216. I'm a Legend!

"Older brother!" In disbelief, Sendi covered his mouth with both hands. He was watching the stream from the cellphone that Evans had shown him. They were waiting for Mrs. Irma in her room.

"This is not possible!" Evans also commented.

Irma saw Evans and Sendi; she knew what was going on because both of them looked shocked.

“Sendi, Evans. You don't need to be afraid; let's pray for the good of Saka. God knows better; we just need to pray. Saka is not a weak young man; I have cared for him since childhood."

Sendi and Evans nodded, and the three of them prayed. They could only pray that Saka would be strong and have the strength to defeat Guratin. He can't lose! They are sure now.


"Saka! Saka!"

Draken shouted, cradling Saka's head. The energy in Saka's body began to disperse. Like a body whose light begins to dim. Saka's magic power continues to decrease.

"Why are you doing this?" Draken shouted. Draken couldn't contain his sadness.

Meanwhile. Fang Yin knows that Saka is injured.
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