Reset: Reborn for Vengeance

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Reset: Reborn for Vengeance

By: Hera Venice OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"Greediness comes with a price. It will bear the fruit of vengeance." As John Percy survives the murder attempt by his in-laws, he swears vengeance. He will do everything to take the life they took away from him. Along came the Grim Reaper of the AI Industry, Hyalou Jean Porter. She assured the O'Briens will feel the highest scale of the pain of suffering, an offer that John Percy can't seem to refuse. But the offer has a price of its own.

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  • Hera Venice


    This story will resume its updates starting July 1st. Thank you for those who are able to read this far. Thank you!

    2023-06-30 23:54:10
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17 chapters
Chapter 1: Perception of Pain
What kind of pain could one person endure?Physical pain could be given a set of scales for one's endurance. People may tend to endure a simple scrape or a simple dislocation. But in severe cases, especially when the pain is located in the heart or brain, they tend to exceed the amount of tolerance a human body can endure and could result in death.But the kind of pain that no physical pain could ever surpass is the pain felt by the heart and soul.For years of neurology practice, the only pain that Dr. John Percy Morgan could not heal was the pain of the spirit. He could cure brain traumas and all that connect to the central nervous system. But this certain pain was inevitable. It was something he couldn't control. His knowledge of medicine wasn't enough for this kind of pain. It was unbearable.The pain that glistened in his patients' eyes could never be healed by someone like him. The pain of being abandoned in this world...He could hear the prolonged beeping sound of the monitor.
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Chapter 2: Blame
A few days had been tough for John Percy. After that conversation with his father-in-law, his self-esteem seemed to cripple in his throat as he was neglected in the department as well.The resident neurosurgeons and the nurses all walked past him without any greeting. Not even long glances. Well, Dr. Patt gave him a quick sympathetic gaze and then quickly strode past him.The department was never that busy. Neurosurgery in Wichita isn't something too common compared to Boston. But John Percy knew that OB Medical Group had already been claiming its golden seat in Kansas alone. 75% of the Kansans have full trust in OB Medical as the only privileged hospital to cater to almost all illnesses in the state. They were almost as competitive as Boston.But ever since the OB Medical Group became well-known, they started to neglect John Percy's department. Or maybe was it because of him?He shrugged off the thought as he got back to his desk inside the department office. Everyone was out there a
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Chapter 3: The Biggest Lie
John Percy walked out of the house like a beggar.All his life he tried to be good to Clarisse's family. The only treasure that he had was her. And now that this situation was thrown at him like a bomb, he didn't know what to do next.He was just walking on the safe side of the road. He found himself walking on a bridge. Few cars strode relentlessly on the highway. His wavy brown hair was harshly heaved by the wind. He turned to his right and held on to the cold steel of the bridge while freely looking at the unrested waters below. It was the river bathed in colorful city lights as the busy Wichita buildings reflected on it.He came back home with a heavy heart. His face was still smothered with dust and tears.He hurried to Zianna's room, his daughter's. He just peeped at the doorway and saw that she was already fast asleep. He smiled in relief and decided to close it quietly.He started locking the doors and windows. He also covered the windows to avoid other people from seeing them
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Chapter 4: A Vain Death
This must be the pain.It was the moment when John Percy knew it was the most excruciating form one person could ever get. The pain of seeing someone they love smirking at them in their dying hour.This was it.It was how Clarisse slowly made herself his greatest mistake. She was his epitome of pain.He was still choking for air. Someone from behind was strangling him to death. He couldn't even turn to see his face. All he knew was that this man was wearing an all-black tracking suit, pants, and boots. He smelt cold breeze and rain. The man wore a mask but his cold blue eyes were seeing death. He was too used to doing this. Like he would never shiver away from killing someone. Unfortunately, John Percy was one of his targets.He stopped analyzing him. Seconds of his life were at stake, so he decided to just look up. He focused on Clarisse.While he felt that the man who was strangling him was holding him down to a tight rope, he saw Clarisse slowly getting up from the man's body, wear
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Chapter 5: The Grim Reaper
John Percy opened his eyes gasping for air. His gasp was too strong that he arched his body simultaneously. Then, he squinted. Series of bright lights beamed at his face. He could feel the heat coming from them, radiating to him. Then, he heard an inaudible sound. It was like being drowned. Slowly, he could hear it clearly as seconds passed by. There were several voices and other sounds that sounded like death.He could see the source of the light. There was a large group of white lights incubating his fragile body. It was right over him. He was panting but still weak, he slowly got a hold of that sound.It was a beeping sound. It was too familiar not to even recognize. It was his vital monitor.Gradually, his senses became normally stable. He could feel several itching pains in his body. But whenever he wanted to move his hands to scratch them, they wouldn't move.What's happening? Why couldn't he move his hands? He also tried to curl his toes or move his legs, but still to no avail.
