Nathan’s Revenge

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Nathan’s Revenge

By: Zee Writes Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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In this gripping tale of revenge and redemption, Arkwright Nathan, a man blinded by rage and betrayal, finds an unexpected opportunity to avenge the heartache inflicted upon him. After discovering his billionaire father's existence, Nathan seizes the chance to take over his empire and sets his sights on his ex-family's business, Knoxville Company. As he watches his ex-girlfriend, Camila, face the shock of his success, Nathan strikes a calculated deal that forces her to become his personal assistant. Relishing in his newfound power, Nathan relishes in making Camila's life miserable while stoking her jealousy through his connection with Amelia. Will Nathan's plan to make Camila suffer ultimately lead to his own redemption, or will revenge consume him entirely? Dive into this tale of love, betrayal, and the unexpected complexities of human emotions.


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  • Zeenat Omayoza


    Quite intriguing... Waiting for update author… keep the good work.

    2023-10-26 03:32:18
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Nathan's POVI lay on my bed, scrolling through my phone, just having finished a call with my girlfriend, Camila. I already missed her. As I scrolled through the pictures on my old, worn-out phone, I saw that they were all of her or the two of us together. A proud smile spread across my face when I came across a picture of her smiling. With her long, curly blonde hair, bright ocean blue eyes, plump red lips, and perfectly shaped, shining white teeth, she embodied perfection, the dream girl of every guy in college.Camila was not only rich and intelligent but also beautiful, quirky, and determined. I was taken aback when she agreed to go out with me. I had admired her from a distance on campus for a while, nurturing a huge crush on her for months. I had wanted to confess my feelings so I could move on from the fantasy I was living in. With courage, I expressed my emotions, expecting her to laugh in my face. I believed she was one of those pompous, spoiled, rich girls who would never gi
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Nathan's POVToday is a special day - it's the third anniversary since Camila and I have been together. Despite the passing of time, our love remains as strong and beautiful as on the day we first met. I've prepared a surprise for her - I've worked three part-time jobs to afford a special gift that I know she'll love. I can't wait to see her reaction and celebrate our love on this special day.Firstly, I was going to get her a gift, and I reserved a table at a popular and expensive restaurant. I knew I was making a huge dent in my wallet with all these expenses, but Camila deserves everything I'm doing for her and more. I had even written her a note to thank her for all her love and support and for standing by me through thick and thin. I had rehearsed every word, and when I was sure it was perfect, I walked into my bathroom and had my bath.I happily got dressed in neatly ironed dark blue jeans trousers and a white t-shirt. I put on my affordable cologne. I wanted to smell very nice
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Nathan's POVThe sound of the chocolate box and flowers startled them, interrupting their activities. Camila appeared surprised, standing up from the man's lap and casually running her fingers through her disheveled hair."Baby, who is this man, and why did he enter your house like this?" the man asked, glaring at me with disdain."He's nobody. Wait for me in the living room," she replied. I stared at her in disbelief. Did she just call me a nobody?He rose from the bed and gave her a quick kiss before leaving. He purposely bumped into me, causing me to stumble, as if I had lost myself completely."What are you doing here? Why did you come to my house without informing me?" she questioned, furrowing her brow. I approached her slowly."Is that all you have to say? I just witnessed you in bed with another man, and that's your only response? Camila, how could you cheat on me on our anniversary?" I asked, my voice filled with pain and brokenness. She snickered."Correction, you are the ot
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Nathan's POVI was unable to sleep last night which was why I woke up very early and started getting ready for college. Today was the first time I wished I didn't have to go to college. I was a scholarship student and I had to maintain that scholarship before it got taken away. I also had to graduate with really good grades so I could not afford to miss school. I always anticipated going to college every single day to see someone who was special to me before. Sadly, there isn't someone like that anymore.I got ready and rode the bus to school. I used the last penny I had to take the bus after spending everything I had on gifts. I called the restaurant that I had booked to cancel my reservation. I might have to walk to school for a while until I get my salary from my part-time job.I crossed my bag and walked dejectedly to college. I met Amelia immediately after I alighted from the bus."Good morning," she greeted cheerfully. I sighed as I continued to walk. She joined me."You left an
