Extraordinary Jackson Ryder

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Extraordinary Jackson Ryder

By: Vinayak Yü Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Jackson Ryder, a useless miser, betrayed by his wife, beaten and left for death. Just when he was desperate to end it all, he met an old man who told him his identity and restored his standing as the Grand Master of the Ryder-Wil Empire! Despite the money and power he now possessed, Jackson's instinct kept warning him of danger... He uncovered truths about his parent's death dangerously opposite what he was told. Jackson became suspicious. Who were his real enemies?? The people who hated him openly? His closest confidants? Or the very person that handed him the legacy? >>>>>>>> Hello, readers️ Update days are Mondays to Saturday's. Thanks!

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  • Orchard Minn


    Amazing. I love the first few chapters

    2023-11-10 17:20:18
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31 chapters
01: The Anniversary
Jackson placed the last set of wine glasses on the table, glancing around the bedroom in satisfaction. He’d been working hard at making a surprise for his beloved wife. Today made it 5 years they’d been together.Balloons, ribbons, small pink dolls, her favorite wine, and a pink happy anniversary cake- Jackson had ordered and arranged everything carefully.The wall clock read 5.40pm. Miranda should arrive in 20 minutes.Jackson decided to relax with some wine as he reminisced on their married life. The journey wasn’t smooth nor rosy. But the love he had for her pushed him to make it work. He’d listened to everything she said, cared for her in the least possible ways and giving her full support as she built her company from scratch.He looked up at the clock again. 6.15pm.Time flew by so fast. By now, he usually would be massaging her feet after helping her off with her jacket at the door.Jack picked up his phone and got up to look out the window facing the parking lot. Not a single
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02: Kowtow 10 times!
Miranda was almost unable to hold Isaac from staggering back on the chair. “I swear you’re going to pay for this! How dare you barge in here to interrupt us?”“Mira..” Hot tears filled Jackson’s eyes, his heart hurting. “Why’re you doing this?”“Come in!” Isaac spoke into the intercom. Immediately two burly men burst in, grabbing Jackson’s arms from behind. They started punching and hitting him, but a punch from Jackson sent them sprawling across the room.Before Isaac could give another order, Jackson dashed out of the office. He quickly got into a taxi and hurried home. It was already late and he had nowhere to go, he had to stay the night at the Wilson’s residence.Jackson got into the helper’s quarters and hid in a cupboard. Like he predicted, some men were sent by the matriarch to come search for him.Miranda had arrived home and reported what happened to her grandmother. The matriarch had never really liked him from the start.Luckily, the men didn’t look in the cupboard, so Ja
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03: Excited To Get Beaten!
Jackson took a seat on the bench at the park, wiping sweat off his head. He regretted the 5 years he spent at the Wilsons residence, for the fact that Miranda betrayed his love! Anger brimming in his heart, he retrieved a small burner phone, turned it on and dialed a certain number. "Hello, Mr Ryder." A voice replied on the other end. "I am done with the mission, what is next?" The next words the person spoke from the other line sent shock waves of anger into Jackson’s blood. "You bastard!" he screamed, throwing the phone into the grass in front of him.What exactly did they take him for? Jackson laid back on the bench, watching as people went back and forth having a good time. When his stomach started rumbling, a man walked up to hand him a plate of food.Soon, it was evening.Jackson got up, heading to OrangeLit, a luxurious bar in the city center. He ordered some beers, awaiting the person that was to meet him. On his way to a table, someone bumped into him making his bottl
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04: Secrets of the Past
Kenneth squinted his gaze. "Paul Ryder died in a house fire and was buried 2 years ago."Jackson’s heart broke in grief and sadness.His father had been his role model when he was young, taking him everywhere, teaching him all sorts of things before he suddenly disappeared. Turns out he’d been alive all this while, but only just died 2 years ago."It was due to my careless mistake, Master Jackson.” Kenneth lowered his head. “We discovered that the accident was actually set up by some of his long-time enemies, but before we could discover, it was too late! Till now, we haven’t been able to find proper evidence, we hope that with Master’s return. His father’s passing wouldn’t be in vain.”“You have a suspect?” Jackson was shocked. “Yes,” His eyes glinted with fury. “An old-time friend of Master Paul.”Jackson’s memories could only conjure up one face- Luka Wilson, Miranda’s father, and once his father’s business partner.Suspiciously, Luka had also gone missing around the same time his
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05: The Jinxed Photo
Jackson's ears perked up. Did that old hag follow him here?Shit! What if she had discovered who he was?"No." Slade read through his thoughts. “The woman seems to have a back injury, and she's swearing not to leave until she meets Doctor Jack.” Jackson clenched his teeth in frustration. News of his exceptional medical abilities had spread across the city. Almost every day someone would barge in, demanding to see him at all costs. "What should we do, Boss? She's throwing a very loud tantrum." Slade asked again. Jackson cracked his brain. Then he thought of something. "Get me the mask, my kit and some anesthetic needles." He grabbed his coat, just as Slade returned with the instruments. Jackson made his way into the guest sitting room. Anna Wilson was still screaming in a livid voice. "I need to see Doctor Jack! My back really hurts since I had an accident this morning, I can barely manage to stand. Please help me. I'll pay any amount!""Ma'am, you have to understand, the Doctor
