The Weird Journey In Another World

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The Weird Journey In Another World

By: Ouryuken Alphamon OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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This story is about Two brothers who reincarnated in another world full of fantasy elements, magical creatures, dungeons and technology. But what await them are weird and bizzare encounters and events and all kinds of people and monsters Ps. This picture isn't mine, if you are the owner and feel uncomfortable with your work used by me without authorization please message me so i can take it as soon as possible.

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60 chapters
0-A Sudden Accident And A Weird Turn Of Event
Looking at the mirror I saw my self. Light black hair and blue eyes and a normal face that you can forget with one glance. I fixed my clothes before picking my shoes and walking to the door. As I was wearing my shoes near the door. A kind woman voice sounded from behind me. [-----]: "Izuro be sure to come back before dinner" "Don't worry mother, I'm just going to the nearby park for fresh air" I answerd my mother while smiling as to make her worry less about me. [-----]: "Take this Izuro" A thick male voice overflowing with kindness and worry came from behind my mother. It was my father talking and walking to me while holding some money. "Thanks" Thanking them was the only thing I could do now. "See you at dinner" I said goodbye while closing the door. Our family is not rich nor poor. My father is the one working and provided us with a normal and happy life. While my mother is taking care of the houseworks. I got three brothers older than me, all of them work and help m
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1-Guilt And Regret And a Weird Meeting.
Pain..Sadness..Fear..Guilt..Regret..All this negative emotions are consuming me as I crawl to reach my little brother.As I lift my arm to wipe the blood from his face, a tearing pain hit my body.I tried to call him hoping he will answer me."Brot...Cough...Cough"As the bloud reached my mouth, an iron like taste invaded my tastebuds.I feel the gravity pulling me harder and harder.'Death is approaching' is what my mind is telling me.I feel fear, a great fear I never feeled before, but what made me fear more is losing someone precious to me.As my tears fall, my already blurry vision become more cloudy.In the end I couldn't even lift my head, my lungs were aching, I can hardly breathe." was my...fault"[-------] :"St..up..i..d"was the last word I heard as darkness embrace me. I feel my self floating but I can't think clearly[------] :"Are you awake brother?"When I heard this voice I opend my eyes full of hope to see the
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2-A New Begining And A Weird Macho
As Arkavon was standing near the sewer entrance gazing at it, a blond fat man wearing a tight clothes came and kneeled near him. [------]: "As your order sir a false portal has been set and we already throw what you ordered us" [Arkavon]: "Good job Merev, you can go and rest I still have something to do" [Merev]: "As you wish General" After saying that Merev salute respectfully toward Arkavon , he started flapping his wings and soon disapered from the horizon. Turning his gaze from his most loyal and trusted subordinate to the entrance again, he said in low voice. [Arkavon]: "I hope my decision was not wrong" With a wave of his hand a paper and a pen apeard. He write something on it and thrown it to the entrance. Glancing at the disappearing paper he chuckled and start chanting a spell [Arkavon]: " ••••••••••••••••••" A gentle wind blows away his sleeves. As it get closer to the hole it start speading up until it hit the entrance. The hole start closing like
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3-The Macho And The Weird Servants
Izuro's Pov: As I start counting the days I found that 10 days has passed since I reincarnated as a baby. I start to understand some words like when someone call me or say to me are you hungry or tired. But it's just sad I can only response with 'Ga or Wa' sound. I start thinking of a way for making mother take me out of the castle even if it's just the garden. As I was waiting for her in my bed to carry me like always, suddenly the door of my room was pushed and two man in Black robe hiding their head under the hoodie enter. Oh and the last one closed the door. It seem they have good manners. 'Are they going to kidnape me' I started preparing my self so I can cry louder for my father and mother to hear. You say why don't prepare to fight? I'm not in some weird cultivation fantasy where Mc can talk and cast spells 10 days after his birth. I heard one of them talking [------]: "Were the order just to bring him?" [------]: "Yes and bring back h
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4-Meeting A New Friend
Izuro's Pov: While looking outside the window I start wondering 'How can I learn magic?' I can't ask anyone because I can't speak. There is also the language problem. This world language is completely new to me. It seem I need to change my goal for the time being. Having said that why is there no sound? I turned my head to find the three looking at me. Having experience the loss of the first baby bottle, I quickly put the bottle behind me. Tilting my head to the left ,I said 'What' "Ga" [Martin]: "Hmm. Why did his stats grow up?" [Yusez]: "Ahem..... It's my fault , I gave him the wrong bottle, it contain some elementals dust" [Martin]: "The one you keep bragging about? saying that the dust come from a high ranking monster?" [Seriniti]: "Didn't you prepare it for your daughter? How come you gave it to Izuro?" [Yusez]: "I really didn't mean it, I just took the wrong bottle" [Martin]: "It's OK but be careful next time, I don't want you to feed him something weird , his
