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Benjamin West Discovered a magical glasses in an old wardrobe found in their house after his mother who strangely became ill instructed him. "Your father left this before he died." The mother had said on the sick bed after he returned to the hospital with the glasses. Unbeknowest to him, the glasses is a mysterious glass that allows one to see the time and place of death. Hence, a big responsibility lies on his shoulder which is saving the people he Sees with the glasses from dying. But won't that raise curiosity? Hence, he'll be suspected which would put his life in danger because the glasses is also wanted by some powerful people in the City.

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Chapter 1
Crescent High school is a standard school populated with students from different background. The school is filled with students with natural Talents while some were inculcated in the students through core learning. No one knows the Category Benjamin belongs because he is always quiet and Alone. Inside one of the Classroom where he sat with head placed on a locker is Mrs Wilson their Chemistry Teacher at the front of the Classroom doing her Job. She wore a fitted White shirt and a shirt skirt which shows the outline of her inner wear. She noticed Benjamin after turning from the board. “Mr West.” She began by Calling his surname. Benjamin raised his head to see not only the teacher staring at her but the other students too. “Why are you lost in my Class?" “I was not lost ma." Benjamin averted his eye to the teacher who stepped forward. “Then tell me why you are not paying attention when Lecture is going on?” She queried. Benjamin Exhaled, She glanced at Cassandra, a beautiful
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Chapter 2
Silence lingered along the passage where Benjamin stood with the doctor. Tension and confusion waved along with the silence. Benjamin found the statement from the doctor strange because he couldn't phantom how his mother who was seriously quivering on a sick bed could still be medically fine at the same time. Sweat broke out from Benjamin's face. He stared seriously at the doctor looking confused and frustrated “Doc." He called calmly. “Are you trying to say my mum is okay?" He asked with the same tone. “She is 100 percent medically okay.” The doctor said emphatically. At the moment, a Nurse rushed out hastily from the Emergency ward. Benjamin stared at her inquisitively likewise Doctor Harvard. “The patient is awake sir but she requested to see her son” The nurse Said. Doctor Harvard rushed into the Emergency ward, followed by Benjamin and the nurse. One could see Mrs West lying on the bed with several tubes connected to her body. Already, she has stopped quivering which got t
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Chapter 3
Incombustible exhaust of gas bursted out as smoke from the silencer of the bike which Benjamin drive speedily on the Road in pursuit of the Black Avalon car. The shirt he wore flew backward in the direction of the wind likewise his Hair yet Henry hand never left his body. Inside of the Black Avalon car sat four men Including the Driver. All dressed in a black outfit looking Scary. They all have a black glasses on their face which added to their seriousness. One could also see a back glove in their hand with which they handled Rifles. The driver glanced at the side mirror to see a Bike following them. “I think we are being followed." He announced. The other men looked back to confirm. “They must not get to us. Now drive this car!" One who happens to be their Boss commanded. Unfortunately, they ran into a traffic on the road “Damn!! Fuck!!” The man shrieked, hitting the seat of the car angrily. Benjamin has also been stucked in the traffic. He he kept glancing at the red indicat
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Chapter 4
The two young boys ran like a fugitive whose lives were in danger. Of course, at that point in time, their life is in danger in the hand of the ruthless Degaldo because if they're eventually caught, the man won't think twice to put a bullet into their head. He's ruthless and heartless. On the way out, Henry became tired. One could see it from his Hasty Breathing rate. He suddenly stumbled and fell “Oh Damn!! I know my leg is going to fail me one day!!" He lamented on the floor. Meanwhile the men were fast approaching. Benjamin noticed and ran back to him “Get up mehn. Be strong!" He stretched a hand to him. “Ben, you need to go without me, am tired!" Henry was sweating profusely. It was as if the heat of death was booming from within him, producing sweats that drop from his face like the morning dew. “Never am I gonna lea..." Benjamin was saying but a bullet that almost hit his head interrupted him. “Oh shit!!" He looked ahead to see the men marching angrily to them. Their fo
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Chapter 5
Death is inevitable, hence all living things must experience it because it's like a huge debt which we must all pay the back. Seeing the moment of death is similar to being a god because only a God knows what lies ahead in the future. Death is horrible, Scary, and Horrific. People dies through several ways. Benjamin couldn't believe what he seeing. He could see Cassandra with her father along an express road standing beside their car which had developed a mechanic fault. Unfortunately, a Trailer which lost its break collided with them and they fell into the bridge below. Benjamin gasped at the horrible sight. He pulled the glasses breathing heavily “What did I just see?" He asked himself in the silence that took over the room but the rumbling of a thunder became the next answer to his question and rain began to fall at the moment. Everything was getting scary and Crepy. Benjamin sank unto the floor running his head through his hair like one about to go insane. He's looked perplexe
