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By: Martin Fay OngoingFantasy

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In a world where prejudice against hybrids runs deep, Adrian Gerard, a half-werewolf and half-vampire, battles for survival against a society that shuns him. His quest for acceptance takes him on a treacherous journey, accompanied by loyal allies, dangerous adversaries, and shocking revelations. With the power of the coveted phoenix feather and the weight of his own choices, Adrian's transformation from an outcast to a force that could reshape the supernatural realm makes for an epic tale of ambition, sacrifice, and redemption. Dive into this thrilling saga where the lines between hero and villain blur and the future hangs in the balance, waiting for one hybrid's decisive move.

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The door swung open unexpectedly, allowing in a cool breeze. The witches in the room were intrigued about what was going on, which pushed one of them to check."Who else is there?" She inquired.A figure in full black appeared from the door, with amber eyes. The witch lurched backwards and mumbled, "The hybrid," as he entered the room.They were gripped by fear. Adrian charged towards the witch, snapping her head out of her body. Her lifeless body collapsed on the ground, and her head rolled over to the witches. They all looked up at Adrian, who was standing a few metres away, and said, "Wh... what do you want from us?" One of the witches asked, stammering."I came back because I discovered you lied to me about the witch," Adrian grinned, "and I warned you about that.""Leave them out of this; they have done nothing." She surged forward. "I was the one who lied to you," she cried."No! You should watch them all die and blame yourself," Adrian shouted.He charged at them, removing thei
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Even the feared Adrian, known for his ruthlessness, was not immune to nightmares. He jolted awake, soaked with sweat and his chest heaving. He feared waking Diana from her sleep, and he struggled to regain his composure.He had trouble sleeping again, so he got up from the bed and walked over to the balcony to get some fresh air and drink some whisky.Diana noticed his absence in the bed not long after, prompting her to search the room. To her surprise, she slighted him on the balcony. Fueled by curiosity, she decided to go and check up on him.“You sneaked out of bed to drink whisky by this time? Or did something happen to you?" She inquired as she walked over to take a seat beside him.He was surprised to hear her voice; he never expected her company. “Mhm, I just couldn’t sleep."She smiled softly. “You look worried."The dull look on him disappeared and was replaced with a smile: “Worried? Seriously! I’m a monster, which they are afraid of; they should be worried instead."With a
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Adrian and Lucas walked together down the busy streets of the city at night. Lucas, who seemed curious about Roger, couldn't help but ask, “Are you sure he is going to show up?”He chuckled, his gaze fixed on Lucas. He brought him to a halt and reassuringly placed a hand on his shoulder. “Don't worry,” Adrian assured. “I’m confident my plan will succeed. Your task is to keep a vigilant eye on my parents while I take care of the rest. We can't let them know that I have returned to the city; it would disrupt my plan to find the witch.”Lucas nodded in agreement. “Okay. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t keep an eye on Roger. Perhaps he might tell someone about you.”Adrian tried to persuade him, explaining, "We have no other choice but to bring him into this. He possesses more knowledge about Nexus Heights than anyone else. It's likely that others will eventually discover my return, especially since someone is following us. So, it's safe to assume that someone else is already aware."Luc
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The dimly lit bar was thrown into chaos as Adrian stood his ground. His hybrid instincts urged him to fight, but caution held him back.The lead hunter advanced with unwavering determination. “I have been waiting for this moment for years,” he said with a sinister grin.Adrian's voice was laced with tension. “I never thought I would see your face again, Rylan."With a swift motion, Adrian lunged at Rylan. He aimed a powerful kick that sent Rylan sprawling backward and crashed into a table.However, as he turned to face the remaining hunters, he felt a stinging sensation on his arm and glanced down. “What the hell?” he mumbled as he saw a silver dart inserted into his flesh. It appeared to be some kind of hybrid venom, though Adrian had no idea what that meant. The hunters had a trick up their sleeves.The effects were almost instantaneous. His limbs grew heavy, and his vision began to get blurry. He knew he had to retreat. With one final burst of strength, he smashed through a nearby
