The God of Invoker System

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The God of Invoker System

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Vernon is a person who likes playing games, so great at playing games he is even dubbed as The God of Invoker. But one day, a strange incident made him reborn into another world. A world where wizards, warriors and other jobs are everywhere, a fantasy world. In the new world, Vernon was blessed to have great power and was predicted to be the strongest. But the blessings he has make him a target for assassination. With the help of the system, will Vernon survive the assassination target? Can Vernon become The God of Invoker System? *** [Ding!] [System activated!] "It's about time!"

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    Nice book. Keep it up.

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    Welcome to my new book, guys.

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    Very good pace!!

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    Very Interesting Plot

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    Another banger go NFA

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322 chapters
Chapter 1
Vernon Russell is just an ordinary office worker. He only has one hobby, which is gaming. He was even dubbed as the Strongest Invoker. The game Vernon is playing is very unique. The Invoker's job is to design the character he summons. It can even determine the nature and character of the summoned creature. That's why Invoker jobs in games are so popular. The game that Vernon is playing is holding a big event, namely a monster boss that cannot be defeated. Some even form a party of 100 people and still can't beat the monster boss. Because the company was having a three-day holiday, Vernon played games for three days without sleeping to defeat the monster boss. But Vernon still failed to defeat the monster boss. At midnight of the third day Vernon played, Vernon was still trying to defeat the monster boss without a party. He only used the people he summoned, and after great effort, he finally defeated the monster boss. Vernon laughed happily because he had finally defeated the monst
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Chapter 2
"Vernon, the work here is done; let's go home," said a man who had finished caring for the fields and invited Vernon to go home as it was getting late. "Yes, Daddy," Vernon said with a smile, closed his book and walked after his father. "You're reading that book again," said Vernon's father. "Yes, father, I want to be a wizard," said Vernon. "I'm sure you can become a great witch in the future," Vernon's father said, encouraging Vernon. Vernon's father didn't tell Vernon that only the talented could become a witch. He didn't want Vernon to be disappointed, so Vernon's father just kept encouraging him. After that, the two of them arrived home. They were immediately greeted by Vernon's mum, who came in smiling, "You're home; I've prepared dinner; you can eat right away after washing your hands." Then Vernon's mum entered the kitchen and brought out the dinner dishes. Dinner was just the usual fare. Rice with a few vegetable side dishes and a bit of meat. But Vernon didn't mind thi
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Chapter 3
Tonight was very quiet; Vernon was still sitting on his bed and thinking for a while. Then Vernon began to say, "Then, system, start summoning characters." "Yes, Mr Vernon. Who would you like to call?" Vernon immediately smiled and said, "Of course, my oldest friend, Naomi, the assassin." "Request confirmed, initiate summoning... Naomi accepts your call. Congratulations to Mr Vernon for successfully summoning the dark elf, Naomi." Naomi is a character that Vernon first created. But because he made Naomi at the beginning of the game, the items used to make Naomi were not good. Therefore, after playing for a long time, Naomi's strength can no longer keep up with Vernon's strength. However, Vernon continues to provide strengthening abilities and skills to Naomi. After all, this is the first character with him in the Open Universe game, so Vernon is very clear in remembering it. Vernon does not give the characters he creates bad traits such as the trait of betrayal. Especially Naomi,
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Chapter 4
Hearing Vernon's words, the skinny boy immediately said, "Yes, preparation, Vernon; you know that when we enter the Magic Academy, we need a lot of money to register. Not to mention that according to what my father said, many witches can only reach apprentice level witches because of the lack of money to buy resources that can strengthen our magic level." "Therefore, now we should go hunting for beasts, and if we're lucky, we might get the core of a beast that can be sold for a lot of money. Look, I brought my father's crossbow to hunt those beasts." Hearing the skinny boy's words, Vernon stopped walking and said, "You guys are crazy; your father doesn't even dare to hunt beasts. Your father only hunts normal animals. Beasts are different, and some beasts can match witches; if we are unlucky, we might even find a very strong beast. An automatic bow is not enough to fight those beasts." "Vernon, you're too timid; you have to have the courage to be a great wizard," another boy with mu
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Chapter 5
