My Predator System

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My Predator System

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[🥉 #10 System in my real life 🥉 ]"I don't have any powers and I don't want any." Victor snorted. "Well, there is no turning back now. At this stage, you can't control your primal instincts and your will to morph. Although, they are vital for a shape-changer." Maks's eyes rounded, pacing back and forth, "I can't control my primordial instinct..." He said. "It's primal_" "They're the same thing!" He yelled back. He was going to freak out if he found himself in a situation where he couldn't help himself. He gazed at his hands. Then he started slowly. "This is your first and least level of cultivation, you'll have to keep going."

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  • King Mohammed


    Lovely work!

    2023-06-08 03:52:13
  • DanTheLion


    Hello readers, if you like strong MCs (character wise) but weaktostrong stories. I'll appreciate your reviews.

    2022-12-02 18:20:20
  • DanTheLion


    Hello readers, if you like weaktostrong, smart MCs with goals. I'll update often.

    2022-12-02 18:19:02
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212 chapters
Chapter1: The beginning
Phoenix, Arizona. He pulled up his sleeve and then looked at the sunburn, scolding himself for not taking the bus. The streets were busy and an autobus paused. It was sunny today on the seventeenth of April. Maks Anderson checked his phone for the current weather report and it just passed 87 degrees. "How hotter could it possibly get?" He said by the roadside waiting for a bus when a big blue bus stopped before him and he wasted no seconds to hop in."Whoa" He held on to the bar. It didn't take much time until the driver raised an alarm. Honk Honk!!! "Hang on!" He yelled. Maks panicked, there was panic everywhere, the bus started to swerve, it diverted from the huge truck and lunged on the rocky path to a building. The bus smashed into the entrance and it sent glass everywhere. Pushing a mass of rubble, tables and chairs toward the front office desk. The cashier leapt out of the way but fell short when he was thrown off by a flying chair. Maks wobbled holding on to th
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Chapter 2: How it started/How it's going
He wasn't happy about this newfound muteness and why were his thoughts so loud? His heart was pumping even faster, pouring confusion and pain into the mix and he was a raging bowl of madness. "Ahh, don't touch me!" He pushed her hand away sitting up....How to start an adventure. Let your friend tell you about some real-life dumb sh*t quest and accept it. Character Profile: Maks Maks is reaching five feet nine with brown hair, deep-seated green eyes inclining on darker green due to his physiological makeup, a well-shaped face pointed nose and thin lips, and an average physique. He may come off as condescending, rude, hasty and sarcastic too. *** Maks rolled his eyes as Victor Lee, his best friend and sworn nemesis in CoD climbed a chair and reached up to his clustered cabinet, papers came flying out. Swish swish* He caught a paper with this drab band from the eighties and squashed it. "What's this?" He asked. Unlike him, his room used to be spotless. What could have c
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Chapter 3: How it's going
He shrieked. He wasn't going to transform, not in front of his half-sister. [This is bullshit] He thought he hit his head too hard. His stomach went in knots. He had the urge to roll up in fear. His hand clenched on the hospital bed rail and Doreen caught him before he fell off. He screamed. Her hands felt like fire again. "What is it?" "I just need to go to the bathroom." He pushed her aside and stumbled to the door, suddenly he felt like he did not have any bones. The doorframe was slippery. The doctor had half a mind to bring one of those portable toilets. Maks groaned with bloodshot eyes. "Bad." He mentioned. The doctor let him out because a nurse was there to escort him. The doctor turned back to her again, he looked very nervous "Ma'am, it's hard to say but... your son doesn't have any bones." Wham* She slapped him. *** [Transformation in 0.02hours] "Hold on" He gruffed and his legs wobbled. The nurse raised an eyebrow. "I need some privacy." He went inside and s
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Chapter 4: I've been compromised
Victor shrugged. He tilted his head a little catching the dire expression on his face. "The casualties...the casualties are the trigger ok? This is your first and least level of cultivation, you'll have to keep going." Victor sniffed and pushed up his glasses. Then he looked aside at his dad tending to horses at the field. He swallowed pulling himself together sighing. "Level zero? Is that even a thing?" Maks asked him. The funniest and equally saddest part was, he didn't feel any different when he transformed. It was supposed to be empowering but it was just insulting and annoying. Chilling. "I don't have any powers, I never had and I don't want any." Victor snorted. "Well, there is no turning back now. At this stage, you can't control your primal instincts and your will to morph. Although, they are vital for a shape-changer." Maks's eyes rounded, pacing back and forth, "I can't control my primordial instinct..." He said. "It's primal_" "They're the same thing!" He yelled b
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Chapter 5: First Quest(s)
