My Harem army - The Battle of Underworld
I got an erection upon contact with her ass, but it is alright because my semen was only for my lawful wives. I then realized after I got my first children with Naysa, that I wanted to become a good husband and father.

'I want to try to become a good husband and father.' The thought crossed my mind.

(Tehehe, I approved!) Paira exclaimed with a happy face in front of me as she faded away after that.

Eara turned to me and looked into my face while her hands held onto my arms.

'She is so beautiful!' My heart exclaimed.

"Husband, Please do not use the power of the wild card anymore. You will collapse every time you use it. Fucking crazy!" She shouted, and her voice could be heard through the big speaker that was installed on the high-rise building.

"But if something bad happens?" I was stuttering at her act and gesture in front of everyone.

"Nothing bad will happen. I will protect you." She replied in my ear and pecked it.

"Okay, please take care of me." Then I kissed her in the mouth and
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