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5-Awakening The Magic
3rd Pov: As the maid turned off the light she left the room and went to the dinner table where the guests were eating. Seeing the maid coming Alicia said [Alicia]: "Good job, you can finish your work now" Hearing the order. The maid bowed and left. There was a long silence around the table . Until Yusez spoke [Yusez]: "It's weird isn't it?" [Martin]: "Both are extremely smarts and have a high stats before even reaching level 2" [Seriniti]: "Actually , having high stats and intelligence isn't what's worrying me now, what worried me the most is the title" [Alicia]: "Indeed. Titles isn't something easy to get and a high rank one even need extremely harsh conditions" [Yusez]: "actually what worried me is the name of the title and effect" [Martin]: " . No matter how I read this it's impossible to have it without reaching a high level" [Alicia]: "I don't care what people will say about th
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6-The Unexpected Visitor and A Weird Skull
Izuro's Pov: As the sunlight gradually invaded th room .I opened my eyes with difficulty. A month has passed since my reincarnation. And I'm still in my friend's house. My father gave us a cool necklaces. I don't really understand it's function but from the day I wear it I start feeling my mana when reaching the bottom it will always stop me. Guess it's a limiter, but what made surprised and happy is the new way I found in using it. When my mana reach 15%~10% I found that I can use the mana in the necklace to recharge my self. With that I start the specific training I created my self. Oh and I share it with the air conditioner . Ahem, I mean Ibara. With these days training I found I can maintenance the hand for 2 minutes without moving it. And then I got a new idea, why not make a dagger? It's easy to use and when something unexpected happens I can protect Ibara and myself for sometimes until the macho or father come. And that's how I ended up creating an ugly and crude dag
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7-First Time Seeing The Stats Panel And Unexpected Discovery
Izuro Pov: As auntie start walking the girl follow us. Looking at Ibara mother then at the red eyed girl. I was really curious to know their relation. But first of all I need to know something. Turning my head to ibara I start speaking 'How did you learn the language' "Ga ga wa" 'Can you teach me' "Wa ga go" [Ibara]: "Ga ga. wa go." / 'I don't know I was born understanding it. And no I won't teach you' 'Why' "Go" [Ibara]: "ga wa" / 'I'm tired' Oh, it seem like it was my fault. 'Ok ,never mind then' "Ga, wa" After being rejected I turned to the second thing I was curious about. The fat cat flying behind his master. I used my old trick again. Playing dump and trying to reach it. Seeing me trying harder to reach the magical creature. The red eyed girl snorted at me ,while auntie slowed down so I can touch it. Stretching my hand for the cat and trying to touch him. He first sniffed me and then put his forehead in my hand. I catched him in both hands. Feeling the smo
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8-A New Goal
Ibara's Pov: After a month from seeing our stats. I continue making ice arrows in the garden. But this time I learned my lesson, I made some arrows while keeping them floating so I can insert my mana. I don't want to receive the love slap as the bored guy call it. Honestly, as far as I can remember from my memory ,no one though of using the mana in the necklace this way. Using the necklace mana to recharge one self, it will also insert endurance as an outsider mana enter the body and flow into it. I already used a two necklaces , now this is the 3rd. That's why I'm always forcing my self as to not fall behind with my first friend in both lives. As I stopped making arrows so I can recharge my self quickly. I was surprised to find Izuro doing something dangerous. He's trying to channel the mana in his body again and again forcing his body limit. I don't want to lose the closed person to me now, and I don't want him to harm himself. That's why I asked him 'What are you doing?
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9-Decision And The Start Of Studying
Izuro's Pov: Today Mark the sixth month of my new life. Having been training my body with magic all this time. I gradually start walking but only for a limited time or I will need something to Lean on it. I spend my days at ibara house then at my home, my parents and ibara's parent always take us together. in the travel between our homes I saw many interesting things ,knights with all kind of weapons and armors ,adventurers ,many kind of cars, magical creatures, and of course the most important things in fantasy. The elves, The dwarfs and The Bestkins. While also traveling in the car, I learned some words. It was After making hard efforts and bothering Ibara everyday to teach me some words, I finally know my mother's and father's names , and also the macho and his wife's name. while training diligently I noticed that my father and uncle Yusez (who is ibara father) always bringing us some weird drinks. Today they bring something like mana potion. Tomorrow they will bring a juic
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