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Nathan's POV"Who are you and how do you know my name?" I asked the elderly man gazing at him skeptically. He came down from his car."Can we talk in that restaurant over there? I already made a reservation," he said."Have you been following me? How were you certain I would pass through this route before you made a reservation?" I inquired."I'm old and I can't stand for too long. Come with me to the restaurant and I will explain everything," he said pleadingly. I gazed at him for a while before I nodded. He walked in and I followed after him. He was an elderly man and I knew how to respect my elders. Although I was passing through hell.We sat in silence for a while. He ordered drinks for us while we seated. One glance at his sleek-looking suit, his cane, shoes, and watch. I could tell he was a very wealthy person. He was clearly hesitating to speak. I cleared my throat loudly."I'm your father," he deadpanned. I stared at him in shock."W..what?" I stuttered in confusion."You are
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Nathan's POVSix years later"And now to the business sector. It is no news that there is one certain company that has taken the business world by storm. They have been in existence for generations but over the past few years, they have dominated the business market and toppled over other popular companies. This company is the number one company in the world today. It is now diverse and into almost every sector. Ranging from hotels, pharmaceuticals, clothing brands, airlines, manufacturing cars and jewelry, manufacturing wine, filling stations, schools and so many more. I would never be able to finish the list on time if I decide to continue. This company has caught the attention of every single person either young or old, rich or poor. Everyone knows this company.""It is no secret that the Knoxville enterprise was able to achieve these great fits after the appointment of the new CEO. Although his identity remains a mystery, we've heard he is a ruthless and merciless businessman who
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Camila's POVI was lying on my bed, randomly scrolling through my phone when suddenly an email popped up on my screen. I read its contents, blinked, and wiped my eyes just to be sure I was seeing it correctly. Reading it again, I squealed happily at the good news. Knoxville Enterprise had set up an interview with my company. It was nothing short of a miracle. I had applied without much thought because I never believed we would make it to the top ten on their list.Knoxville Enterprise is one of the most popular and well-established global companies today. When I heard they were selecting just one company to invest in, I applied because my family's company was on the verge of bankruptcy. We didn't have enough money to pay the employees or cover our bills. I knew over a thousand companies had applied to Knoxville Enterprise. Everyone wanted to be associated with them.Among the thousands of companies that applied, I never thought we stood a chance, but we ended up being chosen. I needed
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Nathan's POVI smiled upon hearing her voice and turned around to look at her. Her eyes and mouth widened in shock as the files she was holding fell from her hands. Now, that was the reaction I had been anticipating.She glanced around my office before her gaze settled on me again, shock written all over her face, staring at me in disbelief."Nathan... Why are you here? I'm supposed to be meeting the CEO," she stuttered in confusion, pointing towards the door. I took in her appearance slowly. She still looked exactly the same, but something seemed different. Is she less intelligent now or just more pathetic? Anyway, I am going to make the best of this moment."Is this how the representative of Arkwright Group behaves, being disrespectful and unprofessional? I'm sure you must know that the way you portray yourself here reflects on your company," I muttered coldly. She stared at me in shock, opening and closing her mouth like a fish gasping for air."Nathan, is this supposed to be a jok
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Camila's POVSitting at my desk in Arkwright Group, I tapped my foot on the floor, feeling restless. It had been two days since I met Nathan in his office as the CEO of Knoxville Enterprises. I had to remember to address him as Mr. Knoxville now, as he strongly insisted on that title. The rumors about Knoxville Enterprises' CEO were clearly true, and I witnessed it firsthand. Nathan was ruthless, rude, and cold. I never expected that person to be him.Seeing Nathan sitting on that chair in the CEO's office that day left me dumbfounded. I initially thought my eyes were playing tricks on me until he spoke. His voice was hardly recognizable, cold and emotionless. It had only been six years, but he had changed completely. He looked like a different person, a complete stranger. His warm grey eyes had turned cold and steely, his once long black hair now trimmed shorter. His demeanor was now either icy, rude, or taunting.After we ended things on a bad note, he left school without completing
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Nathan's POVI sat in my office, feeling completely content. It had been three days since I presented my conditions to Camila before considering investing in her company. Deliberately, I set forth absurd demands, aiming to make things much more challenging for her. I was absolutely certain that she would soon walk through that door, as she had no other choice.Prior to accepting their proposal, I conducted thorough research on Camila, her family, and their company. They were drowning in debt, with not a single penny to their name. I chuckled at the irony of their downfall. Regardless of how outrageous my conditions may have seemed, she wouldn't be able to refuse. No other company would be willing to invest heavily in them; they all considered it a lost cause. Only I had the power to save them from shutting down.Suddenly, a knock interrupted my thoughts, and my secretary entered the room."Good morning, sir. Miss Arkwright is here to see you," she informed me. A smirk formed on my lip
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