Chapter 2

Faith was still worried that she still didn’t find Lucy, but she couldn’t leave Nate on his own while he was like that.

After running away from that monster that was after nothing else happen, Faith just waited for Nate to wake up, while she was thinking about what just happen and hoped that Lucy was ok.

Ivan the one that transfers people to Aestraqar notices that when he sends Nate and Faith something wrong happens, they were sent to a forest near the place where they suppose to be transferred to.

After a while Ron arrived at Ivan’s place and Ivan told him what happen, Ron got angry “uh really why would you do something like this”

“I am not sure,” said Ivan “maybe it was because of the number of people that came so I made a mistake like this”

“Can’t you talk to them, maybe you helped them to get out of that place?” asked Ron

“I can’t talk to any participant and you know that if anyone figures that I talked to them I would get punished,” said Ivan then he looked at Ron ‘what are we going to do, what would happen if they died early like this”

Ron was surprised that Ivan of all people would care about getting punish but he did not take any time to think about it instead, he said “We why do you say we, this your problem I have nothing to do with it” 

Ivan knew from the start that Ron would not help him even if he can he would refuse to help him no matter what, when Ron refused to help Ivan and Ivan got curious as to why he was there so he asked about that.

“I need to send me to Aestraqar,” said Ron “this is an order from Satan himself”

“So you want me to send you there but I remember someone that would not help me with a problem that I am having’ said Ivan with an arrogant tone

“Well,” said Ron “if you do not want to send me there I can understand but like I said before this is an order from Satan so maybe I should go back to tell him that you wouldn’t want to send me”

“Wait a minute,” said Ivan while being nervous “I didn’t say that I would not send you there it is just I hope that you would help me with those guys”

“You do not need to worry about it at all, I am being sent there so I would help them because we did not give what they needed when we send them there”

“Wait a minute so you were going to help them after all, so why did you say that this is my problem and that I need to solve it on my own”

“I didn’t say that you need to solve it on your own,” said Ron then he approaches him and put his hand on his head “what I said this is your problem, that all I said to you so from where did you get that you need to solve on your own"

Ivan got frustrated by the way Ron talked to him he was looking down on him and he did not like that he touched his head, but since he did not need to beg him for him first thing he did is he pushed his hand away from his head then said “so what do you think will happen if they got killed and you did not help them, even when you had a chance to do that”

“I would get punished for that,” said Ron then he looked at Ivan and said with a smile “but I would not be the only one”

Ivan said “yeah I guess you are right but really what can he do to me, I am at the bottom it would not get worse than this but you are not like me you would not risk everything just because of me, would you”

After that, Ron backed away from Ivan and said “yeah I guess you are right, the difference between the two of us is like heaven and hell so I am sorry for treating you badly”

Ivan was irritated by Ron’s response but it was not like he would get anything more than that then he suddenly heard a voice said “are we going now or what”

Ivan did not notice that but there was someone arrived with Ron so Ivan asked him who is he was, which he answered “my name is Khalid Hamid and they told that I will be tested but because of that arrived later than the others I send herewith Ron”

Ivan went to Ron and dragged away from Khalid and said “what the hell is going on”

“I do not know there a lot of problems right now with Khalid over there and I am sure that you notice Ted and Lucy”

Ivan remembered Ted and he was surprised to see him, as someone like him to be there and then there was Lucy a kid, after that he said “so you do not know what is going on”

“I do not know what is going on, no one does maybe Satan knows but you know him he would not say anything to anyone even Ramón, and he was with him from the very start,” said Ron while being frustrated because Ivan doesn’t believe him.

“Ok you do not need to be angry about it I get it but still, there is this Ted and Lucy then you there is something big is going on, and I just hope it would not mess with everything that we did”

Ron patted Ivan's shoulder and said "you do not need to worry about it, just send me there that is your job now ok"

"I will send to where that girl named Lucy was sent to and I hope that you would not get killed by anything from there I just hope," said Ivan then he sends both of them to the village called Eelry, which was near the forest where both Nate and Faith in.

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