217. Ultimate Lightning Thrust

[The process of merging the two worlds, 99.75 percent]

Ha ha ha..

Guratin's laughter was blaring.

The players were already overwhelmed; they really couldn't touch Guratin. Guratin only needed to move his arms, and they were blown away by the powerful attacks that emerged from the power control access lock of Universal Chaos.


A sun appeared, and its shine was very bright.

What's that!

Light flickered from the incoming energy, and a portal appeared. The flaming figure was like a god descending from the sky.

Guratin did not know who it was. He got ready.

The light faded, and a figure appeared in the air. The armor on his body lit up—armor with dragon carvings. Only the mouth parts were not covered by armor, armor that no one had ever seen before. It was possible, like a god appearing.

"Guratin! Stop your crimes. I will put an end to all your silliness!"

Guratin just realized who had come.

"You... how can you do such a powerful energy fusion?"

It was Saka who merged with Draken. Gu
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