Chapter 3

When Khalid and Ron arrived at the village, they saw Lucy and she was searching for Faith and she was about to give up on that, then she saw Ron and went running toward him and asked while there were tears on her face “what happens, where is Faith, one moment I was with her the next she disappeared”

Ron wiped her tears and said “you do not need to worry about her she is a safe place and I am sure that she will get here in no time” when Lucy heard that a smile started to show on her face while she was wiping others tears on her face

“Really,” said Khalid “from your conversation with Ivan it looks like that, Faith and Nate were in danger”

 “Is that true” asked Lucy and she was about to cry

“Like I said they are in a safe place you do not need to worry about them’ said Ron

“But he said that they were in danger”

Ron glared at Khalid then he looked back at Lucy and said “why are you listing to him, do you even know him, weren’t I the one that helped you before and took to Faith, you can trust me”

“Yeah I guess you are right,” said Lucy “like my brother said do not listen to people that you do not know”

“And you can trust me because we are friends right Lucy”

“Yeah I guess we are” after she said that she got better and she asked Ron to play with her, Ron said that he wanted to talk with Khalid about something important, at first Lucy didn’t like that it was like they were hiding something from her but when Ron promised her that he would do anything she wants she did not mind.

Ron and Khalid walked away from Lucy, Lucy wanted to go after them to see what is going on but then she thought that if she did this Ron might get angry and would not want to see her ever again so she thought it would be better to do what she said.

After getting enough distance for Lucy not to be able to listen to their conversation, Ron grabbed Khalid by his shirt and said “what is wrong with you, I am trying to calm her and you did what you said that the person that she was worried  about is in danger, are you stupid or what”

Khalid said “I am not that good with this type of situation”

His answer made Ron angrier than before and he started to yell “what not good, do you count what you did not good, in what world you would think something like that”

“I know what I did is stupid, so can you at least let me go it is hard to breathe like this’ said Khalid while trying to get out of Ron’s grab.

“So you know that it was stupid,” said Ron then he let him go “so next time something like this happens you better not say anything”

Khalid just said “yes I understand that but you should know” then he stopped because Ron stared at him which scared him off

When they got back Lucy asked “what did you do”

Ron said with a smile “nothing at all we just talked for a bit about what we will do after we meet with Faith and Nate, so did something happen while we were away”

Lucy said “nothing at all” then she notices Khalid and how he looked so she went to Ron and whispered “what is wrong with him why he is acting like that”

“It is just he is reflecting on what the stupid thing that he said before, that why he is acting like this you do not need to even care about him,” said Ron

Lucy got sad for him so she went to him and said “you do not overthink about what happens we all do something stupid the most important thing that we learn from it”

“Yeah you are right,” said Khalid while looking at the ground

Ron said trying to change the subject “so I promise you to do anything you want so tell me what do you want”

Lucy stared at Ron for a couple of minutes then she said “I think I will wait until Faith come back then I will tell what I want” then she waited for some time then she asked “so can you tell when we will meet Faith and how she will know that we are here”

Khalid stopped looking at the ground and started to focus on what Ron going to say with a smirk on his face and Ron notices that, so he hit him without Lucy seeing that then he said to her “it is easy, and I will show you how can you just close your eyes for a bit”

Lucy did not understand as to why she has to do that but she did it anyway, after a few seconds she opened her eyes while looking surprised and said “how did you do that”

“This is one of my power I can talk to anyone that I know, I just need to focus and I would be able to make a connection,” said Ron

“But how would this help us with finding Faith if you are the only one that can talk”

“Easy let me show you, you need to close your eyes once again and trying to imagine sending me your thought”

After multiple failed tries Lucy was able to talk back to Ron with telepathy when Ron heard what she thought he looked at Khalid then said “wow I did not see that until you told me” and they both started to laugh

Khalid was getting irritated because he knows that they were making fun of him but after what he just saw he did not care at all what they said he cared about what happened and he wanted to try it too.

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