Reincarnated as a celestial human

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Reincarnated as a celestial human

By: Ishan OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A boy named Yuma had died in his previous life because of a earthquake and now he is reincarnated into a world where dragon, phoneix, demons and mermaids reside alone side humans.The humans are the weakest race because they can't use magic but the other race can.The other races look down on human and some race even make them Thier slaves,in fact most of the humans are the slaves of dragons, phoneix and demons.Yuma will make the human race the strongest in the future. Read the story of Yuma who will make the human race the strongest.

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    Great book

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92 chapters
Chapter 1:The system unlocks
A young man with pure black hair and skinny skin was sitting in one position while looking in one direction with a hopeful gaze and at the same time a few fearful eyes.(System will be unlocked in 6..5..4..3..2..1)However just as he was watching this intently a roar came from the door in front of them and then a middle-aged man with a cold expression came from outside and then he said."You all slaves come here and go to work now your resting time is over and now it's time for you to start working, "The middle-aged man said with a mocking toneYuma the young man who watched his system get unlocked is a Reincarnated who had died in his previous life because all of a sudden a huge earthquake and volcanic eruption had started on the planet and then the calamity had killed almost all of the living being in his previous life. Then after countless years, he suddenly regained consciousness with a system and before he knew it he was reborn in this world.This world is not that similar to the
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Chapter 2:Yuma creates a new spell (1)
Then he will go to bed with a smile on his face.Then after like a hour or two he will wake up because a strong dragon roar resounded through the entire place.Then the others who will be asleep will also wake up and then they will wait for the door in front of them to open and then go to work.All of them would still be tired from the work because they don't get enough food or rest after doing work.However for some reason Yuma won't feel tired even though he has not sleep probably last night everyone will notice that Yuma is looking really energetic and they will be kind of surprised."I wonder is the reason I feeling so engertic because I level up it must probably be the case"Yuma thought with a smile on his face.Then the door in front of them opened and a dragon in human form come inside.Then the dragon didn't say anything but everyone started to go to work including Yuma.Then everyone kept working for the next few hours and so did Yuma.Howeber at a time Yuma will see a old man arou
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Chapter 3:Yuma creates a spell(2)
Then he will keep his eyes closed and he will begin to create a circulation and then a line of words will be appear on his retina and then he will looks at it a said."When now this is really interesting"Yuma thought to himself while he look at the line of words on his retina(Detected that you are creating one of the core spells of Flame art and so you will given some insight on how to create the right circulation pathway for the skill.The system will send it to your brain do you want to accept)When he saw these lines of words he immediately became surprised but then he will immediately think escape in his mind and then all of a sudden a surge of information will come inside his mind and then he will feel a slight little dizzy and then he will thought to himself"I am feeling a little bit dizzy but it is worth it because I have cleared a lot of my questions regarding the creation of the circulation of this spell"Yuma thought to himself.Then he closed his eyes and begin to create th
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Chapter 4:The slight hope in the dark
When Yuma will return the guard will look sad and Yuma understand this and that's because he probably didn't die and then he will keep the material that he has bought to create the weapons a side and the he will begin working on it.He will keep working on it for the next few hours untill it will be time for him to go and rest.Then after like 8 hours a bell will ring and them everyone will begin to head to Thier dorm to rest with an exhausted look on thier face.Yuma will also head to the dorm to rest but he won't be exhausted.When he will be heading to the dorm to rest he will see a dragon torturing a young girl around the age of 8 or 9 for something.Then he will go near him and ask even though he knows he might be beaten by the dragon along with girl."Why are you torturing this young girl and what has she done"Yuma asked indifferentlyWhen the dragon realized that a human is questioning him he immediately Burst into laughter.Then the other humam who were watching this by the side th
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Chapter 5: Trusting in Yuma
Then the prisoners who were with him stopped crying after sometime and then one of them opened his mouth and asked "Can you only use flame magic or can you also use other type of magic too"A person asked.Yuma remained slient for sometime because even he doesn't know but it will probably be a yes but just to be safe he will ask the system."Will the system give more skill like flame art"Yuma asked in his mind.(Yes you will be give similar skills like flame art as you level up but at the same time it will be entirely different.The skills that will be given to you by the system can't be revealed until you actually obtain them)Seeing these line of Yuma will nod his head slightly and then everyone will be really excited after hearing this because there is slight hope for the humans now."I will teach you these skills after we escape but for now go to sleep and meanwhile I will train.I will do some exercise so that physical body stays strong."Yuma said to themThen everyone will just no
