The Rise of the Algorithm King

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The Rise of the Algorithm King

By: Golden pen Updated just nowFantasy

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In a fantasy world where different races co-exist. Humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, griffins, hippogriffs, wizard, dragons, etc. Magic and swordsmanship ruled the world. Storm Walker, an ordinary boy who had nothing but his dead father's bracelet faced bullying every single day of his life. Despite the humiliation and tantrums he faced because he was born into the world as a human, he still managed to remain cheerful. The current world now regard humans as weak and useless people that shouldn't be apart of the world. While the mythical creatures like Orcs, dragons, elves, dwarf, reigned supreme. Would Storm stand to prove that humans are not weak, or give in to the bullying?

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Chapter 1
"Hurry up already, Storm! Go fetch the vegetables from the farm land!" An elderly man voiced hastily, and a teenage boy rushed out from his room all dressed in his brown jacket and brown pants. A black plastic bag was held in his hand, and a silver bracelet around his wrist."Sorry for the delay, grandpa." Storm apologised as he laced his boots."Be back before evening because I still need you for some other things around here, Storm." Grandpa Sikes, instructed."Understood." Storm affirmed by nodding hus head before dashing out from the house and heading towards the farm. Grandpa Sikes stood there and watched Storm run joyfully through the street, and a smile appeared on his face.Despite the humiliation and tantrums he faced because he was born into the world as a human, he still managed to remain cheerful. The current world now regards humans as weak and useless..people that shouldn't be a part of the world. While the mythical creatures like Orcs, dragons, elves, dwarfs, reigned s
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Chapter 2
The sun was starting to set and Grandpa Sikes sat on a small wooden stool feeling restless. Storm had gone to the farm very early in the morning, and up till now he was yet to return. "Why is he taking so long today?" Grandpa Sikes pondered internally and began to walk towards the door to take a peek and see if Storm was coming.BANGBefore grandpa Sikes could get close, the door was sent flying and two enormous figures stepped in. The figures were gigantic and had muscular builds with red skin, two horns on their head, and pointy ears.They were high orcs.Catching a glimpse of the figures that just emerged, grandpa Sikes took several feets backwards with a frightful expression on his wrinkled face."Greetings, old dwarf." The leader amongst the duo spoke in a deep and terrifying tone. "We are here to receive the tribute money for today. Hand it over so we can leave immediately." He added.Since humans are considered weak amongst the creatures, the higher-ups made a rule that they s
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Chapter 3
Storm's eyelids began to lift open as he slowly woke up from his slumber."I'm not dead?" Storm frowned with a disappointed look. He remembered ingesting a poison that was enough to kill twenty men..why then was he still alive. "Maybe the pills were all fake. Darn the man that sold it to me." "My bracelet." Storm glanced at his wrist, but his bracelet was gone. Thinking about it, images of earlier began to flash back.The whole bright light that filled the room..and also.."What was thats screen i saw earlier?" Saying those last words, the same screen from earlier materialised right in front of Storm.[STORM WALKER HAS REACHED THE REQUIREMENT][VESSEL HAS BEEN ACQUIRED][TO PROCEED, VESSEL NEEDS TO COMPLETE THE ACCEPTANCE QUEST][CLICK ON YES TO ACCEPT, AND NO TO DECLINE THE POWER][YES] [NO]Storm glanced at the screen in front of him in bewilderment."Haha, I didn't die, instead I was struck with madness and now I am seeing things." Storm rubbed his dirty blonde hair with a chuckle
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Chapter 4
[PROCESSING HAS BEEN COMPLETED][POWERS HAS BEEN GRANTED TO THE VESSEL]Storm rose up sluggishly from his bed feeling a bit relieved from his earlier headache. He glanced outside the window and noticed it was morning already."Can't believe I actually survived that." Storm mused as the encounter with the giant rat began to play in his head over and over again.He never imagined himself defeating a monster like that since humans are meant to be weak, but somehow it did."My wounds.." Strom glanced at his palms where the claws injured but there was nothing. Not even a single scratch, which made him puzzled."I had doubts about this system thing earlier..but after what happened, it convinced me that it's actually real. Question is where did it come from?"[ROAD TO BECOME THE STRONGEST]-NAME: STORM WALKER-LEVEL 1-TITLE: NONE-HP: 1000/1000-MANA POINTS: 1000/1000-EXP: 0/100[STATS]STRENGTH: 10AGILITY: 10SPEED: 10REFLEX: 10SENSES: 10[AVAILABLE STATS TO DISTRIBUTE: 20][ABILITIES]
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Chapter 5
"Hmm..Still no cha.." While Strom was busy glancing at his muscles, he began to hear crashing sounds from outside. Confused by the noise, Strom dashed out from the room and arrived in the living room."Grandpa!" Storm exclaimed through gritted teeth as he watched a high orc grab Grandpa Sikes's neck and lift him off the floor while strangling him."!" Grandpa Sikes managed to speak as the high orc kept squeezing the life out of him.Storm stood there dazed for few seconds before regaining composure and began to charge forward. Getting in striking distance, Storm clenched his right fist tightly and punched it towards the high orc's face.BAM!The punch slammed heavily on his head, causing him to let go of grandpa Sikes and got sent crashing outside the house."Are you okay?" Storm bent down in front of Grandpa Sikes with a worrisome look as he kept coughing."I told you to run, Storm. These guys will kill you." Grandpa Sikes warned while trying to catch his breath."I can't
