Primordial birth

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Primordial birth

By: Mr_Evil OngoingFantasy

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He, who surpassed all the ancient Emperors. He, who once held as a supreme being of The immortal Realm. Perished in the middle of nowhere, His Path to God's domain was blocked by The mysterious light not belonging to the Decem-Milia realm or The immortal realm. That mysterious light was not law, intent, or a principle, it was an unnatural force never seen before. After he died in the middle of nowhere, he woke up inside a hospital, on a planet where he used to live before his reincarnation. ------------------------*-----------*--------------------------------- [ ___________________________________________ This art doesn't belong to me, if the owner has any issues please contact me, I will remove it asap. ==================================

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  • curiosity_of_a_cat


    better than expected. bro, I didn't think you were a great writer. you are not only skilled in troll, you also good at writing. keep going .... All the best

    2022-05-29 10:29:50
  • Mr_Evil


    (☞゚∀゚)☞ shameless self review hello Dao brothers and sisters, this is my first creation. what to expect: -World hooping -Op mc -Mystery -World building -Less fillers -Less info dump -least cliche what not to expect: -Harem-there won't be any harem -system-plugin -Repeating plot -Righteous Mc

    2022-05-28 19:37:01
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23 chapters
Chapter 1-The isolated world
It was late summer and extremely hot outside. A patient lay in bed, unconscious, in a white room. To keep the patient's interior body safe, the temperature within the room was kept cool and maintained. For three months, he had been in a coma. He was in the intensive care unit. The doctors were unable to determine the cause of his coma and therefore gave up hope of him recovering, but someone was still visiting and caring for him, someone he knew well. It was a Saturday, and there were few people about. Only the emergency room was available, and the majority of the doctors were absent. They were enjoying a day off. Only a few staff members and doctors from the emergency room were present. He regained consciousness abruptly, but he was unable to move or talk. His entire body felt shaky. He looked like a someone who hadn't eaten in months. He couldn't even open his eyes. He had no idea where he was or why he had arrived. His thoughts were a jumbled mess. He had lost his ability to thin
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Chapter 2-The Dragons gates
Their embrace lasted for hours. Yue slept out after sobbing for a long time in his hug. It was getting close to nightfall outdoors. It was starting to grow dark. She was still resting in his lap. He was caressing of her hair. He eventually woke her up. "It's getting late, Yue'er. You should return right now. Uncle and aunt may be concerned." She rushed here without informing anyone. She was the only one who knew of Bao's reawakening. "I don't want to be too far away from you. I'll spend the night here. What if you leave me again?" Yue said He was moved when he heard her say that. He had no idea how she felt when he was in a coma. For her, It had been three months of separation, yet it seemed like an eternity to him. He searched all ten thousand worlds for her. For this day, he cultivated for hundreds of thousands of years. He desired to spend this life time with her. He wanted a hundred years of romance with her. He wanted to offer her all of the happiness till the end of her, t
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Chapter 3-Array
It was a tranquil night, and the moonlight shone brightly. Inside a hospital, in a corridor, a man walked slowly; he was Bao, and after gaining enough energy, he was able to move properly. At midnight, as he was gathering energy, he began to hear cries. So he was curious and went in that way, but as he got closer, he heard more cries. Soon after reaching the source of the cries, which was somewhere near the basement, he was surprised for a moment and displeased with what he saw. There he saw an array, and in the heart of that array was an old porcelain that was gathering surrounding spirit, and because soul and spirit are in some ways connected, surrounding mindless Soul were also being gathered. Souls are separated into several grades, and humans living in this isolated world did not possess the complete mortal soul, thus calling them souls would be improper. It was known as the pre-mortal soul, which is lower to the mortal soul above that was Spiritual sense and Battle soul. Th
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Chapter 4- problems
He was fatigued after refining energy till 3 a.m. and slept until 8 a.m. after waking up, his body was more lively than before. After half an hour, the door to his room was opened, and two elderly people and a beautiful woman entered; they were Ying Yue and her adoptive parents. Bao greeted them both. And look at Yue; when she arrived in a rush yesterday, she was a little sweaty and her hair was messed up, but seeing her today was like meeting a different person. Her hair was midnight-black that flowed over her shoulders, and she had honey-sweet lips that looked blossom soft. Her bosom was well-shaped for her age, and her eyes were blue, reflecting the deep ocean scenery. Despite the fact that she was dressed formally, She had a sculpted figure, like the last single beam of light from the sunset illuminating the endless ocean's surface. She was a painted masterpiece. Even a fairy from the immortal world couldn't compete with her beauty in Bao's eyes. Her cheeks flushed red after be
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Chapter 5-Equality is a myth
