Do You Sure About This?

“Today we faced too many monsters, and the former put up a fierce resistance! I might still be too weak to face those with high destructive power!”

“There's no need for you to be upset about it, knowing a weakness is a good thing! If you're not going to be able to do anything extraordinary, then do what you can, don't force others to do what you want, but be what you do…”

Slowly that girl's eyelids drooped, remembering the fight that previously occurred due to the desire she wanted for Gladio. And, this is what actually makes them have differences of opinion.

“I actually feel very sorry for what happened, I myself have done something stupid, all this time I always wished I had never said that! But, I've always been like a weak girl who is completely incapable of doing various kinds of things, even though I have to believe what happened...”

"Previously we discussed this, and if you want to continue to be a weak person then I won't be able to help you, you yourself have to make an effor
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