Rise of the lowly janitor

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Rise of the lowly janitor

By: Lie OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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“Why, Leticia?” “Because you are a water boy and a lowly janitor. You can never give me what George can.” Those are the words that played over and over in Jake’s head, crushing his heart and soul. Ridiculed, trampled and scoffed upon, none as devastating as the betrayal of the woman he planned on spending the rest of his life with. With his head low and a thick skin, Jake’s rise from ashes is a spectacular sight that puts him on top of the food chain. What will he do when those who tormented him are now at his mercy?

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37 chapters
*Jake POV*It’s been two full months without George’s usual ‘let’s piss off Jake’ stunts. My colleagues think that his grandfather taking liking into me might be the cause, but I can’t help thinking that he is just laying low and ready to pounce when my gut is down. It is during lunchtime and I am a few steps away from my room when two of my colleagues try to block my way.I am immediately suspicious, this is very usual. Their facial expressions tell me this is not a joke either. “What’s going on?”They exchange looks before I hear a familiar moan and my heart sinks. I am screaming in my head. This can’t be happening! “You like that?” George’s proud disgusting voice asks. My heart stops when my fiancée responds. “Yes! George, Oh! Yes!”What the fuck? George, I expect anything from him but not Leticia. She is my woman, the one I have been saving all my wages to spend the rest of my life with. “And that water-boy you call a fiancée?”I can hear the menacing in his voice as he asks
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*Jake POV*I have just settled into my corner, ready for a much needed sleep, but a familiar voice shouts from the streets.“Hey! Jake!”I sigh and crawl out. That’s my foster brother, Ty. He is standing outside an exquisite sports car and looks like a million bucks. “Ty.”I am not very excited for this meeting because it always ends the same way. “Come on. Is that how you greet your big bro?”I shake my head and hug him. He is only a year older than me but never lets me forget it. Ty holds on to my shoulders and inspects me from head to toes. “You look like shit, what happened to you?”I explain my ordeal and he is fuming by the time I finish. “Mr Smith, you say?”I shake my head. Ty is very trigger happy, I should have known not to mention any names. “Ty, let it go.”I hope my stern voice does the trick because I can’t afford to be caught up in his criminal activities. “Look at you Jake. No rich asshole does this to my little bro and get away with it,” he says with clenched fis
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Mr Smith
*Mr Smith POV*I could not believe my eyes when I come face to face with the young man my stupid men were beating. Sharp eyes like Olivia’s but everything else is Dan. It took everything to stop myself from embracing him, but how could I? I have failed him dismally but maybe…Grabbing my phone and locking myself in the sound proof, secured basement, I reach out to the only person I can. “Tom?” A slurred deep voice answers. “You are drunk, so early?”This has unfortunately become my only remaining friend’s state. Well, it’s mine too on many occasions despite my righteous attitude now. “Did you call me to preach?”“I met the boy.” I get to the point and the line goes completely silent. I look at the phone to see if it’s still connected. “Len? Are you there?”“Yeh.”“Did you hear what I said?”“Yeh.”“And?” I ask, getting irritated by his one liner answers. “And nothing. We did enough. Heaven’s knows I can’t even look at myself on the mirror.”“Len, man. You had…”“I had what?” L
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The craven and women
*Jake POV*A month later, I’m on the water-stand duty and already dreading it. Mia Drew, Tanya’s sister is an amazing multi award winning racer and very dedicated to the sport. She’s always the first on the track and quickly leaves just when the rich boys arrive. Tanya comes by a lot to watch her sister race. She, to George’s irritation, always comes to sit at the water station with me. We get along really well. I have also had the opportunity to meet Mercy Drew, my childhood crush, on several occasions too. Most of the old rich folks are surprisingly pleasant. All in all, this job is not bad. Tanya and Mia have just left when George drives by very slowly very close to the stands. I am still figuring out what he is up to when he shouts. “Hey water-boy, catch!”A container comes right at my face, urine drenching my face and clothes. I close my eyes, the acidity of the urine making my eyes sore. My fists involuntarily clench, anger brewing inside. His laughter fading away tells m
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Egg mess
*Jake POV*I have lost count of the stupid things George and his groupies do to get on my nerves. The problem with the routine is that they now know when I am on stands or on cleaning duty. I swear it has become their life’s mission to make mine miserable. I start two hours earlier than all my colleagues because most of my time is spent cleaning up the mess the rich boys intentionally make for me to clear. This morning it’s the eggshells that are scattered all over the parking lot. I am already sweating from sweeping the massive area and the sun is starting to get really hot. I am dripping with sweat by the time I get the hose, spraying and clearing the stains. Mr Reed does not engage with us much but he expects this place to be world class and sparkling. Failure to do this leads to a significant cut in our wages. I am folding the cleaning equipment up, ready to start my actual cleaning activities for the day when I notice an expensive leather wallet on the grass, not so far from t
