Cerberus Blackborn

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Cerberus Blackborn

By: Wesh OngoingFantasy

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Cerberus has always been an apathetic child ever since he was born. He would sometimes perform actions that children his age shouldn't be capable of doing. For example, there was a time when he tortured a fellow student who had wronged him to the point where even his fellow students feared him. After all when 13-year-old children witness the scene of a child with an expressionless face slowly ripping off the flesh and bones of another child his age, they were bound to become afraid. Even Cerberus' family didn't know the reason for his apathy and neither did Cerberus himself. That is until the day he came across an artifact. This artifact would lead to him discovering the reason for his apathy as well as his hidden heritage and bloodline that would soon open him up to the realms filled with numerous gods and entities as well as lead to the creation of powerful enemies who wish to kill him. This was because within his bloodline were abilities that posed a great threat to the power of numerous gods, demons, and various entities alike. Other books: Death's successor

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Chapter 1
A young man woke up in the middle of the night, his chest heaving as he struggled to breathe. His face was concocted into an expression of terror that one couldn't help but wonder what he had seen, only he would know. His pajamas, which were now completely drenched in sweat, clung to his body making him feel slightly restricted. The young man had black wavy hair, light brown skin, and a face that was a bit above average and on this particular face, a pair of eyes were glowing bright green slightly illuminating the dark room he was in. He slowly glanced around the room as if searching for something out of the ordinary only to find nothing eye-catching. He heaved a sigh of relief as he took in deep breathes to calm down his nerves. It would seem that all he had seen was merely a nightmare albeit one horrifying enough to take away his need for sleep. This wasn't the first time he had had such a nightmare as he usually had them frequently but thankfully he had a remedy to ease h
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Chapter 2
They watched with fearful eyes as Cerberus opened one of the caged and grabbed an unlucky mouse who was unable to run fast enough to dodge the human's hand. The mouse in Cerberus's hand wriggled while squeaking loudly in an attempt to escape but Cerberus' grip was firm. Cerberus closed the door of the cage and headed towards the door where an expectant Cobra stood watching him in eagerness as its tongue flickered sensing the presence of a meal. The sight of Silia frightened the caged mice causing a few to faint from terror but their terror was short-lived as Cerberus led Silia out of the room before locking the door behind him preventing Silia from entering the room. He then placed the mouse in his hand on the floor and watched as it slowly got up, its legs shaking as It glanced at its surroundings briefly before bolting off after catching the sight of the large cobra that was gazing at it. Silia watched as the mouse scampered off before taking off after it, her tongue flickering co
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Chapter 3
A disappointed look briefly flashed across Circe's face before it was replaced by the usual cheerful look she always had. Julian handed the bracelet to Circe and the backpack to Cerberus. "What is this?" asked Circe as she put on the bracelet on her right arm. "Why don't you input some mana and find out," said Julian with a cheeky look. He knew his daughter well enough to know that she was disappointed by the gift but was because she didn't know that the bracelet had another purpose other than looking pretty. Circe obeyed and input her mana into the silver bracelet. The silver bracelet glowed with a silver aura and hummed before transforming into a 3-meter long silver whip. On the silver whip were faint rune etchings which blurred and vanished a few seconds after the whip but not fast enough for Cerberus to not know what they were. He had seen such similar rune etching on one of his father's weapons and when he had asked his father a while bac
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Chapter 4
"It's beautiful," said Circe as she lovingly held the handle of the silver whip, her delicate hand stroking the rune etchings as a lovely smile bloomed on her face. Everyone in the family knew that Circe had always wanted her own personal weapon and the fact that she was a weapon enthusiast further heightened her desires and now she had gotten her wish fulfilled albeit with a newly born growth-type weapon. "the artifact was recently created and hence it hasn't awakened its ego yet so you must work hard to become stronger because the stronger you get, the stronger the artifact becomes, and when you reach the necessary level of strength required by the artifact it will awaken its ego." "Yes dad!" said Circe as she sent mana into the whip causing it to return to being a bracelet which Julian explained was its neutral form when not activated. "Now Cerb don't go thinking that I've forgotten about you" Julian turned towards Cerberus and handed him the black
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Chapter 5
