Beyonders of the world

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Beyonders of the world

By: Daydreaming_cat OngoingFantasy

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What do you think when you get reincarnated in novel or game that you love?. It's a frequently asked question to people in my world. Life there may be beautiful like fairy tales. Live as a hero and save the world. Isn't that amazing. many say that living in the stories we love is better than living in the real world. It's a wonderfull place to run from reality itself. It must be thrilling isn't it. Or maybe you will get exited, maybe disappointing. Who knows. Ivo Graham wakes up in the world of 'Destiny' he has been playing for 10 years. In a world ruled by the strongest, a world full of unknown undercurrents. Regressors who want to save the world, transmigrators who want to return to their home, and reincarnators who compete to be the best in this world. Stuck between all of them. Ivo Graham set a resolution in his heart. In a new world, beyond what known and unknown. I Will survive according to my will.

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69 chapters
15 years ago, a virtual reality game was suddenly released by a nameless game company that took the whole world by storm. The game is called "destiny", a game that gives players a real experience as if they were in another world.Real experience here is not mentioned metaphorically but actually real. The game even brought that realistic aspect to a level where the human brain couldn't differentiate between reality and virtual reality.The setting of the game is in a world where there are various conflicts of interest with each other. Destiny brings a classic fantasy theme with a medieval feel. With various kinds of fantasy skills that can be enjoyed like in the novels that are circulating out there.Even on the first day of sales of 'Destiny' sales exceeded more than 100 million enthusiasts and destroyed the games that existed at that time.Like a wheel that is always turning, when something is on top, it will eventually come down too.The popularity of the game destiny did not last l
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Information panel
"Haahhhh.. this really happened and this is really the worst case" I calmed my mind for a moment and tried to rationalize my current thoughts."Let's take the positive side…." Ivo tried to think through all the reasons in his head but he finally gave up. "Does that really exist?"Right now he was in game destiny. a world with a concept of magical setting where there are various people with great abilities that only exist in novels."Of all the places why should I start from the town of Ernest?" Ivo sighed softly after surveying his surroundings.'Destiny' gives freedom in starting the game. Usually when new players enter the game, they can choose where they will start. But that was only limited to the kingdom territory."It would be better if I start from the royal capital. At least I can safely survive the first half of the 'destiny' game."There was an important reminder for newbies in the online forums discussing 'Destiny'. Never start from the town of Ernest.The reason is very si
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Ivo took Raven's hand and shook it."Ivo. You can call me Ivo"Raven looked at me enthusiastically as if he had found a very valuable treasure. "By the way your name is quite unique huh""a lot of people say that haha.."we talked casually. we talked a lot about general things like where we came from and why we entered snow white academy. Well, this is pretty much useless chit chat since what we're saying is a lie. But even so, raven didn't stop or change his expression even because of the lie I said even though he has 'that' talent."Ivo, when do you plan to enroll in white snow academy?" raven asked me"I plan to register tomorrow""Okay, I can take you there. I happened to have registered at the academy this afternoon.""You can also use this room until the day of the exam. You also don't have to worry about the cost, I will bear it" Raven explained quickly for fear that I would leave because I didn't feel comfortable. "uh.. yes. Thank You. sorry to bother you" Ivo said with that
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Talents (2)
it was really a crazy experience.Ivo held his head and tried to calm his thoughts. The feeling he had just experienced was truly beyond his highest imagination. While playing destiny, the pain setting is set to be at the highest level of 40%. If the pain level were raised any further, people would go crazy.But the pain he was feeling right now could be said to be at the 100% level. If not for the mana used to keep his mind rational and the support from the heart of fearlessness, I fear I would have gone mad by now or worse would have died from the shock and the strain on the brain.Ivo opened the information panel and looked about the skills and talents he had just acquired.[Heart of fearlessnessEffects:when fighting enemies, increases the power of the owner's heart by 15%.The more opponents you fight and the fewer allies you have in battle, the power level will increase proportionally based on the number of opponents and the number of allies.The greater the difference in stren
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White snow academy
