Rise Of Eric Manuel The Discarded Son In-Law

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Rise Of Eric Manuel The Discarded Son In-Law

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Everywhere he went, Eric Manuel was maltreated and seen as a good for nothing by the society. No one wanted to be seen around him. To them, he was lazy, a wretch and a thief. His situation takes a turn, when he is approached by some powerful individuals. “Finally, we’ve found you young master.” The young man clad in a black Italian suit, said as he inclined his head. “Please come with us.”

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85 chapters
A thief
“Please, brother, I do need your help. Please help me,” a young man with handsome features said while kneeling in front of another.“Why should I ever do anything for you? All you do is to depend on my family's wealth, and now you are asking for more favors?” Micheal replied with disdain in his eyes.“That's exactly why I want to get a job. I would like to help this family and also help my wife. Please do something.” Eric, the young man, kept begging.“Do something? Why should I care? You are a man, so go out there and seek employment.” Michael sneered.“Please, with your connections, I am sure I could get the job easily. You have to help me.” Eric replied.He had been the son-in-law of the family with no penny attached to his name. Today, he came to beg his brother-in-law for a job connection so everyone would stop seeing him as a freeloader in the family.Several times he had tried different companies seeking a job, but each time he was bundled out. Everyone saw him as a curse that
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Our young master
“What is going on here? You must be making a mistake. What did I steal?” Eric frowned. He didn't understand why the police would appear out of nowhere and start accusing him.“Are you messing with us or what? Did you pay for these clothes you are carrying?” Another snarled. “Yes, my brother-in-law has paid for these clothes. I didn't steal anything.” Eric tried to explain, but little did he know that he was making the situation worse.The policemen became infuriated by this. They caught him red-handed yet he was lying.“Where is the receipt for the clothes?” Another asked him, but he was left speechless by the question.He looked around only to find people taking pictures of him. He frowned. It was like taking a nail to the chest, but that didn't stop him from trying to prove his innocence.“My brother in law is still in the shop. Let me get him.” Eric wanted to return to the store when he heard a gunshot.Pak!A spot near his foot was shot. If he had moved, his feet would be left wi
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A card to your name
After walking out of the station, they hopped into luxurious cars with Eric and drove to a restaurant. All the men hopped down and one of them quickly opened the door for Eric once again.“Isn't this valion restaurant?” Eric’s mouth flew open. The place was a place of perfection. The building on its own looked like it was built with silver due to the way it reflected the sun on it.“It's just a cheap restaurant, young master.” One of the men replied.“A cheap restaurant? A meal here costs two hundred thousand dollars, and you call this cheap? I won't be able to pay anything here…” Eric wanted to use his name but figured he didn't even know it. He was starting to think it was all a ploy. The type his step-brother did to him.“My name is Damien, young master, and besides, this is one of your properties. If you want it now, it's all yours.” Damien said.“Mine? You can't be serious, right?” Eric forced a smile.“Ooh yes, I am,” Damien replied, but he saw Eric was reluctant to follow him
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Belittled and insulted at a store
Eric walked along the road thinking about the whole thing. It was so good to be real. He was just a man with no background, ever since his mom died, he lost the will to live. If not for his wife who married him, he could have been on the street.How could someone like him be the heir to Juan Manuel's company? Shouldn't that be wrong? “Isn't that the person we saw on the video? That same guy who stole those clothes from the shopping mall?”“Yes, that's him. Look how dirty-looking he is. Such a fool. He couldn't resist stealing and even had the guts to do that in broad daylight? Has he no shame?” “Why did the police let him go? You better stay away from him before you lose your purse.”Some women kept muttering among themselves while staring at Eric with disgust on their faces. They also made sure to keep their distance and hold on to their bag tightly, thinking if they blinked Eric would separate them from it.“Get away from here, thief.” An old man said and tossed rotten food at hi
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Paying them back
“What's going on here?” The man said again.“Sir, I believe you are the manager of this store?” Eric asked casually and the man nodded. “I want you to fire this girl right here in this instant. She shouldn't be rude to customers.” He added, frowning.Instantly, the manager's face changed. His expression changed from a frown to a smile after exchanging glances with the sales agent.“Young man, who are you to tell me what to do?” The manager said with a hint of disgust in his eyes.Eric was taken aback. He didn't expect the manager to give such a response. Didn't they consider customers’ interest in this place?“Sir, he was about to touch this necklace when I stopped him, and now he is spatting nonsense.” The sales agent said.“Which of them?” The manager replied.“This one,” she replied, pointing at the jade necklace to him. As soon as he caught sight of it, he gasped in shock. There was a price tag on it to warn those who couldn't afford it never to come close yet this man had the gut