"Victor!" Victor gasped as the vision faded with yellow magic dust. He stepped back as the image of his father coming disappeared. He nearly got in trouble for Maks' transformation. "Dad?" His eyes changed from a glowing yellow to a regular brown. He covered his eyes. He raised his hand to trace the particles of dust in the air and his mouth fell open. "What? This isn't real?" He could feel a great deal of qi in his forearms and the light particles went out. [Prevent what you see from happening] The yellow panel was in form of a yellow magic mirror turning and the words appeared. It was preconceived ahead of time. He panicked when Irma arrived charging toward him in the same clothes. "Wait now?!" He shrieked. Maks grimaced at him "You've been standing there looking at nothing for hours." "Huh?" "Happy?_how do you expect me to be_" He shoved Maks running. "What the hell_" "Quick, hide! Before she sees you" He instructed and gasped when the drag of pulling Maks reduced
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Browsing through my system
[You've got to be kidding me] He could feel precisely where the bird was stepping on. He burrowed deeper until his mouth was full.Gulp* He swallowed and laid there in the wet grounds rubbing some on himself for hydration. [Survive puh!]He scoffed then panicked at the thumps on the earth, chips of soil fell on his head. He shrieked at the large eye poking through the hole. Then he shrunk when the bird started scraping the burrow wide open. It clamped its beak inside screeching.It nearly clipped off his head, he slugged on the other side away from it.[ Ahhh! ][What do I do, what do I do?] He tunneled into the soil and groaned when he hit rock and turned back.The digging grew intense and there was sand spraying everywhere.[Do you really have to eat me?!]It was getting closer and clipping its beak. The swallow shrieked flapping back when he popped up.He inched away. It was a good thing he could breathe out of his skin because crawling was too much work. He looked back. The
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We get into a fight
It couldn't be real, this system was way tighter than a G-clamp on a bench. It was probably encrypted to keep him from accessing it. He used his tail to scratch his head.[No cheats available hmm? Why does Victor always get the good stuff, huh? least it's +1089 points so, what the heck?]He tapped it and a red exclamation point blinked on it and the timer and a red skull.[ Quest incomplete ][You've gotta be shitting me.] He just squandered all that currency for nothing.On the bright side, being a worm did have its privileges. Victor grabbed his bag getting ready for school, he peeked out of his cosy burrow to watch him straighten his hair with his bag down and open. He saw a spider slowly lowering down by the end of a web and slithered down the clay pot. He free fell into the bag's pouch.[Even better]He coughed as Victor sprayed his hair with a can and Kirsta Lee his mom's head popped in. She looked around like an intense hawk watching for any messes then tapped h
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I get lectured by the Lees
The nurse cleaned his lip placing a band-aid on his head, he had a nasty purple bruise on his forehead and his arms were sore. "Some fight." "Mmmmm." This was not the first time he had ever entered the clinic. The nurse felt sorry for Maks more than anyone else. He was bullied a lot. *** Victor couldn't swallow at the thought of facing his dad to explain the whole scenario. This was how he got the injury. He stepped out of the clinic with Maks standing by, he wasn't on uniform and he got schooled. His eyes dwindled. ... The car stopped by and Marshall did not take him home, with his resources, they went over to the best hospital there was in town, a doctor had to check him for any internal injuries and ordered for new glasses. Victor laid there in his hospital bed, dressed and treated, watching his dad, his expression was baffling and his voice was icy cold. "Ow." Victor inched away when the doctor patted his bruised eye. He nodded after the prognosis and Kirsta on the
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I give and get a tour
"This is gonna be awkward." He confessed audibly."Anderson!"He lurched at Leo.Leo used to have his brown dreadlocks hair down, he had dark brown eyes, his skin was brownish and he wore a loud t-shirt, white cargo pants and sandals. No one would believe that he was the owner.Mak's eye twitched. "Leo?"Now, his hair was tied back into a high ponytail with a purple scrunchee. He wore a fitted tuxedo and shining Italian loafers."Bruh.""Go get ready, Maks...We just received the health inspector today and the food critic. Ayayay... Schedules are tight. He was not very impressed with my hairdo." Ding!New! Side quest! [ Wreak mischief with your new animal power unlocked. ]"Wait a minute!" He hissed and Leo scowled at him."Um...I need to...brush up on my uniform, it has lint in all the wrong places." He swallowed hard and Hailey coughed. "What Maks meant to say was...""I'm totally excited_""You're fine! Now get going. Try to keep eye contact and um... brush up on your a
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I meet an interesting dude
Rogers gasped. "Hmmph_You're the underdog here, Brocelli. It's your word against mine. I 'found' a piece of dog hair in your soup kitchen, which means you furtively a_harbour animals within this grimy establishment!"Maks glared at him.Leo threatened to send it.Roger stepped outdoors begrudgingly. The staff whooped in celebration and so did Leo who took off his scrunchee."That went well."Hailey smirked. "And send."*Infamous Health Inspector attempts to frame bourgeois restaurant."Great going." Maks adjusted his sleeve. His stiff root hair was gone.Hailey frowned drily. "Carlyle Rogers is a money-laundering scumbag. He's closed down reputable establishments all over Phoenix for decades. He's out of his line of work anyway." She shrugged.He huffed. "You're right. Thanks again, Hailey." He said and they fist bumped smiling at each other."We still have that review coming and we still don't know if Carlyle's going to bark."[ Bark indeed. ] He thought.The inspector may as we
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