ATONEMENT: How to escape from a bloody survival game?

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ATONEMENT: How to escape from a bloody survival game?

By: Red Punica OngoingSystem

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Theodore Dodgson, a poor student, once went to buy beef, was caught up in a bloody game… [Welcome sinful player to Atonement.]

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  • Red Punica


    I love it, it’s great

    2022-07-01 01:17:47
  • Cloud Pen


    so awesome, i love it...

    2022-06-25 23:24:56
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10 chapters
The Red Shoes Chapter 1: Player number 262388
Atonement The Opening - The Red Shoe Chapter 1: Player number 262388 In the snowy white space, people were frantically running forward, with panic screams everywhere. In the horror of despair, a shadow flashed from above and hit the cold hard ground. Within a few minutes, red colors were splattered everywhere on the white background. The snow was covered with blood. The hot, thick liquid shot straight into Theo's face. His pupils shrank, revealing the tattered body of the man in front of him. The torn upper half was lying on the snow, and the other half was chewed by something from behind him. The chaotic screams grew louder and louder, but Theo could only hear the buzzing in his ears. Still sitting on the ground, he gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. He struggled to keep his body from shaking so hard, not knowing whether it was from the cold or the terrifying shock. Damn, this game is deadly! All fourteen lives were played to death, brutally dying. —----------------------
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The Red Shoes Chapter 2: The Wedding
Theo was startled to open his eyes in the minimal space with an unpleasant musty smell. Based on the construction he feels, in his opinion, is confined in a box or… a coffin. Thinking of this, Theo was a little confused, he reached out and pushed the wood into his head. The blue screen suddenly appeared hovering. [Ting Ting! Welcome Dermot to Cleverdent Castle] [The groom has arrived for the young bride. The wedding ceremony will take place on Thursday night.] [Main quest: Player survives Thursday night's escape.] [Personal mission: You are a disabled groom. You can't talk.] [Reminder: You don't look at it.] Theo frowned - can't talk? Good, I am an introvert anywway. The main mission is also simple to survive after the wedding night is done. As for ‘it’… what is ‘it’? Theo feels that the game still contains many other mysteries. Holding that question, he memorized the quest table and quickly flipped the wooden lid above him. Staying in this space for so long made him breathles
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The Red Shoes Chapter 3: Sunflower room
Theo left with the maid, taking the opportunity to look around. The architecture of stone columns and arched ceilings depicts was exactly from the XII century. However, Theo suddenly felt strange when he was taken to the second floor, where the guests lived.This floor has exactly fourteen rooms according to the number of players in the opening round. The rooms are designed close to each other, parallel and symmetrical, only distinguished by the stained glass decoration on the door. This either doesn't fit the XII century design or it looks more like a servant's residence, not like a family guest area.Theo's room has a decoration with a light yellow sunflower field. The open door shows the sketchy interior, only a small bed, an old wooden table, and a small corner to go to the bathroom right in the room.Theo frowned, it seemed that the grooms who came here were of a low class, Count Cleverdent did not take this marriage seriously. He looked at the maid, gesturing for a pen and paper
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The Red Shoes Chapter 4: Cleverdent Castle
The group of players followed the monk Edmund's guide to the dining room, Theo found out that the expressions of the rest of the players were quite relaxed. They've probably been brainwashed by the blond John, so they'll eat the bread of idleness to pass this round? Theo noticed the way, but monk Edmund seemed to be going around in circles. Either the castle is too big, or he doesn't want the player to remember the way. Theo pursed his lips, attending dinner first and counting later. The dining room appears with warm light and a long, glossy wooden table. The food on it is rich, eye-catching, and delicious. There were exactly fourteen seats for fourteen players, but the owner of the castle had not yet appeared. When all the players were seated, the monk Edmund informed them to wait until the Earl of Cleverdent arrived before the meal could begin. So everyone is in a waiting position, looking at the food. Theo sat next to Markie, opposite the blond John - who was smiling politely a
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The Red Shoes Chapter 5: Today is Sunday!
At night, the old castle appeared broken and burned. Markie followed the assignment carefully to the third floor. The dark path brought with it a musty and stinky smell, everywhere were cobwebs and dust. He frowned uncomfortably, the third floor looked even wider than the second. There were only two rooms, though, so he'd probably check it out quickly. The first room was on the left, from the door he saw only rubble, tables and chairs piled up to the ceiling. Markie looked around and saw that the entire interior was badly burned. Looks like this is where the fire started. After a thorough inspection, the room also showed nothing special but ashes so Markie moved to the room opposite. He was about to push the door in when he heard a noise inside - perhaps a player. With that in mind, Markie carefully pushed it open enough to see inside. But the image that appeared through the dim light of the moon caused his pupils to constrict. The monk Edmund with his missing foot was pulling out
