Reincarnated as a Swordman

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Reincarnated as a Swordman

By: Jiwaru Day OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A modern man is reincarnated into a fantasy world as a noble swordsman. Reincarnated as a legendary swordsman with memories of his past life, but not his name, a swordsman destined to save humanity.

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6 chapters
A.. A.. it hurts, why does it hurt so much....where am i.And he woke up while his body ached. Everywhere is desolation and destruction.Who am I... why can't I remember anything... my head hurts!!He touched his head with his hand, feeling rather sticky. Blood was flowing from the top of his head.He glanced around, he saw quite a few dead bodies. All have guns in hand.Pistols, rifles, shotguns, and even bazoka,...But those corpses all had cuts and stab wounds as if they had been slashed by a sword.He looked startled at his left hand, he was holding a sword, a sword already red from the color of blood.Why did I kill them? Why can't I remember anything?Uncomfortably he tapped his forehead with his hand, until he saw him.His whole body was covered with cuts. One of his legs was cut off. He was still dragging himself towards a stone.He kept dragging himself to the stone, a very special stone, the stone seemed to absorb all the light around.He didn't remember anything, but deep i
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He blinked slowly, his eyes burning, his whole body aching, that was the first thing he felt, and powerlessness too. He felt both of them, both in pain and unable to move.This pain was just ordinary compared to what he was used to, it wasn't even as bad as when he started preparing to fight.But what annoyed him the most was his helplessness.He was replaying everything, his head ached. Immediately followed by shock.I'm not dead yet? How is it possible?While thinking, a choked voice rang out.Son, please try to get over it for mom's sake.He was startled by that voice. Strangely, it wasn't a language he knew, it sounded like French, but it wasn't.The most important thing is that you understand it, it's strange to you.Suddenly another voice rang out:Sorry madam, perhaps the pain was too much for the master to bear.As soon as the man finished speaking, he immediately felt a warm embrace squeeze him into his lap. He felt so warm, it had been a long time since he hugged a loved one
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After finishing the meal, Ryanair was pushed back to the bedroom by the servant. Lady Eloise always followed her son closely.Reaching the bedroom door, Eloise directly pushed Ryanair inside.Although he still had some memories of this body, Ryanair still felt that everything was extremely foreign to him.As he passed the mirror, Eloise had stopped to rearrange the rug, Ryanair had been able to see his face again.His face was thin and pale, the face of an old patient. Apparently he carried his mother's genes, his face was extremely delicate and handsome.When he looked at this face, he felt a little strange. This is his face for the rest of his life.Then I will get used to it .Ryanair told himself so. When the bed was finished, Lady Eloise directly carried Ryanair to the bed.She pulled a pillow close to Ryanair, then kissed Ryanair lightly on the forehead.- Please sing me a lullaby to sleep.Softly saying a sentence, Eloise began to sing. She sang soothing lullabies.Very new, pl
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But that's okay, at least in front of children, there is no need to disguise too much when in front of adults.Ryanair gave no further thought on the matter after that, and Emma thanked Lady Eloise profusely.The meal continued for a while before it was over, and Ryanair ate the dessert pudding. Just now he had almost taken the tea out of habit, in his memory Ryanair was a boy who didn't like bitter things, and so he had to eat a luxurious dessert with silver spoons and forks.As dessert was nearing its end, the Infiny house butler entered."My lady, the family of the Count of Kiwis has entered our city in a carriage. Do I need to prepare breakfast or a tea party? Eloise got up to leave Ryanair with dessert.- Depending on the situation, when they arrive in the city later, ask their soldiers if the Kiwi Count's family has had breakfast, and then it's not too late to prepare.Horn bowed to Eloise and left the room, Lady Eloise turning to her son again.- What more do you want, bab
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It's strange
When he entered the store, a chemical smell familiar to him hit his nose. Emma grimaced.- What does this shop sell? Shall we go to another store?Emma suggested, but Ryanair told her to push inside.- I was so curious, she pushed me in.The familiar smell of sulfur and saltpeter only intrigued him.When he first stepped inside, he saw a rather young inner sister leaning back in a chair, crossing her legs on the table and yawning:- If you want to buy something, take it yourself.After dropping a sentence, she put her hands behind her head and leaned back.Emma felt extremely dissatisfied, about to voice her objection. But immediately Ryanair pushed the wheelchair forward with his own hands and looked at the things on the shelves. The chemicals were so familiar that he wanted to make some grenades.After looking at it for a while, he remembered his identity, he couldn't buy it now, or else he would be suspected.Doubtful, but the shopkeeper's sister already suspected. She had sat up a
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Startled to realize
It's been 5 days since that city walk. During these 5 days, Ryanair has found all kinds of physical exercises for the body.Each exercise makes Ryanair's body even bruised in the joints, cramp many times.Ryanair's illness still recurred twice, but apparently the pain was greatly reduced.Ryanair in every meal still eats a lot, even eats a lot of other things, because his exercises require more calories.Two days ago in the night, Ryanair was practicing tai chi when Pastor Hal, lying nearby, woke up. Pastor Hal will always be there in case Ryanair can't stand it and relieve Ryanair's pain.Ryanair also did not hide his illness, it would make more sense to let it slowly disappear in the eyes of everyone.That night Ryanair was briefly ill, so the pastor stayed in Ryanair's room.At that time, he needed to urinate at night, so he woke up, fortunately Ryanair was able to pretend to be limp and sit on the chair. He used the excuse that he was practicing walking.And so the next day, Lady
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