Tales Of A Supreme Lord

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Tales Of A Supreme Lord

By: Ruovaf_star OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Only the strongest will lead the six paranormal. Every creature is ready to take down the obstacle blocking their way to be in power. An ancient Vampire that rules the night and the day is feared by many for his terror. His name alone is like a tsunami that shakes the whole race and kingdom that he rules. But the whole events start when the prophecy about a Vampire child with special powers with the help of other forces will cause serious destruction to his reign. Mergus will have no choice but to ally with the king of wolves In preparation to withhold the one the prophecy speaks of. Many black lashes and hidden vessels will rise to destroy him

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The Unknown
Prologue~The moonlight shines unto the earth, creating a serene ambiance in the silent night. The trees in the woods and meadow's path gently sway from the breeze.An Argentavis flies towards the woods on the mountain, her wings spread wide in a carefree manner. She chirps loud enough to wake the creatures of the night. She rests on the broad shoulders of a man, His shadow reflecting under the moonlight.He turns around to face the celestial beings, standing in a prone line with their eyes focus on him restless. The man raises his finger to stroke the bird's head. His touch relaxes her. "Your Honour," a calm voice calls for his attention. His gaze meets with that of another, curiosity and anxiety dancing in the eyes of the latter."The moon is so bright tonight," he begins as he glances up at the moon while crossing his arms behind his back."Brighter than usual. If only it would eradicate the evil manifesting within the paranormal world," the eldest of the celestial beings says, h
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The King Of Terror
Seeing the aftermath of his evil deed, The Red Shadow clicks his tongue and drags the dead body through the woods at full speed. The Red Shadow halts when he arrives in front of an old-looking cottage in the heart of the woods. He stands in the same place, observing the whole niche.He felt the dark aura that was looming all over the cottage. Sounds of cackling vultures echo in the dead of the night. Taking a closer look at the cottage, the red shadow notices a talisman placed at every corner of the cottage.A sinister grin slowly spreads across its face. The Red Shadow closes its eyes and inhales deeply. A great gust of wind hits the cottage, forcing both doors to burst wide open.Inside the cottage is a woman, sitting in front of a red mirror with a dragon skull encircling it. Her eyelids flicker, revealing terrified eyes. The Red Shadow drags the Dead Bat Beast into the cottage with vigor. Swallowing hard, the woman pretends not to notice The Red Shadow's presence while her hear
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The Dark Palace
Back at the dark palace, A chandelier Globe hung at the center of the ceiling radiates light to the entire hall.A golden throne was situated at the center of the palace hall while a bronze sculpture of a deadly snake was kept by the right side of the throne.Mergus is sitting on the throne with his left leg hanging over one side of the throne chair leaving his long silver hair sprouted on his shoulder.The three buttons on his white shirt were left open revealing his broad chest. He fixes his cold gaze at every entity in the hall.The whole hall was dead silent not a single sound was heard. He suddenly stood up aggressively making the people in the hall flinch.He climbs down the steps gradually till he stops right in front of his brother who is standing close to the steps. He raises the tip of his lips into an evil smile as he observes his elder brother who didn't flinch at his presence.The entities in the hall quietly noted every bit of his actions in silence without saying a wor
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Lovers Cave
"Calm down your Eminence." His subordinate calms him."But the good thing is that there's a key to his destruction. Hahaha," the man let out a drastic laugh with his arms spread wide.His subordinate stares at him in confusion.The man keeps laughing as he stands up from his seat and walks towards his precious plant at the corner."The heavens can be so good at times." He declared as a pleasing smile slowly spread across his face. "What his Eminence means to say is…" his subordinate countered, dragging his words. His eyes shone in understanding his Master's words.The man turns to face his subordinates smirking, impressed with his reasoning."Accurate, Zambo." The man asserted as he plucked the leaf on his plant.The subordinate quickly fell on one knee, his right-hand placed on his raised knee."Congratulations to his eminence on your discovery." He said bowing his head in deep respect.The man's foul mood at that moment takes a turn the minute. He hummed a non-existing song as he w
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White Devil
"Uncle, you know my mother so well," Mergus counters in a plain voice. A sinister smile under his eyes. Nobody can tell what is running through his crafty mind.His words work like magic, it stopped the flowing thoughts of his uncle."Ahem!, what I meant was, that this place was your parent's special hang out." His uncle replied, masking his words."That's beautiful of them," Mergus said like it's a normal thing between people, uninterested as he sips his tea. His uncle watches him sipping his tea deep in thought."Well… I came here for another reason." Mergus started, changing the subject. He puts on a serious look. "You mean to say about the Prophecy spreading wide like fire in the –Mystic World." His uncle said while refilling their tea cups. "Am I wrong?" He asked, seeing the disbelief look written on his nephew's face.Mergus clicked his tongue and swallowed hard."Feels like it…" he counters and dawns the tea in his cup."So, what do you intend to do about it?" His uncle implo