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I was framed
Smiling, Eric walked into a nearby store and bought a necklace that was worth even more. Everyone was startled by his actions and was pushed to watch each of his movements. No one expected he would do such a thing to the sales girl.After she had successfully removed all the expensive items from the showcase, he walked out on her. Now all the stress she went through was for waste.“Look at what you've caused!” The manager yelled angrily after watching Eric walk into the other shop and was now walking out with a piece of jewelry. That sale could have been made by him, yet the sales girl made things worse.“I am sorry, sir. I didn't mean to…”“You are dismissed!” He cut her off and angrily walked out.Meanwhile, Eric was walking down the road admiring the piece of the necklace he bought when suddenly a thought crawled into his head. Quickly he pulled out the card again and dialed Damien's number.“Hello, young master,” Damien said over the phone happily after picking up.“Can you do som
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Wanting an apology
“Mum, are you sure you want to talk to us like that after knowing your son wronged us?” Eric suddenly said with so much courage that got all of them on the fence.His daring tone was such a thing to be shocked about. All these while he never talked back but stayed behind in the shadow of his wife, but today he spoke a tone of mockery in his voice."What are you talking about, and how dare you speak to me in that manner?' Rachel sneered.“Ooh yes, I will. I was framed by Micheal, yet you are siding with him?” Eric's eyes turned cold.Samantha was shocked. Her husband had turned into a new person. She had always hated him for staying quiet, but currently, she was seeing him in a different light.“You prick! Who framed you? Stop saying nonsense and leave this house!” Micheal snapped, trying to defend himself.“What proof do you have that Micheal framed you? Stop taking high as though you didn't steal those clothes. Since you couldn't afford anyone, you want to give my daughter stolen clo
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I want you to divorce your wife
Damien drove Eric to a mansion, after which the latter told him he wanted to see everything about his family. Damien was overjoyed as he handled the steering wheel into a mansion. After all these years, he finally had the opportunity to bring the young master home.The exterior of the mansion was grand and impressive with sweeping lawns, tall windows, and decorated with many patterns. The wall itself looks like it was built with gemstones. One can see his reflection from the walls alone.The car drove by a fountain and parked. Eric walked out and kept staring like he was taken to heaven. The place was beyond what words could describe, as he was more than fascinated. “This is your father's house, which is now yours,” Damien said after seeing how awestruck the lad was.“And it's just one of the properties he owned. There is more. I can show you one after the other if you like.” Damien was brimming with happiness as he explained.“Wow,” Eric explained and walked alongside Damien to the
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Rejecting her offer
“A billionaire is willing to pay you a sum of ten million dollars to divorce Samantha. It's not as if you can do anything for her anyway, so take the money and leave.” Rachel said and pushed the case further to him. Disdain etched on her face as she watched him.Ever since he married into the family, he had never supported it with any cent. His academic result was nothing but nonsense. He couldn't get even a cleaner job, so what's the use of staying married?“You can use the money to start up a new life far away from here. Ten million can change your worthless life into something worth living for, don't you think?” She asked sarcastically.“Mother, do I look like someone who could be bought with money? Or do you think I can be bought, similar to how the billionaire bought you off to come and bribe me?” Eric was pissed, but he hid it under a fake smile as he spat.“What the heck? Bought? I am not that cheap, you know!” She fumed.“Then why did you collect the money? I knew he must have
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Get out of my house!
Meanwhile, down the outskirts of the city.Samantha was inside the house trying to prepare a meal when she heard a knock on the door. Thinking it was Eric, she quickly rushed towards the door and opened it.To her wildest surprise, who she saw wasn't him, but someone she never expected.“Micheal? What are you doing here?” She gasped in shock. “Did something happen to Eric?” she asked after noticing he was with so many men dressed in suits.But then there was one among them who stood out. He was standing just beside Micheal with a smile on his face. He had long curly hair that was tied into a bun. His appearance alone reels of riches.“No. Eric is fine. We are just here to see you.” Micheal smiled, but she gave him a stiff look. He had never visited ever since she married Eric, and now he was here to talk to her. For what?“Won't you let us in? Do you want to leave your brother standing by the door?” Michael smiled.Sighing, Samantha paved the way for them to walk in. But then she neve
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