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When Damien had found out his supposed girlfriend had accepted to be the Fiancée of a business man's son, he lost all hope of anything good happening to him; not until he reunites with his billionaire father- thinking life would get easier and more fun for him. He later realizes that with Wealth comes struggles, pain and the fight for survival. Explore Damien's journey on becoming the Silverio's Heir.


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228 chapters
Episode 1
CHAPTER ONEIt was late at night at ‘The Golden Era' restaurant, usually the place would be bustling with customers but a reservation was made by a young man the day before.The young man had planned to propose to his girlfriend and he wanted the whole world to know.The young man had planned everything, starting from informing some journalist and some vocalists to do their work when he began his proposal.“Hey guys come see this!” one of the waiter came into the kitchen yelling as he called the others.“What is that?” The head of chef asked, wondering why the young waiter had ran in with such a speed like that.“It's Kai, Miss beauty, she is been proposed to right now” the waiter responded in excitement.“Come on guys let’s go see!!” they all scrambled out eager to watch the proposal.Damien was the last to follow, he was doubtful that the Kai who the waiter had said wasn’t his Kai but he decided to go see for himself.Damien Scot stood frozen at the kitchen door of ‘The Golden Era'
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Episode 2-the torture
CHAPTER TWOSleep couldn’t come to Damien as he was in pains, emotional pains, physical pains.The heavy footsteps on the ground, alerted Damien of the arrival of someone none other than the officer.He immediately turned over, as he closed his eyes, silently breathing as he waited for the arrival of the person.The clink of the cell door and the footsteps alerted Damien that the person was close to him. Unknown to Damien, it wasn’t a person.They were four in number.“Wake up!” Officer one growled. Immediately startling Damien and he jumped to his feet.When Damien had stood up, on closer look, he noticed officer one was the same officer he had encountered earlier.“This is for fighting your superior” Officer one said and immediately landed a punch on Damien’s face, before Damien could react, punches upon punches were rained upon him giving him no time to cover up.The four men kept on throwing punches at Damien until he finally passed out.********Damien woke up to a banging head,
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Episode 3
CHAPTER THREEDamien was finally allowed to leave the cell that day after the agonizing hours spent in the cruel hands of the officers.It was evening already, six pm on the dot. They had detained him longer than he should have been kept there and this irked him so bad. He couldn't blame them.weren't only the rich and mighty the most respected in the society?. Poor folks like him had no place and could be treated more or less than garbage. Some officers were watching a video stream on an officer's phone. They were laughing and were even staring and pointing at him as he walked past them. "Isn't this the guy?" He heard one ask his partner. He wondered what exactly it was they were watching on the phone that was so funny and would make them point fingers at him. He ignored them and hastened his steps to quickly get away from the hell hole.He was finally able to walk out of the station into the streets without running into anyone pointing at him. He wasn't so certain if he would
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Episode 4
CHAPTER FOUR"Damien" Lorenzo, who was Damien's best friend and roommate, called. He walked closer to Damien to wake him up but was surprised to see his battered and swollen face."Let's leave him to rest," Lorenzo said to the others."Is it really true that Damien and Kai were an item?" Kevin, a friend of Lorenzo from the other room asked."I don't know but I know Damien wouldn't lie about such a thing, to the point of getting into a fight," Lorenzo replied. Lorenzo knew Damien to be one of the most truthful people he has come across, so he knew there must be an ounce of truth to Damien's statement."No one is a saint when it comes to pretty ladies Enzo, I am sure your best friend; Damien couldn't resist either" Kevin said in a jesting tone."Not everyone is like you Kevin" Lorenzo snarled, he didn't like it when they made fun of Damien. They were all richer than Damien but that doesn't give them the right to look down on him."Even the well behaved Damien fell for Miss beauty" Kevi
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Episode 5
CHAPTER FIVEDamien had arrived at 'the Golden Era' on time. He sighed out in relief that he wasn't late and he wouldn't be tongue lashed by his boss about being lateHe went into the Janitors closet to get the cleaning supplies and get to work when a coworker had seen him."Damien" the co worker called. Damien turned towards the direction his name was called from."Hey Lucas," he said. Lucas winced at the sight of Damien's swollen and purple face."Who did this to you? Lucas asked. Lucas was really worried about Damien when he was taken the other day and now he had returned all beaten up."It's nothing Lucas, why did you call?" Damien asked. He didn't want to talk about his face, he didn't want to talk about what he went through in the hands of the cops."Oh the boss requested for your audience" Lucas said and Damien gave a nod in response."Thanks Lucas, I will go there as soon as possible," Damien said. Damien took the supplies he hsf carried from the janitor's closet to the kitche