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Chapter 6: Looking for an escape road
Then Yuma will continue to wonder around the entire place to look for a place where the security is the weakest and whenever he sees a dragon he immediately hides so that they don't see him because he won't have a answer that why is he wondering around as he doesn't have a badge that allows them to pick up a required material as for the humans they won't say anything because it won't benefit and even if he is conspiring against the dragons it's could for all of them so the others will kept doing Thier work.Then the dragon standing just ahead will leave and then Yuma will start to head forward and then he will keep walking for the next few minutes and look for a place and thankfully he didn't ran into a dragon but then he will see a dragon in front of him and he will feel a really strong aura coming from him."What's that aura I am really sweating after a feeling that aura."Yuma thought to himself while he look for place to hide.Then he found a empty barrel so he hide inside the barr
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Chapter 7: Finding a solution a to melt the walls of the prsion
At the same time where Yuma isYuma will be seen working to create the weapons for then next few hours and then after sometime the bell will ring signaling them to go to rest however at that moment they will hear a roar of a dragon and then a extremely cold and sinister voice could be heard throughout the entire prsion."Everyone stop where you are because I have an announcement to made for you all"The warden dragon Long Yun said with a serious expression.Then seeing him Yuma immediately got a felling of danger because he had just got it trouble and now they are making an announcement he couldn't help but think has it have something to do with him.When everyone heard this everyone stop including Yuma and then he hide his places inside the jacket he has.Then seeing the proper line up of them Long Yu nodded his head in satisfaction and then he said."You all see we have just spotted an human who was wondering without the badge that allows you to move around the place safely so we are t
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Chapter 8:A side mission
Then Yuma will close the description of the Flame manipulation and then he will take out the debris and then use Divine Flame Creation to create some flames and then he will use flame manipulation to concentrate all of its power in the debris and then debris will start to melt slowly but it will be taking a long time for it to melt so Yuma will realize that he will have to increase the power but he won't do it now because everyone on is asleep.He will make up his mind to go fully go out tomorrow when they are work will be done but however Yuma will encounter another major problem"Wait if I have to use all my mana yo melt the walls so that we can escape how can I protect us when the dragons will come out after realizing that we have escaped.I will have to leave when I get even stronger but the speed of my leveling up is really weak and my status are also not increasing a lot.What should I do"Yuma thought to himself.Then a line of words appear on Yuma's retina.(To level up more quick
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Chapter 9: Yuma's first time killing a Dragon
Right after Yuma will use the heavenly monarch aura the dragon will be frozen in fear as he thinks a strong existence is watching over him and then he wil try to counter the pressure but he won't be able to anything against other than endure the pressure."What kind of otherworldly pressure is this and why can't I defend against then it could only mean thing a existence far stronger than me is targeting but why will they do that I am just a nobody"The dragon thought to himself with a pale face while he try to defend against them this pressure.Then the dragon kept standing there are with great difficulty and seeing him kept standing there and not felling unconscious,Yuma become a little bit worry."I am already using the max power of the heavenly monarch aura and he is still not fainting,then how will take his clothes so that I can enter.I will try to increase the power of the heavenly monarch aura even more but I am not sure if I can increase its power"Yuma thought to himself with a
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Chapter 10:Is the disguise exposed
Then the dragon standing besides him bowed and then he said."Your majesty I could recognize because of your unique your aura is a lot different from the dragons or any other races and as far as I know the members of the dragon Royal family only have this kind of aura"The dragon said to him with a smile on his face.When Yuma saw the dragon bow to him he realized that the dragons completely believes in his identity in the royal dragon family and he also realized why did the dragon he is from the royal family of the dragons."Humans could never use magic and I am probably the first one to use magic in the human in the entire history and so the others race don't know what kind of aura the humans have that's why he is mistaken.However if he had meet the members of the royal family then my luck won't be on my side"Yuma thought to himself with a bitter smile on his face .Then he tell the dragon to stand up and then he will make up a excuses for his visit and then he will tell the dragon.
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