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Silver Masked Man
"Your Eminence, are you sure you don't want me to follow you?" Rambo said, persuading his master.The man's eyes travel down to the strong hand holding him back from going into the cave. He slowly places his palm on it as looks up to meet the eyes of his subordinate. He narrowed his eyes and slowly shook his head, rejecting the offer from his subordinate.Zambo seeing the determined look on his master's expression release his hold, on his master's arm and apologise."I apologize for my actions." He said, his voice filled with sincerity.His Master nods his head at him in acknowledgment and walks into the grimy cave. His subordinate positions himself right outside the cave as he lets out his true form and heightens all his senses.Zambos' Master kept walking inside the cave without shuddering. He used his vampire eyes to scan the areas of the dark cave. His shoes kept making a crisp sound with each step he took. He follows a narrow path that leads him inside the deeper part of the ca
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Mergus held his forehead with his right palm, laughing his guts out. Trickles of tears kept dripping down from the left corners of his eyes. The atmosphere filled with the echoes of his laughter. He was sitting with his legs crossed on the top of his white bed with the shape of an orbit contour.Luke cocked his brows at his master's strange attitude towards his report. He sighs and rubs the left side of his eyes, his head going eccentric watching his master's extreme laugh.Mergus pauses his laughter and clears his throat. He glanced up at Luke who was still standing in front of him with a complex look on his face. Mergus smirks and starts."You mean, Marcus gave such others, impersonating me? " he said, furrowing his brows together. "Yes, Milord," Luke affirmed, nodding his head.Mergus smirks, shucking his head slightly, He raises his hands and stretches his strained neck and back. He gets down from his sitting position, stands up from the bed, and walks towards the center table in
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A Glimpse Of The Mystic World
Basic information~In the mystic world, only the powerful are eligible to rule. The vulnerable are faced under the surface of the earth. If you are fickle-minded enough, That's your destruction. Their world is laced with strange powers and mysteries.The mystic world is divided into six consecutive parts. Amidst the six paranormal, The strongest rules. The arcane of vampires, The esoteric werewolves, The cabalistic of immortals and warlocks, The recondite of diviners, and humans.Humans are the weakest of them all. They may be skilled in martial arts and cultivation but they are more complicated beings.For power and greed, They sold themselves to the most powerful beings in the paranormal world.The werewolves and vampires are two entities that can never cross paths with peace. They are like day and night. They work together when needed, They both struggles for power and dominance.The werewolves are known for their overbearing personalities, while the vampires are dubious and sly.
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A Little Gift For My Baby Brother
City of Louisiana~A white cart adorned with drawings of flying Phoenix slowly enters a busy town. The coachman pedal gradually along the town.A slender hand of a woman gently shifts the curtain blocking the cart window. She smiles lovely at the scenes in front of her."The city of Louisiana is exceptionally beautiful," she confessed with a lovely voice. She glanced back at the man sitting beside her on the top of a seat made of soft fur, smiling warmly at her.The Man held her left palm gently and rubbed the back of her palm warmly, his ice-blue eyes shining full of warmth."I know, you will love it here Melissa," he said in his deep and seductive voice while rubbing his big palm on her small ones.Melissa produces a wide smile revealing her white teeth. She leans her body into the arms of the Man who caresses her shoulder gently.Melissa gently rubs her stomach with her palm smiling lovingly. "Our child will love it here as well." The Man tickles her gently which impels her to laug
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Paying My Respect To The Future king~
Edward sized the man up with his raised brows. The Man who claimed to be among the Saints guarding the Mystic World had a long staff in one hand. The top of the staff was shaped like a round orb. His raven hair was trimmed neatly and sleek backward at his back. He had a tiny crown golden in color placed around his raven hair. His large robe covers the floor where he stands.Edward gave him a consequential look, squinting his eyes."Why did you obstruct my journey, Mr. Saint?" He roared, producing an icy smoke from his mouth. His ice-blue eyes glared daggers at the Saint."Prince Edward, I came to pay my respect to the future king of the –Mystic World"The Saint divulged fearlessly.Edward Furrows his eyebrows at him. "What, Nonsense, Are you spouting?" Edward implored, his anger rearing up. The Guardian Saint raises the edge of his lips into a slight smile. He took a slow step in front of Edward and raised the strange staff in his hand into the air. He waves the strange staff about
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