Reborn with a Primordial Galactic (?¿?) System

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Reborn with a Primordial Galactic (?¿?) System

By: PhantomMedjay OngoingSystem

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Reborn on another planet far outside of the nearest Galactic Empire that was searching for our Hero. His existence already breaks the very fabrics of space and all of creation, yet he sent through to experience another whirlpool of life-threatening problems before the actual problems were dealt with. The Hero originally passes away to be sent forward centuries into the future to awake in the body of the ailing Galactic Empires Crown Prince who shortly passed away before took over the body. From that moment forward, the hero did everything in their power to lead their empire as the Crown Prince, with the belief the new life meant something big, instead all his work was for nought and his own Imperial Familys internal problems caused his downfall and exile as a traitor. Having escaped with the last project he had worked on as the Crown Prince which would have solved many of the issues the Empire faced and helped create a unified Council that controls the Empires within space, instead his sibling’s greed got him killed and reborn once again, this time in the past. Back in a body similar to his old one with the knowledge of the far future and bound with a Primordial System that could make the moon a Death Star and help him create his own fleet of clone troopers with space wizards. He could also recreate the pillars of the old Gods and recreate the Mountain of Olympus and Asgard to serve him. Both on Earth and in Space as the Hero summons legends of anime, video games, science fiction and Humanities perseverance to fight beside him and build a Galactic Empire that cannot be rivalled among the stars… . .. ...