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Episode 6
CHAPTER SIXThe Alarm Damien had set for his class blared waking him up.He gently got up from the bed, even when he was exhausted and his body was in pain, he still chose to go to school, little did he know the day had a lot in store for him.Damien got to the school faster than he had imagined and he felt very elated that he hadn't missed the lecture even after the struggle and all the bustle he went through in order to board a bus.He had the intention of walking down to school in the cold but he was lucky to have found some money in his pants.He stepped into the school and he noticed the pointing and snide remarks thrown at him, although it was not made pointedly but he knew they were all talking about him. He couldn't blame them, the news had circulated with the help of the national TV. He sighed then raised his chin up as he boldly went into the school building heading to the classroom.He stepped into the classroom and murmurs roared in the air. They were all talking about hi
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Episode 7
CHAPTER SEVENDamien had walked out of the school. He decided to leave earlier, the humiliation and pestering were driving him out of his mind. He walked out in pains and hatred at the people who were the cause of his pains and miseries. He couldn't wait behind to receive the rest of his lectures. Not in that space and also not with everyone reminding him of what a lowlife he was. He glanced down at his clothes, that were covered in all sorts of drinks and food.He was tired already, he couldn’t fathom how people who never knew him held such amount of hate for him. They decided to hate him because he wasn’t rich. He was rich like Parker. He was sure they would also have taken sides with him.Damien thoughts about his parents, he intend to just give up on school and return home. He couldn’t cope in this hellhole.He needed to go to the place where he knew he would be accepted.He noticed someone following him. 'Hasn’t his day been worst already? What more do they intend to do to him?
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Episode 8
CHAPTER EIGHT Damien kept on walking, unknown to him, the path he had planned to take had more reporters there than the front door of the building. The reporters who had gotten tips of where ‘the unknown guy' lives all came to the campus in order to get juicy details. It was all Parker’s plan, when he had found out that Damien was in the same school as his and worst of all a scholarship student, he decided to frustrate Damien more after the humiliation he had gotten in the cafeteria. Parker want Damien to leave the school after he has received much embarrassment. Damien came out from the corner, he smiled that he had successfully escaped the bald man when the smile suddenly froze on his lips. More reporters than he had ever seen were at the front of the campus building. He was tired of everything. He stood speechless as the persistent reporters ran towards him like he was honey and they were bees. They began pressing their mics on him, trying to get him to talk. He was frea
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Episode 9
CHAPTER NINEThe man chuckled and smiled at the younger man seated beside him."It wasn’t really hard to find you, you've become popular over night, the whole nation knows you” the man said but Damien wasn't satisfied. He decided he would hold out on the questions first until he gets out."I am very grateful for your help out there sir" Damien says appreciating the man kind gesture towards him even if he knew there was a reason behind the help the man had rendered, he was still grateful. The man had saved him from further heart wrecking questioning that he wasn't in the least ready for."I am going to stop here" Damien said. He planned to stop here and find a place to rest, then he would find a way and inform his parents about his recent decision."Oh! No, I need to take you to a place, you need to see something” the man said stopping Damien from getting out of the car."I don't even know you or where you are taking me to and you expect me to just follow you" Damien said in surprise w
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Episode 10
CHAPTER TEN When Damien and Charles were done eating at the restaurant, it was already late into the night. Charles took Damien straight to the Silverio’s Mansion situated in one of the most prestigious villas at the heart of the city. Damien was confused as to why Charles decided to bring him here but at the same time, he couldn’t deny not enjoying the thrilling views, he began to admire the whole environment and everything that concerned it. The beauty and serenity blend well with the atmosphere. He kept basking in the beauty view, for a moment, he forgot Charles was a total stranger to him. Their car drove through a huge automated black gate. While they walked from the car park to the main building, Damien already lost count of the numbers of men dressed in black suits they had passed standing at strategic places in the compound. It was late at night but some of the domestic staff were still up, they came across a few of them and they all would stop, bow slightly in a cour
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