Chapter 7: His Comeback

After everyone's meeting. Each race also got their place to build a house and palace. They have started their work.

While I was observing each of these creatures. I didn't notice any fights or arguments between each others. They all work together. At least in other parts of this Zyber Land.

I can say that I will leave without a problem. Although in truth I should not be worrying about the future. False speculation is not in my vocabulary.

Then some of my mates will watch this entire land after my departure. They will be my eyes on what happens in Zyber Land.

But for now, I will think about other work first. Seji and the others were ordered by me to find a good place for the teleportation room. I also want to place my future party house in Zyber Land itself. So that no one hesitates to go. I wanted to hide our secret base for future purposes.

I can produce an elegant house, but when I do that, everything seems to become simple. I don't want them to rely on the power that I have. I want them to take care of and cooperate. I am just a guardian after all. It's not my duty to feed them an easy life.

“Master!” Someone shouted.

When I looked behind me I saw Seji running toward where I was. While Feria is in her dragon form.

Seji didn't just go to Feria so he wouldn't get tired. Sigh!

"Find a place?"

I waited for Seji to come and rest before I asked him. Feria was also next to me on the left but like me, she was waiting for Seji to return to the normal style.

"Yes, master. It is in the direction of the Goblin's place and is quite far from the border of Zyber Land.”

“Good!” I could only reply before turning my attention back to the rest of this land.

I have to see every house they build. Made of wood that the Skyzar Dragons bring to each race. Everyone has their quirks. I'm not the one who suggested that, but those who know at least a little about construction.

I'm referring to the oldest one in every race. They once lived in every kingdom not just in the Norem Kingdom until they got lost in the Forbidden Land.

Their work there is also the construction of houses or other structures. When they had the chance to return to that kingdom, the evil deluge spread in their lives.

But I know that there is also a lie in what they say. That's not their job, a higher person ordered them to take that job. Up until now, monsters and even beast-man aren't acknowledged by every kingdom.

I see a few like them who take advantage of the goodness of people for their interests. Worked but not given food or proper pay. The reason they are doing it is that they're opposite to each other. These creatures can live without eating except for humans who should not miss food from the table.

Even though they are the same when it comes to hunger. All those who live here in this world, whether human, animal or even demon. They need to eat to stay energized and have energy for work.

So if people can't recognize others like them. I will accept them fully. This land will be their home. No discrimination will occur.

Because I am also one of those who experienced being underestimated and deceived.


(After several years)

"Everyone, congratulations on your success! Now, we're finally moving forward! For Zyber Land!”

“For Zyber Land!” Everyone shouted and cheered together with wooden glasses. Its contents are wine made from grapes.

I was the one who suggested that to the Elves, especially since they are the ones who are good at farming. I got that when I remembered that I still had a memory of when I was in Human or Earth before I was accidentally reincarnated in the immortal world as the baby of the king and queen.

I am a known assassin in the underground society. But no one knows a nerd like me who likes to go out and look at things that interest me. Making wine using grapes is one of them. I also learned a few things about other types of wine, but the grape caught my attention more.

I also like to bake and paint. Read fantasy and save money. And also quite knowledgeable about the business.

“For clarification, Guardian Raze! Do we have to ask for a permit in the teleportation room if we even want to go to the kingdom? Is it not?" The new king of the Beastman Kingdom caught my attention.

He's the young grandson of the representative of Beastman. Everyone chooses him to be their king. At first, I don't know the exact reason, he's too young, I think he's in his 20's or much older.

But when I observed him through the years, I finally found the right answer. He deserves to be their king. I see how honest and good he is as a leader. Even though he was crowned king, he still did not stop helping to build everyone's house.

Once we talked. He will ensure that silence and peace prevail in their kingdom. He will not let the chance I gave them go to waste.

The seriousness of what he said those words was obvious to Deim. So who am I to doubt? I know he can surpass every king in this Deivura World.

I'm also the one who named him. All the kings here in Zyber Land were named by me. Their constituencies are not yet involved.

"Yes, that also has spells. Even if some of those suspect you use a spell, your true form will not appear. Its validity is only up to seven days. If you want to go on a tour, go to the Zyber Land Tour Guide. But that can only be built if I find a good place when I get home. And I think tomorrow is my farewell.” I explained to them, and when I finished I could see the sadness on their faces.

Although some of us don't talk much. I know they are grateful. I wouldn't trade my desire to be an adventurer for being with them all the time.

I know that they will overcome all the problems for their land. Eyes are watching them. And I also have mouths to talk about what a good plan for the beauty of Zyber Land is.

Ah! I forgot about that thing!

“Now that I've mentioned it. I also need persons who will gonna be representative for being my eyes and mouth," I continued what I started.

Everyone faced each other. The kings who were presented were in front of me while the race around them was mixed up behind them.

“How many, Guardian Raze?” Asked Zeno, the king of the Ogre Clan. He is also the son of an old representative.

"I think four is enough!"

“Then, I'll grant you, my daughter. She's good at communicating and has charisma.” He said politely. He even pointed to the woman behind him.

It has small horns, and so do other women. Men, on the other hand, are of different lengths. Even the king is not that big.

“My son's too, Guardian Raze. His hobby is an observation so he deserves this job!” Gerio, the Goblin king also offered while also pointing to the son who was joking with the other race.

But when he noticed that someone was looking at him, he immediately aroused himself to me. Now he also realized what was happening so he quickly bowed.

"I also suggest my grandfather be your eyes and mouth, Master! He may be an old person, but he's good at both jobs." Feria was also convincing as she pointed to her grandfather who was just holding a glass of wine. He also had a gallon of that wine.

It doesn't matter to those around him. But when his grandadaughter said that, he just gave me an okay sign in agreement.

I just shook my head at this old man before turning my gaze back to everyone. "Any suggestions?"

“He deserves two jobs, Guardian Raze. We know Clemon. He is good and we are sure that the two will learn the right way from him." The leaders of each race immediately answered.

It is obvious that they already know it well.

"Then it's decided. Let's go back to the fun!”



(Norem Kingdom)

"Ha! Finally, my free—eh?! King Morzen!” I gasped in surprise when I saw the king in front of us.

Just like when we first got here, he didn't bring anyone he trusted. He was looking at me now with a serious face but his eyes were full of joy.

I don't know how many years I've been lost. Maybe Kyle was thinking that I lost my life inside the Forbidden Land. Maybe while I'm on a mission, it's screaming while tears are falling secretly. It was obvious to him when he was convincing me not to go. Even though we were only together for one day, maybe add the night and the morning before we left.

'He's weird.'

“Y-you're Raze?” I even noticed it staring at me intently. It looked at me from head to toe. To this moment, it still doesn't cross his mind that I was the boy he adopt even for two days.

"Yes, King Morzen."

“…” he didn't say a word. But I saw him step closer to where I was. I felt a warm hug when he finally reached me. But I noticed that I was taller than he was before. “Welcome back.”

"Yeah! I'm finally back.” I answered before hugging him back.

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