Chapter 8: Level of the Beast

After eating and drinking, also known as nourishing blood as Harvey said, Raymond immediately discovered a problem that in the process of contact he had forgotten. He slowly turned to look at the two people lying next to him as if he had forgotten how honorable their identities were.

"May I ask, what should I call you two?"

Harvey was stroking its belly with its tail then stopped, a question that seemed easy but was actually difficult to answer. The two of them made a contract with him to be equal to each other, outside as a guardian, a horseman for him, deep inside, a person who taught him about this world, all kinds of magic. With such difficulty, Harvey turned his head round to ask for help from Elias.

Elias saw two pairs of sparkling eyes looking at it, a layer of sweat behind its back. Previously, it had to try to accompany Harvey under the orders of the dragon king, so it slowly got used to its temperament and found a way to live in a consistent manner. Thought everything would be peaceful, but now it's like adding a miniature Harvey, not sure if the road ahead of its life will be bearable.

Elias thought for a moment and then spoke up to the expectations of the two children: "Anyway, we plan to fight side by side in the future, I will tell you my true identity. We are all children without relatives, raised by the dragon king since childhood. He is both a teacher and a father. These names Harvey and Elias were also given by him.”

Raymond was slightly surprised, the two of them had the same fate as him, but all three were lucky to have kind people around to make up for the lack of intimacy. After all these years together, how could Harvey not understand that it was born and died with his brother, and when Elias was silent, which meant it remembered the dragon king and worried about him. It smiled mischievously and continued to Elias:

“So we have a lot of respect for him. Thanks to him, we can discover our own strengths. Elias' spiritual power is wind, he is also known as the god of the wind, his speed is so fast that the opponent cannot aim. As for me Harvey, let me introduce myself, I hold earth spirit. We, one in the sky, one on the earth, are invincible when fighting alongside the dragon king. The Dragon King let the two of us make the species equality contract with you, proving that your status among the dragons is very important."

“The higher the status, the greater the challenge. You can rest assured, with me and Harvey by your side to teach, you can easily stand above ten thousand species. But you keep calling us Har and Eli, in case our identity is revealed later.

Elias' steady gaze and Harvey's approval made Raymond laugh. After a few hours of contact, he also somewhat understood the two's temperament. Elias is very knowledgeable and is always on the lookout for everything like an elder, his mouth is sometimes malicious but his actions show concern and care for those he is familiar with. Harvey is the opposite as a child, always wanting to draw attention from Elias, but the delicious, shining aura is always for Elias. Perhaps this was the reason why the two of them couldn't be separated. He felt that perhaps from now on his world would be a little less quiet.

“You can call me Raymond. Since I was young, I didn't have a parent beside me, and the dragon king gave me a new life so I could understand myself again, so no matter how difficult it is, I won't give up."

The three people after the conversation understood each other better, and their hearts also gradually considered each other to be future relatives. They found common ground as well as a goal together. Raymond thought of something, then wondered:

"Why does Marcus Drake have wings and you two don't?"

Harvey laughed and told Raymond that it's not just dragons that have wings. Only when reaching the rank of Senior Dragon can they have wings, for example, in the dragon world, only Marcus Drake has reached that level, so he can fly freely in the sky. Elias can fly because he has the power of the wind, using the power of the wind to launch. Harvey turned to look at Raymond and said:

“Don't be too sad because there are no wings, each type of dragon has different advantages. I can burrow, but Elias and I can't breathe underwater, but you can certainly have water spirit power."

Raymond nodded, getting the answer he wanted, and his eyes also gradually closed. One night, Harvey and Elias lay next to Raymond to warm up and then fell asleep as well.

The next morning, Elias led Raymond up the high cliffs, watching the many species welcome a new day below. Elias began to teach him a new concept of rank in this world.

“Every species here uses rank to judge. We can use spiritual energy to spy on people, but if they are too big in rank and well hidden, we still won't be able to tell. Do you remember the ranks in the dragon world that I talked about yesterday?”

Raymond repeated everything Elias explained yesterday with the corresponding spiritual powers. Elias, seeing that he had mastered everything, informed him of the monster's rank:

“The level of monsters is different from the dragon world and the human realm, but not as cumbersome as ours. Monsters do not have stages, only awareness through levels one, two, three, etc. Spiritual energy is also corresponding accordingly, increasing one level to fifty spiritual energy. For example, yesterday's level eight wild boar had four hundred spiritual energy. If you accidentally fall into its hands, it can already reach level nine and gain four hundred and fifty spiritual energy or more."

Raymond twisted his mouth, but did agree with the maliciousness of Elias' words, he couldn't fight him anyway, so he could only obediently obey. Elias saw that he did not say anything, and continued to say:

“Living longer than other species makes dragons much more advanced. However, we always hide in the dark, not making enmity with other species, especially with the human world. That's what Marcus Drake said, we must follow it, or we will be punished."

Raymond remembered Elias's advice, the words confirmed that the relationship between humans and dragons here was very fierce. The dragon world is always humble before all, so why are humans so afraid? Another unknown was etched into his head.

Raymond glanced at the top of Elias's head, the large number on it giving him chills. He was quite wondering what stage Elias and Harvey were actually in. Elias calmly replied.

“Ah, I'm Junior Dragon Level 5, he's Junior Dragon Level 4. Don't mention rank to him, he'll tell you that sneak attack genius doesn't care about rank anyway. But right now he's working hard to advance to Level 5 Junior Dragon."

Raymond nodded remembering Elias's advice, he didn't want to understand Harvey's legendary verbal ability. As for why he was wondering, it was because what he saw were not only the numbers but also the colors on them. Harvey is about to advance so the number on his head is purple. The gray color on his head and Elias's head means that they're both average levels, not really reaching the next level where they can progress.

Raymond observed each species below, their heads also purple and gray, so that could prove what he thought might be true. At this moment, Elias suddenly opened his mouth:

“Raymond, the next lesson I want to teach you is to use spiritual power to recognize the rank of each monster. This is also considered a way of training the limit of spiritual energy.”

Raymond rolled his eyes, this doesn't count as cheating on the exam, does it?

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