Revenge of the Betrayed Billionaire

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Revenge of the Betrayed Billionaire

By: Wusakori Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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"Honey... Where have you been? Can you help me?" Glenn asked his wife; his body was completely paralyzed. "Don't 'honey' me, Glenn. I'm fed up with all this pretense. Why are you so stubborn? It would have been easier if you died in yesterday's accident..." Amber snapped, glaring at him, visibly frustrated. Glenn was surprised by his wife's words, and then Jason, his business partner, suddenly appeared and warmly embraced his wife. Glenn's world immediately crumbled. What betrayal cuts deeper than discovering those closest and dearest are the perpetrators? Glenn Smith knows it all too well. The revelation of his wife, Amber, deceiving him, fostering a secret love with Jason—his colleague—and Ethan not being his biological son but a product of their affair, shattered Glenn's world. The very individuals he lifted from poverty and elevated status stabbed him in the back. Yet, a life-threatening accident thrusts Glenn back in time to when he first encountered this deceitful duo; he seizes a second chance. Once a naive, unsuspecting man, Glenn now vows to metamorphose into someone unrecognisable, someone ready to retaliate against them!

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1. The Betrayal
The loud beep of the ECG machine echoed by the bedside wakes Glenn up. His forehead creased in disturbance as his eyes took in his surroundings. An old machine, rusty chairs and beds, a ceiling adorned with dangling spider webs, a musty odour filling the roomWhere was he? When he tried to stand, his body was stiff and unresponsive. He tried to move his body, but it felt as if his body was completely paralyzed; he couldn't feel his legs and arms. ‘What's happening?''Why can't I move my body?' 'Where is everyone?''What is more, why am I being treated in such a terrible hospital? I'm one of the most powerful businessmen in Edgartown,’ He tried to analyse it in his mind. "Ugh..." he groaned, feeling an excruciating pain in his head when he attempted to uncover the reason why he ended up in that sad and helpless state hospital. That memory comes rushing into his mind. He had been on his way to work in Smith Corp when the steering wheel of his car became unresponsive as he acceler
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2. Second Chance
"Where on earth have you been all this time?! I've been looking for you, you fool!" reprimanded a woman from behind him. He looked back to see her face scowling as she crossed her arms. Glenn was taken aback, seeing the face of his young wife. She looks astonishingly beautiful with her red hair, milky skin and sexy figure. That face used to captivate him completely. He would go to any lengths to win her affection. Little did he know that behind that stunning facade lay a deceitful and vile witch. ‘When did their dirty game begin?’ ‘Where did they often meet?’ ‘How could their relationship escape my notice?’ These questions swirled in his mind. To enact his revenge, he was determined to follow Amber's game. He wanted to understand how foolish he was back then. This time, when fate gave him a second chance, he vowed to make sure he would give them both what they deserved! "What's wrong, Amber?" he asked. Now that his heart had grown numb to her charm, he could see how
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3. Not A Fool
That evening, wearing a shirt and khaki pants, Glenn entered John Steel’s residence carrying a large gift box that he handed to Amber. Of course, Amber's smile upon seeing the large gift he brought caught Glenn's attention; her demeanour changed not because of seeing Glenn, it did not escape his notice. "What's this?" Amber asked curiously. "You can open it later after I've left," replied Glenn. His in-laws had previously greeted him enthusiastically. Now the fake smiles of these money-minded individuals were painfully obvious to Glenn. These two were leeches back when he married Amber, constantly asking for financial support for their failing business. He couldn't refuse because after marrying Amber, they became his family. As Glenn was cutting his steak, the impatient expression on his father-in-law's face was reflected in his wine glass. "Yes, Sir?" Glenn inquired. "Ahem, is it true that you're solely heir of Smith Corp?" he initiated the conversation. "That's correct, Sir. I
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4. The Script
‘Damn it, how could this simp man refuse my request?’ ‘What's wrong with him?’‘Did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning that his attitude is so different?’‘Ugh, as repulsed I am by that man, if I were to lose him, it would be disastrous.’‘I have no other source of funds besides him,’ Amber concluded in disbelief, attempting to pull Glenn back into her charm. "Are you having problems? You seem so different," she whispered, not wanting other students to hear her submissive tone to Glenn. Seeing Amber's softened demeanour, Glenn smirked condescendingly.'I just threatened you a moment ago, and now you're like a puppy with its tail tucked between its legs,' Glenn assessed. He had never felt so happy in his life before. If Amber had treated him like a doormat all this time, now he didn't want anyone to do the same to him. Amber's feigned sweetness wouldn't sway him. No one should trample on him again. ‘Should I play around with her for now? I guess letting her off
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5. Comply
