Supreme Immortal Son-In-Law

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Supreme Immortal Son-In-Law

By: Agatha Lily OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Because his position was threatened, his eldest uncle used all means to blame Simon, even kicking him out of the family. Simon was sent to another city and became a son-in-law to a rich family. Over the years, he suffered a lot. Even his wife looked down on him. When the limit was reached, Simon rose to change himself. He will beat people to death with money, whoever dares to bully him.

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7 chapters
"Master, please follow us back to the city that inherits the Christopher-Cowell estate.""Your mother apologizes to you for your mistakes in the past. I just hope you don't mind. Take the big picture first.""The Christopher-Cowell family is the top family in America; it can't be without a leader."Simon Christopher-Cowell looked at the old man, who was stooping respectfully in front of him, and smiled scornfully.In the past, that woman with a venomous heart like a snake, because she wanted to take over the Christopher-Cowell family, kicked me out of the family, and blamed me for treason because of fear. I took revenge. She forced me to be a useless son-in-law, laughed at by people in this crazy place in Los Angeles."Now that she's seriously ill, don't you think it's too late for you to remember me?" I'm used to being at the Prewitts' in-laws in Los Angeles and used to being told I'm a fugitive, so I can't handle the Christopher-Cowell family, you better go back then.After saying t
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"Brother, we are picking wild vegetables. Aunt Tectaria said our food is almost running out, so we picked some wild vegetables, so we can save food for our brothers, younger girls." A child who seemed to be the oldest of them all spoke up.After instructing the children a few words, Simon Christopher-Cowell just entered the house. When he stood in front of Aunt Tectaria's door, he hesitated a bit. He couldn't borrow money, so he didn't know how to face Aunt Tectaria.In the past, when he was accepted by the orphanage, the person who took care of him was Aunt Tectaria. He always considered her as his benefactor for life.At this moment, Aunt Tectaria opened the door to the room and came out. Seeing Simon Christopher-Cowell, she smiled and asked: "Simon, you came without saying a word. Hurry in and sit down.""Aunt Tectaria, I'm not going anywhere. I know the institute is going through a difficult time right now. The money is still going around, but don't worry. I'll definitely be able
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In the room, Simon Christopher-Cowell had finished spreading the blanket on the floor, for three years he had been sleeping on the ground, until now, he had never shared a bed with Donna Prewitt.Donna Prewitt lay on the bed, took a long time to say: "I still have sixty million, although it is not much, but it is also a little bit of heart, tomorrow you take it to the orphanage."After listening, Simon Christopher-Cowell, moved in his heart, immediately explained: "There is no need, there are already benefactors to help the orphanage, so the children will not be hungry anymore.""That's fine, since I was a child, I grew up in the hospital, so I must really love the children, now I can rest assured."“The story of buying an office building from Heavy Rotation Real Estate is still not going anywhere, the other party still refuses to sell, criticizes us for offering low prices, grandpa refuses to spend more money, this matter still needs to be thought of a way. , I'm a bit tired today, s
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"Are you Sir Christopher-Cowell? To keep you waiting for a long time, I am Monet Lowell, general manager of Heavy Rotation Real Estate. Please follow me to the office. "Simon Christopher-Cowell nodded, joining Monet Lowell in the office building from the aisle reserved for high-ranking figures.While riding in the elevator, Monet Lowell secretly observed Simon Christopher-Cowell, realizing that this young man looked very ordinary, nothing special. The clothes he wore were also quite cheap.But he did not dare to despise Simon Christopher-Cowell at all, because this person is currently the owner of Heavy Rotation Real Estate.That day, when the old man came here to buy Heavy Rotation Real Estate, he paid double the price without blinking, and said he bought this real estate company just as a gift for their owner.For the first time in his life, Monet Lowell had seen someone buy a company as a gift, so he knew the old man was horrible to imagine.And Simon Christopher-Cowell was the ma
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The rest of the hall looked at Simon Christopher-Cowell with a look of regret.Simon Christopher-Cowell glanced at these people and said, "A while ago, whoever and Fena Hattie mocked me, wrote a review, and deducted half of my salary."Also, don't tell anyone that I'm the president of Heavy Rotation Real Estate, or I'll kick that person out. You hear me?"Clear!"A group of people replied in unison. No one dared to object.After saying these words, Simon Christopher-Cowell was not in the mood to visit anymore. He gave Monet Lowell a few words and left the hall.A group of people went out to see Simon Christopher-Cowell off, saw him ride an old electric motorbike and left, and everyone's hearts couldn't stop exclaiming.Our new president is very humble. This is the true aristocratic style. Surely the president wants to tell us that those who want to do great things do not have to be meticulous. They must learn and learn. Listen to that. " Monet Lowell said.Everyone nodded.***On the
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"Grandpa, I can agree to this, but only using fifteen billion to buy an office building is completely impossible. Can you give me a little more money? I will think of a way to go." discussed with Heavy Rotation Real Estate. Donna Prewitt said."You still dare to bargain with your grandfather again. You yourself said that you can buy it with fifteen billion. Why do you force your grandfather to give you more money?" Emelane Prewitt said fiercely.Masouleh Prewitt looked at Donna Prewitt, clearly not wanting to spend another dime. In his eyes, he was willing to buy the office building of Heavy Rotation Real Estate Company, which was a great honor for them. Heavy Rotation Real Estate Company, of course, had to give him a fifty percent discount.Just as Donna Prewitt was getting impatient, Simon Christopher-Cowell suddenly stepped up and loudly said, "Fifteen billion, fifteen billion, Emelane will buy that office building!"The whole living room was quiet because of Simon Christopher-Cowe
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The smell of blood wafted through the air. The winds that carried the smell of death kept blowing incessantly. “Sir, the enemy troops have withdrawn from the territory, they have retreated to the rear.” The captain very respectfully reported. “Tell the Deputy General, stay and handle the rest. And you follow me back to Cheal City." The tall and majestic figure of the General always gives people an indescribable pressure. This is the war god of Dong Uy, no one knows his true identity. Everything about General Chien Than is only in the secret file, this whole Dong Uy only two people can open this file. “About Cheal City?” The Captain's face was a bit hazy. "Right. Go tonight.” The General made a decisive decision and turned his back to the headquarters to prepare. Looking at that majestic figure, the Captain was a little confused, but thinking of something, it seemed clear. Everyone knows the reputation of the War God General, but not many people know that this war god had a p
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