Chapter 31 – The Owner of the Sword Totsuka no Tsuragi

Chapter 31 – The Owner of the Sword Totsuka no Tsuragi

Showing off a coiled dragon pride tattoo, get ready to jump and pounce.

"I'm sorry young master, and I thought you were passing by and stopped by to rest in our village. But you are just like the other visitors." Without waiting for confirmation, he stuck out his golden-edged sword. The tassel hanging at the end rattled as the sharp object moved.

"How is this, Mala? Innocent people can get hurt." Alex's lyrics go the other way.

Even though the villagers laughed at him, he still had time to worry about the fate of others. Seeing the tenderness of his heart, Mala put up a transparent wall between the people, dividing them in two.

Those who saw it for the first time panicked and screamed.

"They are stealth, she Yokai!" they also shouted at the appearance of Sue and her sister when they changed clothes. Surprised by Mala's magic, the men outside threw stones at them. Luckily the shield that is built is str
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