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Roger eventually regained consciousness but found himself in an unknown, dimly lit place. Panic overcame him when he realised his limbs were immobilised, chained to hooks on his sides, leaving him hung in the air.He struggled to break free from the unyielding chains, but they had a firm grip on him. Footsteps approached him, and he raised his gaze to see Adrian and Lucas approaching."Why have you brought me here, Adrian?" Roger inquired, his voice tinted with rage.Adrian stood, his attention locked on him. "To find out who told Rylan that I was back in town, if you value your life, you'll better start talking."Roger smiled awkwardly and tensely. "So, even if I were the one who told Rylan, do you think you could kill me?"There was an eerie silence before Adrian's punch landed on Roger's stomach, causing a pained groan. "Don't underestimate me," he growled as his nostrils flared. "You have survived death sometimes only because you revealed a secret to the person in exchange for you
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The night was dark, with only the distant glimmer of city lights and the faint brightness of the moon to break it up. Adrian and Lucas proceeded through Nexus Heights' labyrinthine streets, their goal propelling them ahead despite the unsettling silence that surrounded them.Lucas's voice shattered the silence as they strolled side by side. "You know, Adrian, no matter what the world thinks of you, I've always believed you're not the monster they claim you to be."Adrian's eyes were fixed forward, and his only acknowledgement was a modest gesture of gratitude. “You've always been loyal, and I've never questioned that," he replied, his voice tinged with gratitude. "I’m glad to have someone like you around me.""Don't you think it's possible to change people's perceptions of you? Take, for instance, the time you saved my life when I was on the brink of death, despite not knowing anything about me. You can't imagine how much that second chance meant to me. I'm deeply grateful. I'll use i
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Elara emerged from the cemetery entrance, her figure covered in a dark cloak that blended smoothly with the night. Adrian and Lucas immediately took notice of her arrival, and a sense of recognition washed over Adrian as he gazed upon her. She stood just a few metres away, her piercing eyes locked onto theirs.The memories of that fateful moment by the riverbank rushed back to Adrian. It was Elara who had saved him from Rylan’s clutches. The shock of realising her true identity left him temporarily speechless.Lucas glanced between them, sensing the unspoken connection. He cleared his throat, breaking the silence. "Adrian, is this...?"He nodded slowly, his eyes still fixed on her. "Yes, it's her. The witch who saved me."Her expression remained enigmatic, with her gaze unwavering. “Adrian, Lucas, it seems fate has a way of weaving lives together in unexpected ways," she remarked cryptically.Adrian finally found his voice. "Indeed, it does. We have come seeking your help, Elara. We n
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Adrian sat in the courtyard, his phone screen glowing warmly. He was preoccupied by a string of messages from Lucas.Diana rested against the stone wall of the courtyard. His face was looked at by her deep, curious eyes. "You appear to be really happy. What's the story behind this huge grin?"He raised his head, his smile dimming. He shook his head, as if trying to clear his mind. "Oh, nothing at all. I was just chatting with Lucas."She shook her head, evidently dubious. She'd known him long enough to notice when something wasn't right. "I can tell when you're trying to hide something. Spill the beans. What's going on?"He sighed. "Well, you remember the hunter who attacked me?"She nodded, her interest growing. "The one that attacked you at the bar?"He nodded. "That's the one, Rylan. On our approach to the cemetery, his brother attacked us. I defended myself, and... well, I ended up presenting his dead brother's body to him."Her eyes widened in shock. "You did what?"He massaged t
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The air was filled with anticipation as Adrian, cloaked in the darkness of night, stood at the precipice of a cliff, looking at an ancient, gnarled tree with countless branches. Elara, her powers woven in mystery, had just completed a spell that opened up a swirling portal that led to the ethereal realm of Lumina.Elara's voice resonated, calm yet filled with mystical authority, as she conveyed her final instructions. "Listen carefully, Adrian. Once you step through that portal, time will become your enemy. You must move fast and retrieve the golden coin before the sands in this hourglass run dry."With a graceful gesture, she presented him with a small, magical mirror. “The mirror will help you see how much time you have left by showing you the hourglass."He accepted it, feeling the weight uneasy. "I understand."She nodded, her eyes locked on him with an otherworldly intensity. "Remember, the ethereal realm of Lumina plays tricks on perception. What you see may not be real. Trust y
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