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Chapter 6
The rain had stopped and but the weather was still weary with no single stars in the Sky. A cool wind took over, raffling nearby trees which dances to the tune of the wind. Benjamin could be seen pacing up and down in the living room like a confused man whose wife is at the verge of delivery. He began to thinking seriously “How am I going to save her? Do I need to go to their house and lock their gate till the time of her death pass? Oh no! What am I gonna do?" The next morning, Benjamin couldn't sleep, he has been thinking of different strategies to save Cassandra but he couldn't come to any conclusion. He left the bed where he sat and stood before a mirror. He wore a short but his chest was left unclad which makes spouting curly hair on his chest obvious. His eye was swollen due to lack of Sleep. “What the hell was my father doing in mount Loom where he got this glasses?" He soliloquized staring at the glasses which was on a drawer. Before Benjamin's father died mysterious
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Chapter 7
Police men and fire fighters could still be seen at the location of the Accident making sure to put everything in order. The body of the driver was burnt beyond recognitions by the time the police dragged him out where he stucked at the driver seat. The police became inquisitive and took interest to know the real cause of the accident. One could see Sheriff Lyman interrogating people. He was dressed corporately in a blue shirt and a matching black trouser. He is a smart and looks smart too. He approached a boy who had his eye on the the the policemen who were barricading the affected zone. “I guess you were present when the accident happened." Lyman said behind him with two hands in his pocket. The guy turned to him and averted his eye again. “I wasn't present but it must have been so horrible to behold." He kept staring at the burning wire which the firefighters strived to quench. Lyman exhaled looking around “Yes, that's why I need to know what really happened here to prevent
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Chapter 8
The texture of the tarred road against his white Snickers Catalyses his race as he ran non stop heading to the very residence of Henry. The residence of Henry is a raised bungalow with a Flowering tree planted at the front. One could see the red flowers falling due to wind which sway the tree randomly. Benjamin hurried on the stair Case leading to the entrance, he kicked the door Opened forcefully and barged inside to see two masked men holding Henry down. Already, they had injured him seriously and blood could be seen coming out from the injured part. “Hey! Let him go!" Benjamin raised his voice and positioned his fist like a Wrestler. The two masked turned to him instantly. Their faces were covered from head to toe even the eye with which they see. Their appearance would make one wonder if they are actually human or some kind of ghost because they looks scary. They are Called the Hunters. The two hunters began to approach Benjamin but they stopped and turned back to Henry who
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Chapter 9
Benjamin scurried out of the restroom. He could be seen running along a passage which was populated with students loitering around. “Make way! make way!” His voice rang as he surged through the crowd. Some began to think his poverty has eventually gotten into his head hence making him mentally unstable. He picked up his bag, glanced at his Watch “Oh fuck!" He lamented in frustration before hurrying out again. He almost ran into Cassandra who was approaching from the opposite direction holding two cone of ice-cream. Looking surprised, Cassandra wanted to query “Where are rushing to..." “I'll be back, keep my ice-cream my Juliet!" His voice rang from a distance. Hearing that, Cassandra began to blush, revealing his perfect set of teeth and beauty which cuddled his cheek in a smile and revealing an attractive dimples on her cheek “Juliet?” She repeated thoughtfully with lingering smiles. “Did he mean he's my Romeo and I am his Juliet?” She chuckled like a teenager in love before w
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Chapter 10
Benjamin was surprised to see Mr Smith who approached with two hands in his pocket. “Surprised to see me?" He said sarcastically. Benjamin remained mute staring at him to know his next action. “You're making a mistake by trying to know the unknown!" He said. Mr Smith chuckled “You're claiming to be smart again?" He squatted before him staring at into his eye “Knowing the unknown is what I call fun and adventures Lad!" “Death is not fun and Adventurous!" Benjamin smouldered while Melinda listened as the two men exchange words. Mr Smith stood up facing a wall “I need you to tell me how you know I was going to be crushed to death by that trailer! You have 10 seconds to speak!" Melinda positioned a gun close to his head ready to pull the trigger on the last count. Sweats broke out from Benjamin's body, his breathing rate changed so hot blood pumped though his vessel “Are you threatening me!?!” He Shrieked. “4..3..2.." Mr Smith was counting down. Benjamin closed his eye not
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