Red Faced Killer

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Red Faced Killer

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A character who was feared in the world of martial arts died after being stabbed in the buttocks in a battle. After this incident, the character's residence was also destroyed by people he didn't know. The character's 7 year old son managed to survive, with the help of 2 heirloom books by his mother, a boy named Thian Sin lives in the care of a grandfather and intends to find out who killed his father and destroyed the red village where he lives. Thian Sin uncovers the mystery of his father's murder which turns out to involve many parties in one big conspiracy in the world of martial arts? You can find all the answers in the novel Ang Bit Sat Sin (The Red-Faced killer), a classic martial arts

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76 chapters
Chapter : 1 The Gloomy Period Of The Martial World
In 1272, the Mongols conquered the Song Dynasty and forced the Han to let their country be ruled by foreigners.The Mongol government led by Kublai Khan officially established a country called the Greater Yuan.Since the Song empire collapsed, the Han people began to lose confidence.Nobles and former Song leaders chose to go into hiding to save their families.This also happened in the martial world, the Mongol fighters who continued to flood into China rioted and challenged the Han fighters, but the Mongol fighters still held back and did not dare to interfere further in Han affairs because the Han fighters had 8 figures who were highly respected by the martial world, including the Mongol fighters.Although the eight figures were divided into two and opposed to each other, but they had one thing in common, they hated the Mongols who had colonized the Han nation, that's why the Mongol fighters did not dare to interfere too much, because of the eight figures.~The Chinese martial wor
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Chapter : 2 Meeting Grandpa Hay
Inside a small hut in the middle of the forest on the bank of the river, two men with frightening faces stood at the door of the hut."Have you found the Ang-bin-Moko heirloom? Asked a heavy voice from inside the house."The two of us have searched all over the houses and villages, but there's nothing, not the book, we haven't found anything valuable either," grumbled a short man."Strange! Where have all the heirlooms belonging to the red village gone, did they already know about the attack and hide all the heirlooms? Thought the man in the hut."Mr. Lo, we've done our job, we're not interested in any heirlooms, but we're satisfied with Ang-bin-Moko's death, because we don't think he's a true black and he doesn't deserve to be a black leader."Shut up and don't mention my name! snapped the man from inside the hut, "you go and take the reward that has been prepared," the man continued to say.The two scary-faced men left immediately after hearing the order from inside the hut.Hmm!"I
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Chapter : 3 Joining Kian Jiang Pang
Thian Sin's arrival at the Long River Association attracted the attention of the disciples of the Long River Association who were of the same age as him, one of whom was Kin Bwee, the son of Pangcu Jiang-Kiang-Pang.When Kin Bwee found out that Thian Sin was staying at Grandpa Hay's house, She invited his friends to see Thian Sin.Kin Bwee was stunned to see a handsome boy walking down the street carrying a plank."Is he the one named Thian Sin? Kin Bwee asked."That's right Siocia! A Gu replied."Why does Suheng always call me Siocia, just call me Sumoi, I'm Suheng's younger sibling," Kin Bwee said in an annoyed tone, she had often told A Gu not to call her Siocia (lady) but A Gu did not heed.Twelve-year-old A Gu was very respectful to Kin Bwee and his family, because A Gu was made a disciple by Kin Tho after Kin Tho rescued him and his family from the mountain raiders who attacked their village."Suheng, please call the new kid! Kin Bwee exclaimed.Without saying much, A Gu immedia
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Chapter : 4 Conquering The Two Heirlooms
Thian Sin was surprised to hear Grandpa Hay's words, without saying much Thian Sin darted towards the kitchen, then fetched water and then the water was put into a basin.Thian Sin's face turned pale, when he saw his entire facial skin turned red, similar to his father's face."What's wrong? According to the information written by father when studying Hud Kong Sing Kang, red snake venom does not spread," Thian Sin thought."Explain to grandfather why your face turned red? Grandpa Hay's voice was heard behind Thian Sin."I picked a red fruit in the forest yesterday, after eating the fruit, Thian Sin's body itched, Thian Sin went to sleep to relieve the itch, when Thian Sin woke up it was like this," say Thian Sin."Wretch! You've been poisoned, I'll call a doctor to examine your body," Grandpa Hay replied in a worried tone when he heard Thian Sin's words."No, Grandpa! Leave it alone, it'll go away, Thian Sin doesn't feel itchy anymore."Oh yes, Grandfather! If saint Kin Bwee and Suhen
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Chapter : 5 Honorer Guests
Thian Sin moved both hands up and down, then spun around and his body moved to hit the boulder in front.Before his palms touched the rock, Thian Sin's palms turned red.Blar!The boulder shattered and the stone fragments turned red.Thian Sin smiled at his results as he looked at both hands."Ang-tok-Jiu's Ban-tok-Ciang (poison hand) is very powerful," Thian Sin thought as he looked at his results.Thian Sin was very happy with the results he obtained, now the red poison was completely locked in his bloodstream points and the poison could only come out to spread throughout the body if he opened and channeled it using Hud Kong Sing Kang's energy.The red poison could also not hurt Thian Sin, as Hud Kong Sing Kang's energy protected the entire inner body.When he had the chance to practice, Thian Sin practiced in this forest to learn and mature his Ang-tok-Jiu, the trees around Thian Sin had dried up a lot due to the poison that came out of Thian Sin's body, the forest around where Thi