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The Red Shoes Chapter 6: First Blood
Cleverdent Castle was very large, so the cathedral tower was located at the back of the castle. A place that supports ceremonies for the Cleverdent family. The design structure consists of two parts: the Cathedral - where they currently stand and the bell tower in the back. The bell tower is a bit far from the cathedral, but you can still walk there. Both the cathedral and the bell tower are covered in moss green, so they are easy to recognize. Currently, the players are trying to collect clues in this place.If you want to enter the bell tower, you must have a key, just now Theo did not see anything on monk Edmund. He thought it was kept somewhere in the cathedral for easy access.As he watched the statue of God stay aloft for a long time, he noticed the statue's eyes looking straight down at the podium. He stepped up and looked around - Nothing special. Under? Theo stepped on the floor a few times and felt his feet clenching.Theo turned the carpet under his feet and immediately sa
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The Red Shoes Chapter 7: The Chaos
In the dusty old attic, Leo was horrified by the image of Jenny being devoured by a monstrous creature. The big bloody mouth in front of its stomach was trying to eat the rest of her. Leo held his breath, trying to hold the gold in his hands, and then slowly backed toward the door. The monster used its long, jagged tongue to lick the wooden floor. Now that much food is not enough to fill its stomach, it wants more. There will probably be more food around here. It tries to listen to each sound to locate its prey. At this point, Leo had climbed down more than half of the ladder, unfortunately, fate had arranged for his bottomless greed. The gold coin slowly slipped from his elbow, onto the wooden floor, the sound of clack resounding. Leo glared at the coin underneath as his death announcement, he didn't want to die. The continuous resounding sound stimulated the creature. With its large mouth full of blood, it turned towards the door, roaring. The horrible thing is it screams Jenny's
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The Red Shoes Chapter 8: The Big Clue
Blond John was punched in shock and fell onto the bench. No one in the room mourned for him, they let John get punched, because he deserved it. Markie punched only one, although not enough to relieve the anger of all the rest, he did not want to lose another person. Many people died today. Markie watched as John scrambled to his feet with his broken nose, blood splattered on his faking face. Markie straightened his clothes and stepped out into the middle of the cathedral, raising his voice slightly: "There are six people left anyway, let's reintroduce each other and try to support each other through the beginner round." Everyone surrounded Markie, except for the blond John, who needed no introduction. Theo and Markie didn't need to be introduced again, they just nodded to the other three. “I am Bob. I ran behind John… watched him grab the poor player and run ahead.” The young man bit his lip, hatred in his eyes. Theo seemed to be able to see every single sin of the players in the
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The Red Shoes Chapter 9: Extra Clue
The time in the beginner level was over midnight on the second day. This was not a good time to check out this dilapidated castle. So Maria, who refused because of her bad health, was combing her hair in her room. In the afternoon, she and the others searched and discovered that only her room had a large vanity mirror, an expensive 12th-century bronze one. Maria was looking at the reflection of her seductive body. She likes this mirror. Curved, delicate gold-plated, the mirror surface was so shiny, she could see herself through it. Maria slowly touched the badge on the lapel of her bra, a symbol of sin, Lust. That's right, Maria wasn't like Jenny who demanded low attention from other men. She needed their submission, men would worship her, kneel at her feet, begging for her lust. Sex is the shortest way to get dirty men to obey her, this body has seduced many people. Her soft hands moved from her neck down to her breasts, her breasts lustfully rounded, continuing to slide down her w
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The Red Shoes Chapter 10: A Debutante Ball
While Theo and Mike had found the portrait of the only Lady of the Cleverdent family, in the owner's study room, Markie and John were rummaging peacefully. The room is arranged further than the master bedroom. The room is huge with a lot of bookshelves and documents neatly arranged. When John and Markie walked in, the cold air came from nowhere, giving them goosebumps. Underneath the floor is a soft velvet carpet, stretching to the main office. Two side doors lead to two book rooms, so John's group splits up to search. Markie rummaged through his desk, and except for the tax papers, he found a shiny golden key. The system didn't respond, so he thought it might not be an important clue. John actively chose the right book room, in the 12th-century people often thought that the right side of the gods would leave genealogy and family history to the right. This is one of the important pieces of information, he must find his way out of this opening round. About an hour later, John and M
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