"White Snow Academy has a short history compared to other academies but is one of the quickest to reach its peak.""Unlike other academies which were built for the benefit of the nation, White Snow Academy is an independent academy that attracts many different kinds of organizations and clans that compete for graduates from the academy. Not only that, it's not uncommon for various organizations and clans to register their descendants there." Raven explained quite enthusiastically.Right now Raven and Ivo were walking towards the academy. Even so the atmosphere between the two of them was quite awkward at the moment. Despite the explanation Raven gave, the two of them didn't say much.Along the way Raven showed a slightly strange face. His face showed a confused expression. He looked at the person in front of him while continuously rubbing his eyes.To be honest, it was quite funny looking at his behavior now."Ravens? What is it?" Ivo wondered while looking at his face. He had a look
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The entry test (1)
The morning sunlight brought with it a warmth that he had almost never felt in his previous world. It would be so refreshing if only his head didn't hurt right now. At least, the pain has started to decrease little by little. Calm atmosphere around with neatly arranged trees. Each breath that comes in brings cold air into the lungs. The air quality here was completely different than outside the academy. "ugh…" Ivo opened his eyes. He was getting used to the pain in his head. The sunlight hit his whole body and warmed his body which was leaning weakly on the park bench. The vision in front of him was filled with a crowd of people walking by without a care for him. In stark contrast to the calm atmosphere of the previous morning. Some exhibited how beautiful clothes were embroidered with silk in various striking colors. Those who wore the formal attire of the organization they belonged to, Ordinary people who didn't have fancy clothes and only wore normal human clothes, and some eve
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The entry test (2)
Inside the room, Ivo lay on his bed and thought about the important matter of the moment. His gaze was directed to the ceiling of his room staring blankly.He is currently faced with the most crucial problem experienced by all humans in the world.'I have no money.'This is the first problem that all players of this game have. There wasn't a single 'destiny' player who didn't come across this problem.At least he didn't have to worry about expenses when he became a student of White Snow Academy. But there is also what is called operational costs while being an academy student. Such as activities outside the academy, personal equipment, even research that might have to be done.Everything costs money. And that by a very large amount too."I can only do this in one go. Once done there is no going back.""Well... not that this time is different from the times when I played games."'Destiny' lacks the most important feature in the game. Save & Load.This forces the players to move forward
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The entry test (3)
"I really need to reconsider my decision-making matters for the future."Ivo grumbled to himself. He really couldn't sleep last night. His head was constantly sending pain so he couldn't sleep at all.So to pass the time and distract him from the pain. Ivo performs simple drills using techniques he has accumulated during his time as a player.It was neither a special technique nor a forbidden technique. Just an ordinary mana circulation technique without any advantages.At first he thought it would take him at least one to two hours. After that he would feel exhausted after circulating mana throughout the body.But he was wrong. 18 hours, That was the time he had spent performing the mana circulation technique. When he opened his eyes it was already the next morning.His body condition was worse than he thought. The sudden appearance of his talent was really weighing on his body right now. His brain must continue to work in receiving stimuli that are continuously sent by his senses."
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Chapter 9: Overcome pain
"Haahh…Haahhh…Haaahhh…" Inside the bathroom, Ivo was leaning against the mirror in front of him. His hand held the sink to support his body.His current condition was dire. His face showed a distorted expression with messy breathing. His body trembled uncontrollably and cold sweat covered his entire body.The tap water ran down his head to various parts of his body. All of his clothes were now soaked with water. His state was very pitiful if other people saw it.Brak!!!A fist shattered the mirror in front of him. Fresh red blood flowed from his hand mixed with the water in the hurts!!!it hurts!!!it hurts!!! It hurts so much!!!Ivo held his head and his body fell to the floor because he lost his bearings. The extremely terrible pain came non-stop. Nausea churned all over his stomach. It felt like he was about to spit out his entire insides."KhuK…This can't… continue." Ivo raised one of his hands with all the strength he had. Slowly but surely, his hands were brought to his
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The final test
"Should be here." Ivo arrived in front of a large white hall. It was a large and majestic hall that could easily accommodate over 10,000 people.Without hesitation, he immediately entered the hall. Inside, only one person was sitting casually eating potato chips.Several books floated in the air and flipped by themselves according to the person's will. While reading his book, he asked Ivo who had just entered the hall."What is it? Are you guys lost?"Ivo caught his breath before answering. "No sir, I just want to continue the final test."The person asked curiously. He looked at the watch in his pocket. "Continue with the test? The written test is still not finished. Come back later with the others."Before Ivo could answer, he continued his questioning. "What made you believe that you could start the test earlier anyway?"Ivo answered cautiously. He couldn't cause trouble with the person in front of him with his current strength. If he said something wrong his life could be lost at
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