After their chats were over, Yue's parents, together with Shu heng, entered the room. Their expression was gloomy, but Bao didn't inquire about the problems. "Once you feel well, visit orphanage once in awhile" shu Heng told bao "We're going now, we have some matters to attend to; if everything is well, you'll be discharged in a week," Chen Luo stated. After saying that Shu heng and Yue's parents had departed, only Yue remained; as the president, her comments had a lot of weight, so she had to stay in hospital to attend meetings and other important things, but she sees Bao regularly in her spare time. During the day, Bao would wander around the hospital, while he appeared to be walking around casually, he was investigating the hospital for more possible arrays, and at night, he would refine the energy in porcelain, this process that took him weeks to complete since the hospital was so large. He discovered further array and energy-storing instruments, as expected, and refined all o
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Chapter 6-Breakthrough
Yue was conversing with Bao when she received a call from the hospital, saying she needed to attend a meeting, so she left Bao to rest at the mansion. It was time for Bao to lay the foundation; he had already refined all of the energy collected by arrays into a pure form the size of a soccer ball, so he went to the back of the mansion and ordered that no one disturb him in his rest! He walked to the sacred fig/Bo tree, sat under it, and began concentrating all of the remaining pure energies into his abdomen. Creating a ball of energy around his abdomen He swirls his hand in a yin-yang pattern. It was that nameless secret skill that began accumulating energy from the environment, primarily from the old tree he was seated beneath. It had amassed a significant amount of spiritual energy throughout its life, But this energy didn't reach his abdomen, where his pure ball of energy resided, instead it surrounded his entire body, leaving thin clouds around his skin. It was planned to open
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Chapter 7- Grand wedding?
After old Feng and Lu Mei entered the mansion, Bao meditated for a time under the old tree, and Yue returned from her work later that evening. She was surprised to meet Lu mei and began chatting with her. "Big sister Yue," lu mei said, hugging Yue. "Little Mei, when did you come? Shouldn't you have told me?" Yue asked while patting her on the head gently. "I wanted to surprise big sister yue. That's why I told them not to tell sister " little mei responded Bao went inside the mansion, he knew that meditating under the tree at night was not a smart idea. When lu mei saw him approaching, she grabbed Yue's hands and hid behind her; seeing her terrified, he could only laugh uncomfortably. "Have you two already met, little mei?" Yue asked "Yes," she said softly. "Did you bully little mei?" "No, I think she's just afraid I'll take her big sister for myself," She didn't understand what he meant at first. She blushed red after a split second. They then went to the living room, where h
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Chapter 8- Pagoda
While talking Bao and Yue stayed on the roof for a while, it was almost spring, when a sharp breeze passed by, they grew cold and went inside the mansion. "How is the discussion with the other party going, Yue'er? Was the orphanage saved?" They had been trying to solve this problem for over a week and had even sought assistance from Lu Feng. "No, it isn't solved yet," Yue said, "but father said it should be resolved in the next two to three days." It was difficult to keep the conversation on track because the other side was backed by someone powerful. "Oh, hold on a second, here's your phone. I've added my contact, as well as my father's, mother's, and our driver's, so you won't have to wait for a taxi next time" After that, they both walked to their rooms, and Bao sat in a meditative posture to check his core formation process, as he had formed a quasi core when he constructed his foundation. Although accumulating energy without needing to meditate sounds great, those in the upp
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Chapter 9- Arena
When Bao and Lu Feng arrived on the second floor, guards stood at the door, asking for membership card. Old Feng showed his cards, and the guards let them in. "are those guards?" "They are not guards; they are only there to verify membership," old Feng explained. "Membership? Didn't you mention that everyone can enter the pagoda?" "Well, that rule only applies to the first floor; above that, you'll need a membership card, which is different depending on how much you spend inside the pagoda," old Feng said. "Oh, how many floors can you can get on with that card?" "Silver, gold, diamond, and platinum membership cards are ranked from lowest to highest. Only the third floor is accessible with my gold card "explained Lu Feng "Has anyone made it to the top floor?" "To go to the fifth floor, you need a platinum card, and those cards are limited in quantity, so only the wealthiest can receive one," old Feng said. They saw a lot of individuals on the second floor, although less than on
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Chapter 10- Deus palm
When Bao and old Feng returned to the mansion, it was almost evening; old Luo and Sumi were present at the time and returned before them. After that, Bao returned to his room with the items he had purchased, and he pulled out the stone that the elderly man had given him for free. Despite the fact that he claimed the stone was from outer space and that astronomy was used to cover it up. He recognized the stone at first glance; it was a Moon-stone. This type of stone is not unusual in the immortal world and can be mined from any desolate star, but here in this isolated world, its worth was no less than a diamond, and if someone knowledgeable were to discover it, it would be one of the most priceless treasures. Moon-stone is comparable to energy crystals formed by the condensation of spiritual energy, but it differs from energy crystals in that it contains other types of minerals and impurities that energy crystals do not have. If one is skilled at removing impurities, those minerals co
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