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Mission destroy
*George POV*It’s two damn o’clock in the morning and I have not slept a wink. The hooting sounds of the owl goes on the entire night. I have never had problems sleeping my entire life but insomnia is my new best friend and it’s all because of that lowly janitor at the racing club. I have never been challenged my entire life. Be it school or social events, I rule and I always get what I want. The water-boy does not seem to understand this, nor does he know his place. He is too cocky and proud, it’s infuriating. He is just a lowly servant, a janitor but chicks actually drool over him. Then there’s the sexy bootylicious Tanya I have been trying to nail for years now. She won’t even give me an ear but she will gladly sit and happily chat with the water-boy for hours. As if that’s not enough, now grandfather thinks he is all that. The pestilent only returned the stupid wallet untouched and I can’t hear the end of it. It’s now Jake this and Jake that every damn time I meet the old man.
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Shuttered or not…
*Jake POV*All I want is return to my room and lick my wounds, but unfortunately, George has other plans. He and his friends are right by the elevators and stairs. I can’t avoid them even if I try. “Hey, water-boy. Need some sex lessons?” George shouts while his groupies laugh. “My bet. You actually know more that I do. Having had older experienced women very young. You should tell me how it feels dipping your tiny weeny is a well and all.”I completely lose it and finally snap. More than the list of my parent, my assault by my foster parents still haunts me at night. The therapist and Leticia are the only two people I ever told about it. Leticia knew just how hurtful that was to me yet she happily told George about it.My rage brewing out of control, my fist lands hard on his jaw, I hear it crack as the impact sends him flying across the floor.It’s too late by the time Bra Steve’s calming voice plays in my head. “Stand down, Kid. He is trying to get you fired.”Too late, George is
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*Jake POV*I can’t hide my surprise when I wake up to find Tanya smiling at me. Long dark hair tied into a ponytail, perfectly round face, sexy dreamy eyes, full luscious lips and my shirt, it’s a freakin awesome sight. The tray with English breakfast is a complete shock. No woman has ever made breakfast for me before.“Morning, Handsome,” she greets with a huge smile on her face. I guess she has no regrets about last night and that’s just swell!“Morning, Gorgeous. That shirt looks amazing on you.”She giggles, places the tray over the side chest and takes a seat next to me. “I couldn’t resist wearing wearing it. I hope you don’t mind. Hungry?”I can’t help but chuckle before pulling her towards me making her fall right on top of me. I don’t know of any guy who would mind a sexy woman wearing his shirt after a very steamy night. I curse under my breath when I realise that the shirt has moved up, revealing her sensual butt and I can’t resist foundling and squeezing it. “Breakfast w
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Undercover agent
*Jake POV*“Jake! Jake! Jake!” My colleagues shout like I am some superhero the moment I walk into the clubhouse. “Seriously, Guys?”“Dude, you saved the president. You were awesome!”“Everyone wants a piece of you out there.”Guys can also be very dramatic sometimes. I entertain them for a few minutes before attempting to leave. Now that everything has settled down, I am actually exhausted and want to get out of here. “Where’s Tanya?”“Huh!”There’s definitely a story there. “Huh, what?”“She is fuming that you risked your life like that. Melanie had to console her the whole time you were out there. Poor Melanie even had to dig up her childhood prayers,”one responds and it starts all over again. “Don’t listen to them, Jake, but she is really upset. You better have some charms up your sleeve for getting her so worried,” Melanie objects but I can totally see her consoling and praying with Tanya. She is one of the kindest and empathetic women in the racetrack. “Our Miss Asherway is
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*Jake POV*Six hours after the attack on the president….“Good evening, Mr Anderson. Or should I say high profile spy, undercover agent, secret service agent and ARF agent?”Tanya runs through the many identities everyone has speculated about me. I don’t know how long she has been awake surfing the net. “Hey, Gorgeous. ARF, really now?”“Apparently, the Asherway Restricted Fraternity agent stays inactive for years. They behave like ordinary citizens until something big like the attack on the president or the country happens.” Tanya is really intrigued by all of this, so I decide to entertain her.“They are the ultimate agents, extremely connected, no families, the best martial artists, swimmers, snipers…” I add, amused. This is a myth every Asherway citizen has heard yet no one knows of any ARF agent. She turns her phone around to show me a video with over a million views already. My jaw drops as I sit up.“That’s over years ago!” I am really shocked that someone has dug up my swim
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