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Chapter : 6 Pibu In Long River
The day that everyone at the Long River Association had been waiting for had finally arrived.Decorated houses, flags and banners adorned the roads leading to the Long Rivers village to welcome the special guests.A large boat docked at the river dock, several people were seen getting off the boat.Kin Tho and the elders who welcomed Yu Lai at the dock smiled when they saw a man with white hair getting off the boat.Yu Lai walked accompanied by a handsome young man along with two men, one monk and another old man who was none other than Tay Hu, Yu Lai's representative."Welcome to the Long River Society, Taihiap!" Kin Tho said as he saluted when Yu Lai was in front of him."Thank you for inviting us Pangcu, it is an honor for the valley of the sword to come to the long river association," Yu Lai returned Kin Tho's words and salute.Kin Tho was pleased with Yu Lai's reply, which he found polite and humble.After a brief exchange of pleasantries, they then headed for the Long River Vill
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Chapter : 7 Against Monk Tat Mo
The frown on Yu Lai's face creased at the name Ang-bit-sat-Sin (Red-faced Killer).Kin Tho darted into the center of Bu-koan, after standing by Kin Bwe's side, Kin Tho saluted and said."Taihiap! I am Kin Tho, the master of the Long River, if Taihiap would like to come visit my association, please show yourself so we can talk as there is also Yu Lai Taihiap and Monk Tat Mo here."Kin Tho deliberately mentioned the names Yu Lai and Monk Tat Mo so that the person would think twice if he wanted to cause trouble in his association.Just as Kin Tho finished speaking, a moving shadow streaked over the audience.Whut....tap!A man with long flowing hair and half his face covered by a leather mask was standing in the center of Bu-koan.A cold voice came from the masked man's mouth, "Sorry for interrupting Pangcu Long River's.""Taihiap, why did you have to come like this? If Taihiap had come properly, we from the Long River Association would have welcomed Taihiap," Kin Tho replied."Sorry Pan
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Chapter : 8 Old Members Of The Red Village
Yu Lai and Monk Tat Mo were so shocked to see the red face that had been a frightening specter in the martial world for the past 10 years, that they forgot to chase after the fleeing Thian Sin, even though if Thian Sin was attacked at that time, he would definitely lose.Thian Sin's chest felt tight after receiving Tat Mo's punch, that's why while enduring the pain in his chest Thian Sin immediately left Bu Koan.After changing his clothes and slightly cleaning the blood stains on his lips, Thian Sin returned to Kin Tho's house.When Thian Sin was about to enter from the side of the house, he heard A Gu's voice."Where have you been? A Gu asked."From the back, Brother! My stomach can't be compromised, it's just eaten something delicious and it's asking to be taken out again," Thian Sin replied while asking back."What's wrong, why did everyone leave Bu Koan, is the event over?"Master and Yu Lai Taihiap and monk Tat Mo are conferring inside, discussing the enemy that just left," A Gu
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Chapter : 9 The Dispute Of The Two Water Lords
Thian Sin was very interested in the book given by Grandpa Hay and continued to open and read the contents of the book."This seems to be a book of high-level easing knowledge," Thian Sin thought after reading the contents of the book."Where did you get this book? Thian Sin asked."Back when I was fishing for food, there was a dead body stuck in the bushes beside the river, I pulled the corpse from the river for burial, before I buried it, I examined the body and found this book," replied Grandpa Hay.Thian Sin then told the grandfather what the book was."That's good! You study the contents so that Mr. Thian Bu can smile up there," Grandpa Hay replied as he continued to say."You just study the book! From now on you don't have to help me build a boat, but if you've studied the book, burn it because I'm sure it's a contested heirloom book, judging by the corpse I buried, its body is full of wounds."Thian Sin nodded his head, he had indeed intended to burn the books he had studied, b
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Chapter : 10 Guarding Kian Jiang Pang
About twenty members of the Water Dragon association immediately took out their weapons and moved to surround Thian Sin.Thian Sin saw the Water Dragon members lock themselves up while holding weapons, and immediately thought that these people were indeed cruel and wanted to kill their opponents without giving them a chance to have a fair one-on-one match.Moreover, after hearing one of them say that tomorrow there would be no longer the name of the Long River Association in the martial world, it proved that they intended to finish off the Long River Association today."You are wrong to meet me, because this meeting is your last day alive on earth," said Thian Sin.One of the members immediately shot up and slashed Thian Sin's head after hearing his opponent's words.Shing!But the water dragon member was shocked when he slashed an empty place, because the person being attacked was no longer there.Before the attacking water dragon member had time to move, from the left side a red pal
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