After Vernon stored the snake's body, he searched around for items that could be used to summon. "Young master, this is the item we are looking for," Naomi said. She currently held a small gold-coloured crystal in her hand that seemed to glow. Vernon slowly picked up the crystal and surprisedly said, "This is quite a good item. The gold crystal in the previous Open Universe game was quite a good item for summoning characters. I didn't expect to find an item from the Open Universe on this Osud Continent." After that Vernon spoke again, "All this is because of your help, thank you, Naomi." "What you said, helping the young master, is what I should be doing," Naomi says. Vernon smiled and said, "Then let's leave the cave and return to the village. If I don't return for a long time, the people in the village will be worried." "Yes, young master," Naomi replied, and then she disappeared again. Vernon kept the gold crystal in his inventory and left the cave. It was almost dark when he
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Chapter 6
"Next," said the white-robed witch guarding the door after shooing away a child crying from failure. "The ten people who have entered have all failed. It seems that the possibility of becoming a witch is very small indeed," Vernon said while sighing in his heart. Already, ten people had entered the room in front to test their elemental talent. But all the children came out crying, which meant they failed the test. There are currently two more children ahead of Vernon. Vernon is still very excited and looking forward to his chance to test for elemental talent. Although many children failed the test, Vernon is currently filled with confidence. Time passed quickly; Vernon was already at the door by this time. A child immediately came out of the door crying, and as usual, the white-robed wizard angrily snapped at the child, chased the child out, and spoke again, "Next." Hearing the words of the white robe witch, Vernon immediately entered the room before him. After entering, Vernon saw
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Chapter 7
Vernon had already exited the building. On the outside, Vernon could see the fighting man and the coachman who had previously escorted them to the city. The two men were waiting for their arrival outside while sitting and chatting in the carriage. There were also other children in the carriage who had previously taken the element match test. Vernon went to the carriage and sat in the carriage. After Vernon sat down, he immediately waited there quietly. Vernon still had to wait because other children were still doing element match tests. So they had to wait until everything was done, and then they could return to the village. After waiting about 20 minutes, all the children finally did the element match test. But it seems that no one matched the element except Vernon because all these children came out of the building crying. When the fighting man saw that everyone was complete, he said, "Then let's go back. You don't need to feel so sad. Witches are very rare, after all. You can be
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Chapter 8
The three witches stared at each other. No one dared to interrupt their conversation. After all, they were witches while they were just villagers. So the villagers were silent and looked at the three witches in surprise. Seeing that the other two witches were still silent. The white robe witch immediately said, "Then I will tell the head of the Mofa Zhiwu Academy not to send people to recruit this kid right now. But the Mofa Zhiwu Academy will not stop recruiting this child. In that case, I will leave first." After that, the white-robed witch began to fly away. The white-robed old man looked at Vernon and said, "Kid, stop by the Helles Licht Academy later; we definitely won't let you down." Then, the old man also flew away and left. The female witch also smiled and slightly said goodbye before leaving. The female witch was not only a teacher of the Strioa Eld Academy, but she also acted as an observer by the Magic Academy so that the testing witches did not cheat and tried to recrui
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Chapter 9
After arriving in the hot air balloon, the three witches went to where the other witches were gathered. Meanwhile, Vernon walked towards the room where the students were gathered. At this time, Vernon went to a table that was the staff of this blimp. Seeing Vernon's arrival, the staff said unconcernedly while handing over a key, "This is the key to your room number 105. You will rest there during this trip." After taking the key, Vernon immediately came to a quite long street; on the right and left were doors, each of which also had its number. Vernon went to the door with the number 105, opened the door with the key, and walked in. There was only a bed in the room. Vernon put the bag containing the items he was carrying, such as clothes, on the mattress. Suddenly, a voice came from the box in the upper corner of this room that seemed similar to the speakers on earth before, "To all students, it is time for lunch. Come to the dining hall immediately, and important matters will be an
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Chapter 10
A room in a hot air balloon. An old man with white hair was sitting and looking at the forest. The old man wore pure white clothes and held a magic wand made of wood in his right hand. Behind him stood a man in white robes who was testing Vernon's compatibility with the elements; the man was named Gilbert. Gilbert was currently standing behind the old man who was currently seated. Gilbert looked at the seated old man with respect in his eyes. Gilbert greatly respected this old man because this old man was the head of the Helles Licht Academy. The old man had very strong powers and was one of the strongest wizards on the Osud Continent. The air around the old man trembled as the surrounding air felt the pressure of the powerful magic around the old man. "Master, are you sure you can let Vernon take this test?" asked Gilbert nervously for fear of disturbing the old man. "Gilbert, as the head of the Academy, I cannot treat any student special. Everyone must be treated fairly. Although
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