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Abel Park…A young,normal teenager settled in a quiet, seemingly abnormal town of Bartlesville. Getting there,he comes upon a fate. One that would change his life. One that wields the fate of every Supernatural in the world. He realizes he is a MULTIBREED

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I'm a Bad boy
In the woods, a young beautiful woman was running with a baby in her hands. Her clothes were worn out and tattered as blood oozed from different parts of her body. She kept running, taking occasional glances behind her, trying to see if what was chasing her was still behind her. After running for a few seconds, she halted and bent to rest. She unwrapped the clothes around the baby and she stared at his innocent and adorable face."It is a pity this would be the last time you'll see him" a voice rumbled. She realized what it was and made a run for it but she got slapped onto the ground. She clutched her arms a bit tight to prevent her baby from falling off. She got up and before she was four men, all having pale white skins and long fangs with blood-red lips. They were vampires."Stay away from me you bastards" she warned, slowly backing out."Or what?" They asked, baring their fangs at her."Stay away from me" she warned."Too sad we cant. The dark lord needs him" the leader of the va
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What the hell are you?
I didn't know he was that good but none of them knew why I was called AB. I took my stance but I sensed an attack from behind and ducked a bat swung to my head. I turned in the direction it came from and saw it was Drex."Cowards" I mumbled, sending a kick to Drake who caught it. I sent a second kick to him with my other leg, making him release my right leg. I spun, evading Drex's bat attack. I did a front roll then a sweeping kick, making him fall flat on his back. Did a side roll, evading Drake's stomp, and seized his retreating leg. I pulled it and he fell backward. I jumped on him, brutally punching him. I saw Drex charging towards me. I waited for him to get close and hurled Drake in his direction, causing both of them to crash into themselves. Drake got up with his veins bulging from his skin. He sent a punch towards me, I deflected it but the impact of the punch still made me stagger backward. I did a front flip, landing behind him, and quickly grabbed him by the waist,suplex
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As Sean ran off, Abel staggered with the bite mark vividly on his wrist oozing blood. He sneezed continuously as he walked home."I could have beaten him, I'm just allergic to dogs" he grumbled, breaking into a Sprint. Out of the dark, a pair of red eyes peered, followed by a body. The person who had pale white skin turned out to be Drake."Shit, the dogs got him first" he grumbled, stomping the ground"But it wouldn't be bad turning him too" he added with small cracks of laughter.Darak sat on the cushion in the living room with his head buried in his arms."What're we gonna do now?" Evelyn asked, tugging his shoulder."We just have to let him play it out" he replied, sighing."What do you mean by play it out?" She asked."Let him keep it a secret. He needs to learn the ways of a Supernatural with his friends before he knows he's got an unimaginable destiny"."What if he falls into wrong hands?""He'll pull through. Don't you watch movies and series like teen wolves?""Wait, are you
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Let's Kill a Wendigo (I)
# AUTHORUNANIMOUS LOCATIONIt was the entrance of a cave, its entrance shaped in the form of a skull, the entrance so creepy one would close one's eyes shut. The internals, moist and red with blood, provided a cold sensation. Added to it was the darkness that would blind a normal torch. Deep below was a pit, in that pit were different Supernatural creatures, all crouching and kneeling in Respect…Fear. A huge wide abyss separated them from a gold throne that lay above the rubble of bones. On the throne sat a Lycanthrope in a black hoodie with different inscriptions on it. He looked at his fleet of supernaturals and smiled."Get me a Wendigo…He has transformed" He bellowed, his voice rumbling like thunder."Master" A huge Wendigo, the size of a Byson called, crouching afront the rest."Good. Deal with the kid. He's finally transformed" He commanded with his rumbling voice."I'll gladly do so," the Wendigo said, getting up. He immediately gathered a troop of Wendigos and left.Evelyn o
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Let's Kill a Wendigo (I I)
# AuthorThat same night, the cops arrived at the crime scene, terrified by the massacre before them. Sheriff Cole West, a tall, well-built black man, and his assistant Inspector Dwayne Sydney, a young white man arrived, inspecting the crime scene. They looked closely at the claw marks, surprised."The Wendigos? I thought we drove them out of town?" Sheriff Cole asked with a shocked look on his face."I'm equally surprised sir. It seems they used this as a warning cos not everyone here had missing body parts. Some were just murdered." He explained, pointing at a few bodies drenched in cold, now black blood."Shirley, what do you think happened?" Cole asked as a young, white-blond walked up to both men."I think there was a brawl here." She replied, cocking her head in a different direction."Why do you think so?""There are boot prints opposite these two footprints of obvious beasts. Then, the bootprints have changed positions, equalling the footprints. Also, there were palm prints th
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Let's Kill a Wendigo (III)