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Chapter 6
Storm explained to his father exactly what happened last night, but tried his best to not mention anything about a system that only he could see. He told him how he took in poison in hopes of killing himself but was somehow cured and woke up with the ability, and his bracelet was also gone.Storm also left out the quests stuff to make things not seem weirder than it already is.After the whole narration, the room fell silent as grandpa Sikes just sat there in contemplation. Storm's words were too much for him to digest all at once.After a few minutes of silence, he finally uttered, "The power must have been gotten from your father's bracelet. I always knew there was something more to that bracelet.""Did he tell you anything about the bracelet while handing it over?" Storm questioned, hoping to learn more about the strange system."He only said you would understand when you've come of age." Grandpa Sikes responded. "You beat up some generals, they will send soldiers after you any mom
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Chapter 7
The students were led outside the white area and were taken to a whole new location. It was a vast open area, a raised platform could be seen in the middle, and three staff could be seen waiting a few distant away."Please come forth to begin the ranking test!" A female staff ordered in an audible tone.A boy amongst the group wasted no time in mounting the raised platform where a round object could be seen floating a few metres in the air. "The first test is a strength test. Please punch the ball with everything you've got!" The female staff informed me.The boy took a deep breath in as he clenched his fist, pulled his arm backwards, and swung it forth with all his might.BAM!A loud noise reverberated throughout the area as the boy's fist connected to the ball, and what looked like a number began to read until it finally stopped at 87.The staff recorded the number in their register as they proceeded to the next which was target practice. Six objects appeared metres away from wher
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Chapter 8
The room door opened and another student walked in. He had jet black hair and a muscular build. Glancing at him, Storm recognised him as the guy who took the test first. Storm shifted his gaze to the boy's wrist and spotted the letter "A" on it. It was expected, the boy was exceptional during the test.The boy ignored Storm like he wasn't there at all and made his way towards the bed to unpack his bag. Storm wasn't bothered by the guy's attitude as he also went to his bed and laid down. There was something he has been meaning to check for a while now.[YOU HAVE SOME UNREAD NOTIFICATIONS.]Storm called out the system after laying down on his bed. He got the notification after defeating the Orcs but hasn't had time to click on it.'I wonder what it is.' Storm pondered internally as he clicked on it out of curiousity. The screen infront of him now morphed to a whole new one.[YOUR REWARD FOR HIDDEN QUEST HAS ARRIVED]'Hidden quest?' Storm mused with his fingers on his chin in contemplati
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Chapter 9
Storm didn't respond for a while as he just stood there with his head facing the floor. Images of how Flare burnt down grandpa Sikes's only source of income to the ground came flooding his mind and made his blood boil in anger."Hey, i am talking to you, trash! What are you doing in a place like this?" Flare repeated his question while tightening his grip.After few seconds of staying mute, Storm finally spoke."You only have three seconds to get your hand off me." Storm uttered in a deep and menancing tone.Hearing the words of Storm, Flare and other students in the cafeteria broke out in serious laughter."Can you all believe this guy, hahah..." Flare paused in his laughter as he felt Storm grab his arm and his bones began to twist.'What's with his strength?' Flare pondered internally as Storm twisted his arm before letting go and walked away.While Storm walked away, Flare pulled out a dagger and stabbed Storm from behind, causing him to grunt in serious pain and fall down to his
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Chapter 10
"He's dead!" Storm turned to the shadow. "You! You've gone too far..."From the shape of the shadow, Storm recognised the person as the kid who ignored him from their dorm room. "You..." "There's no rules stating we're not allowed to harm or kill other students, I'm just showing you... This academy... This world, do not take it lightly. Also, you're welcome." With that, the figure returned to his shadow dissappearing from the cafeteria. And just like that, the academy's officials picked up the dead body and the rest of the students resumed their daily activities like nothing happened. Storm didn't know how to feel. He hated Flare for bullying him so much but it wasn't enough to want him dead. "If I was stronger than I am now, I could have been fast enough to stop the bastard!" The next day..."Did you hear?"Storm was walking through the hallways when he overhear some of the students talking."The Valiant Games will be starting soon.""It's starting much earlier." The Valiant
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