She had just gotten crazy inspiration from Jason, but then Amber remembered that she was upset because she had been embarrassed by Glenn in front of the entire campus that day. How could she embarrass herself further by begging for the acceptance of that foolish man? The word 'foolish' she attributed to Glenn left her stunned. She thought about Glenn's appearance today, his way of speaking, body language, clothes, and strikingly different appearance. "Ugh... I don't know; it seems like that foolish man is now hard for me to control," Amber suddenly complained. Jason approached her and affectionately wrapped his arm around Amber's waist. "How could it be, baby... Isn't he so crazy about you like I do? I think he's acting that way to get your attention. He's playing hard to get," Jason instigated in her ear. After that, he gently blew into Amber's ear, arousing her, which made her immediately smirk mischievously and invite Jason to satisfy their desires. After fulfilling their de
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6. Panic
After class, Amber didn't go straight to Ms. Eugene as Glenn had ordered but went home first to see her workmaid, Jason's mother. The woman's body was large, and she smelled awful. Amber tried to hold her breath around her.The woman was surprised to see Amber approaching her, it was a mutual agreement that Amber should not be seen close to her while working in her house. Even though Jason's mother knew that Amber and her son were secretly having a relationship, she knew enough not to report it to Mr and Mrs Steel; she was afraid that her job would be jeopardised."Let's swap," Amber pleaded, her eyes watering as she tried to catch her breath. Amber's unreasonable request left Jason's mother stunned."You, let's swap clothes, I wear yours, and you wear mine," Amber pleaded, forcing Jason's mom to pull her shirt off out of impatience. Jason's mom, of course, panicked, afraid of being caught by Amber's parents. Her eyes grew wide when she saw Mrs. Steel approaching them."Take off y
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7. Toying with Your Feelings
Glenn grinned at Amber's confusion, convinced she was busy finding excuses to avoid him. He still remembers throughout their past marriage, Amber rarely consented to fulfilling his biological needs. Glenn had to coax her, treating her like a queen for a whole week, just to satisfy his desires for a maximum of twenty minutes. Even then, Amber would do it begrudgingly, almost as a formality. If Glenn took too long, Amber would fake a yawn and pretend to fall asleep. His self-esteem was deeply wounded by Amber's behaviour towards him. However, due to his immense love for her, he didn't make much of an issue out of it. For him, as long as his wife remained faithful, he considered her lack of appreciation because of his inability to make her happy. But the fatal accident that befell him reinstated his lost self-confidence. It revealed that the root of the problem wasn't with him but because his wife secretly had another man in her life.Remembering Amber's betrayal, Glenn's eyes sudde
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8. Red Strings
A nurse greeted them at the entrance, her face showing fatigue in a uniform that seemed worn off for a long time. “Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” she greeted weakly, her smile awkward. She looks at Glenn closely. Glenn glanced at his Mother, wondering if she noticed, too. But his mother seemed unfazed, returning the smile to the nurse and entering the hospital. Even at this moment, the hospital seemed extremely unfit to operate in, with outdated equipment, the squeak of rusty wheels on wheelchairs echoing through the corridors, and walls stained with handprints of those who had once touched them. Glenn approached his Mother and whispered, “Mother, remind me again, whose hospital is this? Do I know the owner?” His Mother whispered back, covering her mouth with her purse, “This is Ingrid Langfield's hospital, the widow of Klaus Langfield.” “Klaus Langfield has passed away?” Glenn asked, a bit surprised. He remembered the old man as someone kind and unassuming, who often engaged hi
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9. Hope
"Ah, just leave them be, mate," Darren waved off, noticing Glenn's gaze.Darren then handed a can of beer to Glenn. "Thanks," Glenn said as he accepted it. They bantered before taking a sip."You didn't invite Amber?" Darren asked out of the blue, and Glenn just shook his head. Darren's eyes suddenly lit up."Thank goodness... It would've been chaos if she showed up," Darren sighed in relief.Darren gestured subtly towards Jason, the man still engrossed with the woman nearly twice his age.Seeing Darren's reaction to knowing about Amber and Jason's relationship, Glenn felt foolish. If he hadn't realised quickly, he would have continued displaying himself as Amber's lackey, and no one would have stepped up to inform him of his folly.But beyond that, Glenn also realised something new. Initially thinking that Darren would appreciate him bringing Amber, who seemed popular among guys, Glenn now understood a side of Amber that this particular person didn't favour.‘What else about Amber ha
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10. Humiliation
In the car, Glenn was unaware when Hazel rode her bike back; her heart was deeply wounded. While four beautiful women with heavy makeup on either side of him conversed with each other, Glenn's mind wandered back to his earlier encounter with Hazel.As the image of Hazel's drenched clothes crossed his mind again, he unconsciously swallowed hard."Glenn, what are you imagining with that smirk on your face?" teased one of the women, his classmates."Are you picturing us serving you later?" another woman asked, followed by laughter, making the car lively."Who would've thought Glenn could be this wild?" quipped one of the women; Glenn lazily glanced at her."Amber is too greedy in exploiting you, Glenn..." added the woman, her hand caressing Glenn's bare chest.Glenn caught her hand."Shall we continue this later, hmm?" he asked playfully.The four women in the car cheered excitedly. Glenn opened a bottle of champagne for them, fueling their enthusiasm as they shared drinks from the same
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