# AbelThat fight was intense. Despite the fact I was immobilized, I saw the way Dean brutally murdered the Wendigo. Boy, I was scared. They took me and Sharon to their home and nursed us back to normalcy, and in a few minutes, we were conscious again. I stole a glance at Dean, then dropped my gaze."Did I scare you?" He asked, smirking."Yeah, that was the most gruesome murder I've ever seen," I replied, now feeling less scared."Well, that's a lesson you should learn...Never mess with Sean Dyche." Sharon boasted, making everyone chuckle."So what's next?" Sean asked, sitting on the floor."I need to go home. I have a feeling she's not safe." I said, getting up."Well, we'll follow you," Dean said. I turned, facing them."That'll be much appreciated." I said, grinning widely."Let's go," I added, leaving their mansion.In about 20 minutes, we arrived at my house which seemed unusually silent. I opened the door, only to find the whole living room in a mess. There were bloodstains on
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Y'all Freaks
# AUTHORDarak sat on a rock,lost in thoughts. Thoughts of his past, present, and future. His only objective since being liberated from Lucifer's control was to guide the Multibreed but he was yet to make progress with that,the only thing he had done so far for Abel was to protect him. While thinking,his vision elapsed,only giving a white blur,he felt something was wrong."Evelyn and Abel are in danger." He said, getting up. Two huge wings sprouted from his back, giving him the looks of a clan master which he wasn't. He flew, heading for Johnstone park...PARKS' HOMEAbel, slowly opened his eyes, blinking them rapidly as he felt a new rush of energy in him. He got up, realizing he was in his room. He frowned at the memories of what happened before he passed out. Taking a brief look around his room,he had a feeling of anxiety reason being he just realized Darak was a freak and his mom just went through one of the most traumatic experiences she would ever have. If only he knew. He force
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The Prophecy
THE PROPHECY.It was nighttime and the moon was almost out in itsfull form. Abel sat on his bed with a silver chain tied to his arm. He insisted he was tied down should in case he goes hyper. He slowly dozed with his headphones clamped to his head. He closed his eyes shut then suddenly opened them. He gasped in shock, realizing that he was in a dessert. Surprisingly, the sun was up and it rained hot rays on his skin, making him shriek in pain."What.How did I get here?" He thought aloud, hoping to get a response. When he got home, he began to walk up frontt, unsure of his destination. He walked for two hours without finding anything but plain, hot desert sand. His throat began to ache as he moved on, hoping he'll find a tree or better still, an Oasis. Words could not express the immense discomfort he felt as he wandered.Out of nowhere, a drop of water hit his head, he looked up and was grateful for what he saw...Rain. He opened his mouth with his tongue stretched out, facing upward
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Welcome to the Pack
# AUTHORIt was a new day,a day smiles would form on people's faces. Bartlesville high school was flooded with students who were glad to have resumed schooling again. Abel and the Dyche triplets walked in class right before classes were about to begin. They sat on their respective seats, comforted by the smooth feeling they got from it. While Abel and Sharon were discussing,Drake walked up to them, banging Abel's desk. "Multibreed,how're you doing man?" He greeted with a slight hiss. "I'm good bloodsucker." Abel retorted. "Whoa,whoa,whoa. I'm not here for a fight,I just want to welcome you to our world." He said, stretching his arm forth for a shake. "Well thanks for your kind gesture" Abel replied,less irritated. "See you at the conference." Drake said and left for his seat. "Okay,this is weird." Abel muttered. "What conference was he talking about?" He asked Sharon whose focus was on her phone. A text beeped on his phone. He checked it "The conference is a meeting or I'll s
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Avoid The Demon Wolf
# AUTHOR..Evelyn walked home sluggishly with thoughts of the day's event played in her head consistently. Even the cool evening breeze couldn't wave her thread of thoughts off her head. She got in and slumped in the sofa. She didn't know why the patient warmed that Abel shouldn't be initiated into the pack but she was sure Maddie's attack was linked to that.She had already checked him up at school by the time she regained consciousness but school was closed. She also informed Darak who promised to try stopping his initiation if he was yet to be in the pack. She felt weak and useless,despite being a hybrid,she couldn't stop a damn maniac who had dark plans for her son,she shut her eyes alongside her mind which dwelled in deep slumber...Abel slowly got up,he looked around and realized he was on a bed,chained down with silver. He winced in pain as a burning feeling surged through his body. He looked sideways to check for anything he could break the silver with but there was none.
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