Inheritance trial starts

After sometime, about twenty minutes later, Xiao Bilan suddenly stopped working.

Seeing that she had stopped, Max looked at her with a puzzled expression in his face and asked "Have we gotten there?"

"Yes, we have" Xiao Bilan responded.

"Huh?" Max uttered in a questioning tone.

He then began to look around. And when he saw that there was no gate before them or around them for them to go into to appear in the legacy ground, he looked at Xiao Bilan and said "But I don't see anything like a gate here."

Xiao Bilan only smiled while Zhu Lian shook her head with a smile appearing in her face.

She then said, "Max, there is no need for a gate. Upon activation of the key in Xiao Bilan's hand, a portal will come up for us to go into to appear in the legacy ground."

"Oh. Okay." Max said with a nod of his head.


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