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06: They'll Come Begging For Mercy!
"Whatever happens, you can’t go back on your word!" Jackson warned. Isaac smirked cruelly. "In a few minutes, you’ll be the one kowtowing and begging me to spare your life!" For the sake of Miranda, he'd bribed some core officials at Hutton Group and they’d drafted out the contract with her name already. The stakeholders meeting was just mere formality. Miranda nudged Isaac, trying to warn him to be careful.Jackson didn't seem like the reserved man that used to be her husband, he now had a cold, domineering aura that sends chills down her spine. They all turned their gazes to the TV as a reporter live at the conference hall spoke.He began with the History of the Hutton Group, what the Axel Contract was all about, several companies that had won in the past, and the several benefits the winning company would enjoy. Debra's palm started to itch with excitement. She couldn't help but stare at Isaac in awe and admiration. A loud voice came from the door, stunning everyone away from
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07: Who is Breaking Whose Bones?
"Not good! Not good!" Jackson kept muttering as he got into a taxi.According to the reports Kenneth sent him, Morgan was abroad settling the differences between two conflicting subsidiary company. This was something expected to take him a month or two.Why was he returning now? Something was fishy. Jackson hurried the driver along, trying to play out several scenarios in his mind. And soon, they arrived at the entrance of Hotel De Lux. This Hotel was one of the most luxurious 5-stars in the whole of Chicago with nice terrains, gardens, swimming pools, tennis court and even a golf field.Jackson didn't have time to admire all that, he just dashed to the entrance, trying to make his way in when he was stopped by a security guard. "Hey, where are you going?" he frowned, gawking condescendingly at his poor clothes."I'm here to see Mr Kenneth." Jackson replied in a haste. The guard scoffed. "How could someone like you meet Mr Kenneth?”“Even the CEO of Hotel De Lux very rarely sees h
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08: I'll Never Accept Him as the Master!
The footsteps approaching pulled up dread in Jackson’s heart, but he managed to keep his stoic expression. "Mr. Robins has arrived with a companion." A guard announced at the door before the two men stepped in. Jackson didn't miss the sudden drain of color on Kenneth’s face. He got up, eyes on the first man that stepped in. "Y. . .You're here?""Of course, I should. Didn't think you could leave me out, did you?" The tall man replied, before striding forward to stop in front of Jackson. Jet-black hair, strong jawline and small sunken eyes that scrutinized Jackson’s entire outfit before coming back up to his face. "You sure look like a Ryder. I'm Owen Robins, a current shareholder at the Hutton Group, and one of your father’s confidant. Nice to meet you."Jackson accepted the handshake, a strange feeling twirling in the pit of his stomach.Owen exchanged another glance with Kenneth before taking his seat. "What're you still doing there standing by the door?" He squinted at a young
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09: Xander Maddox
The following morning, Jackson got up early to prepare for work.Kenneth had assured him that he could get any job at the Hutton Group. He needed to start getting himself familiar with his father's company. He quickly had his bath, and headed down for breakfast where Slade was already waiting. "Any update?""Apart from the brief conversation Morgan had with his father last night, we tracked him to his apartment in Cooles Estate, that's all.""Hmm." Jackson picked up his fork as Slade re-played the recording. Morgan's conversation with his father was nothing special, it only helped to confirm that Luka Wilson was still alive. All through the night, Jackson had replayed the day's events in his head.Why exactly did Kenneth lie about Luka's death? No matter how he tried to think about it, all the story didn't match up. He couldn't trust anything the man said again. "Boss, what do we do about the Wilson's matriarch? She hasn't still woken up."A small smirk tugged at the corner of J
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10: How Dare You Question Me?
Jackson watched the secretary carry out the last boxes belonging to Emerald. He was finally here, in his father's company, and he didn't even know how to feel about it. Happy that he was finally taking his place? Or sad that he had missed out on a lot for so long? Jackson relaxed back on his swivel chair, picking up a page from the report Kenneth had mailed to him. It was the annual report detailing the income, expenses and financial position of Wil-Ryder Enterprises. Arriving here for the first time, he had to do a financial audit, to make sure he was starting on the right foot. Jackson was totally immersed in his work when a knock sounded on his door.It was his new secretary, Carmen. "Sir, I forgot to inform you earlier. There is a board meeting holding in the next 20 minutes, and since you just arrived, Mr Xander wants you to introduce yourself to the board of directors."Jackson could sense the motive behind Xander's suggestion. For him to face the board members and answer
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