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By: Becca. Mide OngoingFantasy

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"I bind you evil demon away from this Demon Kingdom and you will die immediately you set out of this Kingdom" One of the chief Demon cursed him.... "Noooooo" I will be back to take revenge and take over the kingdom fully"Aatrox shouted before vanishing and his Demon and Human died immediately he passed through the portal ***In the human world*** "Aatrox,get away from me" Keda shouted "Your body is mine, Don't you get it"Aatrox replied angrily in her head " I won't let you use me"Keda shouted back before blacking out A/N: THIS IS A FICTION NOVEL HOW CAN DEMONS HAVE ACCESS TO A CATHOLIC SCHOOL? MYSTERY RIGHT? WELL THE SCHOOL WAS CREATED BY AN ANCIENT DEMON, LIKE SERIOUSLY HOW CAN A DEMON CREATE A CATHOLIC SCHOOL,THAT IS MYSTERY EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS MYSTERY. THE SCHOOL HAS TWO FORBIDDEN AREA.

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  • Stephanie Nzekwue


    Okay! Wow! Still reading but I love this so much!

    2022-11-19 03:49:44
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48 chapters
CHAPTER 1- Weird things
**Peach is getting ready for St Patty Catholic school,A boarding School. "Peach are not done packing?" her mother shouted "I'm about to not like I want to go to the school before"Peach said and Hissed "Don't you ever shout at me again, I'm your mother"Her mother said" "You call yourself my mother when you don't behave like a mother" Peach answered. 'paaaar' Her mother Slaps her. ah! You slapped me well don't worry let get going Peach saidBetter Peach mom said. UnknownI need that girl I really need her . Peach mother driving peach to the airport. Starts begging peach "I'm sorry peach, I didn't mean to slap you, Just forgive me please?She said "Well have forgiven you Mom" Peach said "Really, you have forgiven me?" Her mother asked happily " Yes I have forgiven you" Peach replied "Thank you daughter" She was about to hug her daughter from the Front seat When peach shouted "Mom!! Easy you are going to get us killed". "I'm just happy Peach"H
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CHAPTER 2- Wear Your Cross
"What the hell happened here" Felly asked with her hands covering her mouth and tears streaming down her face. "I don't know what happened but we were just discussing about something when Keda(Aatrox) came in and brought out the "Topic of Demons" ,asking us whether we believe **DEMONS** exist or not, Then Kora replied saying they exist but they are ugly, Before we could process anything, The ceiling fan fell down cutting off her head and her head fell off with blood splashing everywhere,I don't know how a ceiling fan that is not working can fall down cutting off her head" Villa Said Crying furiously. "Is this the room I'm going to stay?" Peach asked Shivering in fear and tears coming out of her eyes. "We shouldn't just stay here crying,We should report to the school authorities" One of the students that came to check out what was happening Said. "That's true,I will go and tell the principal" One of the students said and ran off to the principal's office "I will call t
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CHAPTER 3- First Transformation
Mira Felly Shouted falling on her knees crying "Surprisingly Some students Where passing around there But They never Heard or see anything that is happening" "Are they not seeing Us, Why are they Walking away" Peach asked confusingly . "Oh don't be stupid,They are not going to see us as far as Their memories of what is happening are wiped off Dummy" Xavier Blurted out rolling his eyes. "So you know about it too"Bobby asked surprisingly "Know about what?" Xavier askedYou just said that Their memories are wiped off Bobby saidMe I didn't say anything Xavier said facing another side trying to remember what he Said. ""Everyone of them faced Mira's Body,As the pierced part starts coming together and it formed Back into her Flesh Then she stands up dusting her body ""What are you guys doing here,Will you get Your disgusting selves to the cafeteria A Reverend sister named Lucia said and hissed loudly.Is she suppose to be swearing I thought she is a Reverend sister Mira Asked
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CHAPTER 4- Wiped memories
The Ancient priest(Finela) Appeared. "Why can't you just allow This boy live his life" Finela asked Hija "He is not going to rest until I get access into St Patty Catholic School *Hija said Reaveling her long green tongue Also making noises with It. "You have always been a Disgusting and Cunny Witch"Finela repliedHija was about to talk but Finela beat her to it "You won't gain any access to that school and that is final" Finela Said before blinding Hija temporarily and Grabbing the Unconscious Gerald and Vanished to St Patty. You are here now, I will reveal How you were manipulated and How you changed to The Kismet Circle and the Important Supernaturals that needs to know Through Dreams Finela thought inwardly before wiping Gerald memories Only his name and Personal information that he knows and of course his friends with the Things that are important for him to remember.*********** "Why does she have to Free The boy,How I wish she can just die by my hands?" Miss Mina th
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CHAPTER 5 - Confusion