"I am here today to guide students to Abyss academy. This is a service usually done for new students who are unfamiliar with the directions to the school or students who cannot to afford their own transportation to the academy." Abyss academy was located in another dimension and hence if one needed to go there, they would access a dimension portal but the problem was that dimension portals were expensive to construct and even more expensive to run. This was because they needed at least grade 8 beast crystals to keep them running which were expensive to acquire. This was why not many people could afford their own crystals while also having the finances to hire mages to set up and constantly maintain the portals which was why the school offered transportation services to the academy for a certain fee. Grade crystals Cerberus' family did have a portal but since this was their first time going to the academy. It was decided that it was much better to memorize the
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Chapter 6
Cerberus slowly opened his eyes, his back a bit sore from the constant shifting of his body while he was asleep. The view outside the window was dark which indicated that he had been asleep for a few hours since they departed from the city at around noon while now instead of the bright noon sun, the moon hung high in the sky. The night-time of this world was different compared to Earth's. For one, there were less stars in the sky but instead of one moon, there were actually two moons with one being larger than the other. The larger moon shone brightly with a silvery glow that illuminated the night and even though the moonlight could not compare to sun light, it was infinitely closer when compared to Earth's moonlight. Cerberus felt someone grip his right arm and he shifted his gaze to the person next to him. Circe was leaning on his shoulder sound asleep. Her beautiful face was illuminated by the moonlight which highlighted her beauty even further. She gripped his ar
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Chapter 7
"Excuse me" a young student wearing glasses raised his hand, his face showing endless curiosity. "Yes?" "What are elites?" Shawn laughed "that is a good question" "'Elites' is the term used to describe the top three students of all the students in a certain year. For example, Olivia here is the ranked second among the all the third-year students and is hence classified as an elite." Shawn showed a proud expression as he tapped his chest "Just so you know, I am also an elite." "I am currently ranked third among the third-year students" he said with a bitter smile. "Then who is ranked first?" Shawn turned to look at a beautiful girl with long brown hair who beamed with a confidence, her arms crossed over her bountiful chest. A glint of lust flashed through his eyes before vanishing in an instant. "That would be Roger" he said, his fists clenched as he radiated mana from his body. They could tell fr
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Chapter 8
"Hey!" A shout broke Cerberus out of his trance. He turned around coming face to face with a handsome man, his chiselled face that would make women fall in love currently bearing a frown showing contempt and disdain as he looked at Cerberus. "Who the fuck are you?" said the young man "..." "Didn't you hear me, I asked who the fuck you are?" "Isn't it polite to introduce yourself before demanding another person's identity" said Cerberus frowning at the man's rudeness. The man scoffed, "You don't know who I am! Fine I'll enlighten you. My name is Narsta Blyke." He then paused looking at Cerberus expecting some kind of reaction from him but all he got was a silent confused gaze. "Am I supposed to know who you are?" "What?!" the man was taken aback, his face turning red with rage. He was clearly feeling insulted. "How dare you?!" he shouted, veins throbbing on his forehead "I am the son of Marquis Blyke from
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Chapter 9
There were two soldiers that acted as guards at the entrance of the building. They gave off a threatening aura that Cerberus had never felt before. It had a tinge of bloodlust mixed into it that showed just how many life and death situations they had been through. This made Cerberus respect them as warriors. Cerberus arrived Infront of one of the guards who was checking the IDs of students before letting them in. The guard had a broadsword attached to his waist and a suit of armour covering his entire body. The guard checked the ID card and after confirming that it was authentic, he nodded giving his approval to pass through. The inside of the Food Hall was a large area that was much spacious than what one would expect when they observed the exterior size of the building. There were rows upon rows of long tables and chairs lined up neatly in the hall as well as a few separate tables and chairs along the edges of the hall. There was a thick red line on
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Chapter 10
Cerberus looked over the special menu seeing a variety of dishes made from blazing bulls, three horned rabbits and other low class mana beasts that cost around 1 to 10 gold coins. He then shifted my gaze to the more expensive dishes on the list. Phoenix omelette ---- 20 gold coins Fried dragon flesh ---- 25 gold coins  Silver deer stew --- 15 gold coins Manticore milk --- 10 gold coins "????" Cerberus was astounded. The fact that they had phoenix and dragon meat was incredible. These were legendary creatures that were incredibly rare and even more difficult to kill. Phoenixes possessed an almost infinite regeneration capabilities and incredible flame attacks that could turn mages to ash in seconds. Dragons on the other hard were even harder to deal with as they were naturally resistant to magic, and hence magic attacks were weakened when used on them. Other than that, they also possessed incredibly hard scales that were to
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