stop first!" We all stopped walking.

"Alvin is right. We've been walking for a while but there doesn't seem to be a good spot here except for the trees. Maybe we'll just spend time here. After all, the Loowas will be resting somewhere too," said Clarice.

"Okay, all right. But where can we lie down here? My back hurts a bit," said Ruffa sitting at the root of the tree.

"Is that okay?" Janet said as with just a flick of her fingers she made a cradle out of the tree branches.

"Wow, Janet. You can make beds for all of us. At least a sofa if you don't want a bed," Toffer said, his eyes were twinkling.

"Hey frog, thank me that you can still sleep because of me. Do you want to lie there on the gro

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