#15. Blackest pit in the seven hells
"What on god's green earth are you doing here?" Aurora scoffed moving forward her pain had subsided by now and she could have moved more often than the rest she deserves.

"Caught you guys by surprise but don't worry I didn't come with a company I'm alone." They all looked at him but it was Elrond's eyes he felt, he then gazed down at Aurora.

He fling the unsheathed sword in his hand and pulled the bright steel back into the scabbard. "Are you guys insane to let her walk in such a situation?" Cain the Aurthur was bright, he was known for his gentle love and quick recognition of kinds of stuff this proved his druid heritage although he was not a druid. He kept with his action. Elrond was quick to stop him by placing himself like a barrier between them. The druid waited for u till they have quieted.

"Cain you have no place in our expenditure." The druid's voice was laced with confidence the one that have Cain the Aurthur questioning himself. "Should have stayed within the walls of Cird
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