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[Primordial Galactic (?¿?) System is now yours…]
‘Again?’ He woke up again, this time in another time, another place he had no clue of, leaving him alone and restless. ‘After all these countless fucking lifetimes… why can’t I find peace...?’ Esmond could only curse his misfortune for being stuck with an annoying ability that continued to make him suffer the effects of rebirth. He would be reincarnated into a new world where he would continue use the memories and knowledge, he gathered from each life to improve his life and those around him. But it failed it save him each time for being killed by those closest to him or those seeking his knowledge for their own greed. What pained him more was the loss deep down in his soul with each repeated death.     .   ‘Looks like little brother didn’t want to share the wealth or the fucking influence I helped establish…’ His last death was because of his ow dear younger brother who de
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Spatial Ark Land
*Ding* [Open Welcome Gift!] [Accept?] *Ding* [The Great Imperial Xoplis Royal Family Body Refinement and Spiritual Practise Manual   Host will be gifted hidden manual practised in a past life, but the manual has been revised by the system, removing the previous issues and aftereffects of practising the hidden manual of the Great Xoplis Royal Family.   One such family that has reigned over their Galactic Empire without once considering the thoughts of the common folk and continued their massacre at genocide levels just to please those with status] [Primordial Body Transformation   Host will go through a molecule change down to the last atom where the body, mind and soul will be rebuilt and strengthen by Primordial Spirit Energy, helping recr
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Carters Upgrade...
“Carter stops and tell me what is with this place and also what the fuck just happened to my phone?” Esmond wasn’t furious at his phone breaking, since he couldn’t sense its weight in his hands, but from the interference from the space. “Well… if I tell you, it will be hard to believe but…” “Come on… we’ve been through enough shit. Just be up front.” “Fine… Think of this space as another world, but in is made from your mind’s strength and your bodys and soul… Sorry about the ‘ands’… Right, so like I was saying this is another space based on your strength which can add information like ores and materials like the stuff from the device in your hand to the clothes you have on. Its in here now. Essentially your own world to harvest and use freely… Problem is… I’m the only person here… so I gotta do it with your help…” Esmond had a proper look around this time, looking at the mounts that repla
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Getting Things Going...
“Carter… I was wondering… would we automate everything within the Spatial Ark Land?” ‘I don’t see why not, but there has to be some reason why you are asking right?’ “Well… think of it this way… we are going to struggle to find people that we can keep within the space and also make the work to create highly complex machinery. What if I help design some machines we can build and get them going without the need for human interference. Get drones busy and working, while we sit back and enjoy.” ‘I don’t oppose the idea; however, you’ll need to organise a great amount of drones… You’re planning to turn the space into a fucking factory aren’t you!’ “In a way… yes…” Esmond picked up the capabilities of the space after one visit and knew it would be best if they continued to work secretly within the space and left some of the work out for the open world to see. ‘Very well… but remember you’ll need to put in your far sha
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Are You Ready...
"Sir, we have had over 500 applicants from all over Australia and parts of Asia. Even interest was shown from Europe and the US, but they weren't up to scratch, nor could some make the move." The assistant, Julia Sands was a middle-aged mother, who'd worked for some top executives in the past, however with the birth of her twins, she took some time away and came back as a favour for Ruby. Her job above everything was to train the next head secretary or assistant to Esmond, which was one of her nieces who'd worked previously for Ruby and was one of Julias most adored nieces. Esmond thought she might scrape through with her aunt helping her out, instead Julia was much more attentive and nit-pickier of her niece's work. Esmond once brought it up with Julia, but she excused him straight up and said the work was demanding so it required those who weren't going to be pushed over so easily. Left with little options than going against his moth
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You Were Wrong...
'You've landed?' "Yeah, I'm currently in the taxi and heading straight to the meeting now." Esmond didn't bring anything beyond a small bag, similar to the ones used to bag his soccer boots. It had just enough spare clothes and if things were bad, he could always purchase some, so it didn't highly matter to Esmond what he packed for his trip now that he had a great deal of money. Currently he was looking out at streets of Lagos, Nigeria. The driver was clearly taking his time to show Esmond the brighter side of the city, away from the harsher parts of town, but it obvious early on that there was a great deal of problems within the city and more than like the nation. .     'I know what your thinking, and yes there are a whole ton of issues throughout the nation. I've especially picked up some connections between several Swiss bank accounts and politicians who continue to add several large sums t
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'Wasn't that too much…?'Carter had a front row seat to everything Esmond did, unless he chose not to let him see, which only happened if some lady was in his company for the night.Anyway, seeing Jioke hand over more than 5 large sites all over Nigeria, for mass collection points for the rubbish to be treated, as well as some extra land in problematic areas according to Carter, made him wonder what the government was thinking."Didn't you say part of these areas are where the dispute for the oil is happening with the people and some fuel cooperation?"'Mmm… but the main problem there is the fuel has destroyed the economy for the fisherman and ruined their health.I'm thinking if we can set up a charity that we can spare our goods to, we should be able to help create some change there before entering.'Esmond agreed with Carter and asked him to get in touch with some charities locally with Antons help of course and step up some
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You Want To Buy A Fucking Formula 1 Team?!
"Sir… have you updated yourself with the condition of the business so far?" Julia sighed as she spoke with Esmond the day after him spending time with Carter, torturing themselves with pain every time they gathered more knowledge from media. Some of it had yet to be analysed and examine but following meetings with his staff needed Esmonds attention so he had to stop studying and head into the city. "Sorry Julia, I've been focused on studying up some technology I am working on to help with the business operations." Esmond was talking out of his ass when he said that, as he knew Carter would thoroughly watch and examine everything that goes through the business intranet. With the upgrade of the system and space, Carter also went through a huge improvement as a basic Artificial System Spirit Core. He knew there it would be a while before he became an intermediate system, but with the upgrade, the amount he could do before was peanuts comp
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So What's Next...
Louis was fluttering around trying to comb his golden blonde hair that was sticking up like a porcupine that'd rolled out of bed and brush his teeth while trying to find his socks.He was running late for his important meeting that concerned his business, Gloomy Shadow Games or GSG for short.The night before he was out partying with the other guys from work and one of his partners who was also a dear friend for gaining the meeting, but now he was more worried about making it within 10 minutes.Racing out his apartment, Louis bolted for the train to take him into the city where he needed to meet the client.Praying the trains weren't behind and on schedule, Louis made his way to the station but called the office ahead to let the client know he was running late.  ."Goddammit Louis!What the fuck did I say yesertday night?!Not to get too drunk that you might miss the meeting and now look…"
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[New Quest!]
'Ahh… whats the point man.' Hayaan Omar Dubad, a refugee who'd left his motherland, Somalia, for a better life, unfortunately his fate wasn't as lucky he thought it might have been after leaving the land that brought him pain. Arriving in Madagascar by boat, leaving from the Port of Mogadishu, Hayaans life went from terrible to outright unbearable as many of those that escaped with him to the boats were caught by the locals and made into working slaves. Some earned enough so they could buy certain things like food and water, but many were left to fend for themselves. Hayaan, not wanting to die, escaped one night from his imprisonment, and escaped to some town where some missionary christens who saw the poor condition and health of Hayaan took him in. They covered his treatment and sent him outside of Madagascar, as the missionary group were part of a charity group with connections to the UN, so Hayaan thought he would settle in some western co
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