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Chapter 6: The First Plan
It was the year 2007.John Percy read the date inside his phone. His phone was a keypad type, the exact phone he had with him since he was in high school.He just couldn't believe what he was seeing. He simultaneously moved his head toward the mirror and back to his phone.He even slapped his cheeks hard."Aw!" he groaned in pain after realizing that everything was real. "Fuck!" he shouted."Hey, watch your mouth!" a man's voice interrupted from outside. It was Henry, the janitor inside Lawrence High. It was Henry's routine to reprimand students for foul behaviors.John Percy bit his lower lip. "Sorry!" he shouted. "Fuck!" he hissed, making sure he would only hear his own cursing.Suddenly, that woman's voice interrupted his mind."Everything you'll see is just a part of your memories. You may interact with the people there but that won't change anything in reality..." Hyalou said."So, this means, I'm just inside my memories?" he asked himself.No matter what the situation was to him
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Chapter 7: First Move Cancelled
John Percy woke up happily as he turned off his alarm on his bedside table.It's his second day going back to being 17 years old. He excitedly got up and readied himself for school. While getting dressed up, he could smell his Aunt Merlyn's bread toast, and bacon.Just like any other Kansans, John Percy's family was as simple as can be. They just seemed to live a simple life. They didn't have any hangups that they needed to pursue aside from his adoptive parents wanting to own a restaurant.John Percy hummed and ran toward the kitchen. "I really miss this smell, Auntie!" he happily exclaimed.Aunt Merlyn just snorted while preparing the table. "Just get your butt in here and eat."He chuckled and obliged. After sending 2 spoonfuls of meat into his mouth, the doorbell rang."Hmm... That must be George. Open the door for me, Jay!" Aunt Merlyn asked.He stood up and hurried to the door. He saw George's lively grin. He waved at John Percy."George!""What's up? Are you ready? Come on! Let
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Chapter 8: Martial Arts Guru
John Percy jogged his entire neighborhood right after he finished his chores inside their house. It was already 8 in the evening. Right after school, he came back to their house with deep thought.He decided to jog to remove all uncertainties from his head. He was a bit confused about what happened earlier in the hallway.Was he just imagining things?He was thinking about George's actions earlier. He seemed angry like he was expecting him to actually trip off from that moment. His expression said it all. His brows formed a straight line. His eyes darted in his direction.Was he angry at him? He asked himself.He suddenly stopped running and shook his head. He exasperatedly sighed. "No, that can't be. He was not mad at me, right?" he asked himself.After that, he erased him from his mind. He must take focus on Clarisse alone.He was a bit happy that Clarisse lost her cool when he ignored her. It was his first move to change everything in his past. He was determined to remove Clarisse
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Chapter 9: The Spectator
John Percy ran toward a familiar street. He was going to be late for his part-time job at 8th street. The name of the establishment is Delli Vet, a veterinary clinic in Wichita. He greeted his manager and he started to help them with all the pet patients.John Percy came inside to one of the wards for dogs. There was a chow-chow on IV. Its health was already improving compared to last week. The dog ate something that triggered its allergy so it was sent to the vet right away.One of the attending Vet Dr. Patzy Sullivan checked on the dog's chart and turned to him with a smile. "Are you going for the second job?"He nodded with delight. "Yes, Doctor. I can still render half an hour here before going there."She nodded. "Okay. Cheeky can already go home. Will you be able to deliver her to the store manager?" she asked. Cheeky, the chow-chow patient was also John Percy's Store Manager's pet. He recalled that during this time, he was so dedicated to the part-time jobs that he recommended
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Chapter 10: Grim Reaper's Appearance
John Percy looked up at the large building. Even though he had already been there a million times, he still couldn't stop daydreaming.Finally, after completing his junior year at Lawrence High, he was able to ask for an entrance exam for the most prestigious university in Kansas.The Treadthon Medical University.He couldn't stop smiling.It was his long-time dream to become a doctor. It never changed right when he traveled back to his past. He came all the way here to retake the test he took in his past life."I can do this. The exam would just be a piece of cake for me..." he confidently said. He stepped into the hall and asked at the information desk. After he gave the necessary requirements, the desk personnel gave him the admission stamp and schedule.He was scheduled for an exam later this afternoon. It means he had ample time to prepare himself.He got to the library and grabbed 5 books for his exams. He was about to pick up the book in the upper right corner, another hand was
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