I'm thinking of something" Makina said "What's that? "Dell said " I think,,,,,,,,But she was interrupted by Tonia's shout again "What's happening to her ?" Star said fearfully " The boy is not dieing and he is not peach soulmate, Go put me in the prayer room, Evil spirit wants to manipulate me"Tonia said with her eyes red already " Please, I don't want to loose my soul to the evils" she added before closing her eyes and slept off Makina used her mind to teleport Tonia into the prayer room because anybody that touches her with become manipulated immediately.. "I'm so sad" Alexa said from where she was sitting down "Alexa, When did you get in?" Makina said "I was going to the river bank when I saw someone diving into the river, I rushed there thinking that the person fell into the water but it turned out that I was being tricked to come to the river side"Alexa said "Tricked?"Makina said loudly making the remaining girls stop what they were doing and listened to A
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CHAPTER 6- Ear deafening sound
"Good afternoon students" Mr Tiller said standing at the front allowing all the student to see him Some student answered"Good afternoon sir" , Some student murmured while some didn't even bother to answer "Who can guess while we call you guys here?" Mr Tiller said "Maybe you want to gift us something reasonable more than the last time"One student answered " Or maybe he wants to compensate us with something knowing that the lady award giving day was trash"The other student beside the first student that answered replied which caused the students in the hall to laugh out loud "Who said that?" Miss Carly asked obviously angry as she always have been The hall went silent with all the student looking at her like they have planned it before coming into the hall "Listen everyone,A show is starting next week and every student will participate"Mr Tiller said opening a book " It's like a talent hunt that will take place for Six weeks and after the whole hunt classes will s
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CHAPTER 7- Another one
" How dare you talk to me like that?" Tasha said slapping Binta hard on the cheeks "You slapped me?" Binta said shockingly "Yes I did, What are you going to do about that? Tasha replied walking out on them********* "I need my freedom" A boy shouted "You can't go away from me Carlos, You are mine and I can use you anyhow I want"the beast " I own my body without a human boy you can't operate or take your revenge, I will try all I can do to get strong in mind to fight you"Carlos determined " You are deceiving yourself, Your strength is trapped in Hija place and there is no how you can get it"The beast said " Just follow my lead and when I get my revenge I will release you if you will still be alive by then"The beast added before taking control of him fully "Revenge, Revenge, Revenge" Their voice echoed together. Causing the ground to shake continuously and cause uproar to some areas******** "Why is the ground shaking?" Kumar asked no one in particular "
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Chapter 8- Possessing
Their late principal was walking towards them in the same dressing style as Finela "What is happening here?" Felly said getting afraid already " Are you girls shocked?,I just wants to remind you girls that anything you do make sure you don't let any Reverend sister touch your heads and do not wear the school cross"He said " And stop joining them in praying on the main altar, it's dangerous if you want to pray go somewhere and do not pray out, you will get to know the reason why"He added and immediately the girls met themselves in their room and the annoying bell sound is already silent************* (Unknown) "I will make sure you regret talking back at me,I will destroy you and the rest" She said angrily "We have the same intention how about you allow me possess you so that we can work together"A scary looking creature said making Her to look up " Don't worry you are the only one that can see,I want to destroy them also"The creature added " That's cool"she re
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CHAPTER 9- Shocked
"Blake,I have a good news for you" Angelina Blake's elder sister said happily " What's the news all about because I see that you are very happy"Blake replied smiling " There are slots in St Patty Catholic School for students that enroll before the talent hunt"Angelina dropped the news "How did you know about that? Because it's not on the news" Blake replied looking at her suspiciously "You know what I can do, I dreamt about it" Angelina replied still with a happy smile on her face " Well, When are we going to apply?" Blake said " What?,I'm not going"Angelina replied immediately " That can't work because If I'm going to that school that means you are also going I can't leave you all alone in Chicago and go to New York"Blake replied "ok ok I will go and guess what?"Angelina said " What?"Blake replied "Just guess" Angelina said "I can't guess or wait you will get ice cream for me" Blake guessed smiling sheepishly " That's Dumb,we are not going to p
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CHAPTER 10- Planning
"Keda, I sensed Carlos brother closer" Kumar said"Really?, All I can perceive is a strange aura coming from that side"Keda replied pointing at the same side Kumar pointed at" I can't even perceive anything" Delight said"I'm perceiving mixed aura and I'm not sure which one is one"Kima said sniffing the air" Let's leave here, I Sense someone looking at us" Kima addedThey were about to move away from there when Tasha walked towards them, They were surprised seeing her walk alone"Why are you walking alone?What about Binta and Esmeralda?" Kumar said" When did you start interacting with me? Tasha asked rolling her eyes"Oh, I forgot it's none of my business" Kumar repliedKima starts sniffing again but this time around she was moving near Tasha like there's a rope dragging her nearer to Tasha"Why are you coming near me?" Tasha asked getting suspicious that her cover has blown" You Demon, I cast you out" Kima shoutedThe rest of the girls were confused but they also assisted by remo
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