2099; All Lights Out

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2099; All Lights Out

By: Posh Writes OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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2099; All Lights Out is a realistic fiction, and the book's setting is a post- apocalyptic world where the Sun and Moon suddenly leave the Earth and darkness like never before covers the Earth totally. This cosmic anomaly results in the instant vanishing or disappearance of anybody less than 17 years old and older than 21 years old. How do these teens and half-adults survive? The book takes the reader on a journey into the unseen and behind that is something thrilling and intriguing. It's a story revolving around survival, bravery and moments of grief, victory and struggle of characters of diverse origins, backgrounds and personalities. Who are you rooting for?

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"I'm clueless, and I shouldn't even be pretending to have my shit more figured out than the others" Derek muttered to himself. "Someone has got to do it" He said to himself moments after again with a rather audacious look on his face."2099 is fucked. Time travellers, choose wisely" He again whispers to an imaginary ghost with a weird grin on his face.Flashback to 2 weeks agoThe light bulb twitches as a strong wind sweeps through the slightly open window in Derek's living room. He looks up, away from his mum's dinner- his very delicacy. While he's still caught in the whole idea of the wind and the light flicker, his mum slips as the wine bottle in her hand falls hard to the ground causing a great splash of the red beauty bottled up while the glass pieces find their way to the farthest parts of the room like distant lovers.Derek hurried to help his mum out, to check if she was okay. She has been sick for two years now, with a rare form of cancer. Sheila had tried so hard to keep he
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It was three weeks already since the world had been thrown into a shit show. It was just ironic that I wasn't the only "Audrey" in this movie. This world looked like if Eli Roth and Stephen King had a baby. This was horror, in all its fullness."I'm blonde Kylie, double Oscars award-winning actress, One Emmy nomination, and 3 Golden Globes. And guess what? I'm just 21. You see why you need me in your movie?" Kylie laughed slightly as a tear dropped from her cheek. She made that statement 4 weeks ago while auditioning for a major role in the "Giggins" Blockbuster. Kylie was not kidding, or lying. She was all of these and more. However, her drug addiction had wrecked her career in the last year. She had lost all her major endorsement deals and more than many acting Gigs. She lost herself to heroin and cocaine following her dad's death. Apparently, money can't solve all your problems, and this was true in Kylie's dad's case. He was diagnosed with a rare form of blood disease and despit
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"You weren't special, not to me, not to your parents, and certainly not to anyone in this room" Xavier said boldly with a devilish stare in his eyes. Remembering this memory made Sophia shiver again as fear found its way to her mind and the bottle of pills she held on to tightly in the bathroom slipped from her hands to the floor."Don't mourn my death. You should throw a feast instead. You are better off without me, mum, dad and Celine. I'm a glitch in God's creation, I've always been faulty" Sophia cried shakily but also quietly as she read a piece of paper that was by the side of the faucet which she left running.Her tears were flooding her eyes and few drops got to the paper where she had placed it.Was this really all she felt she was?She had been lost in these suicidal thoughts as long as she could remember. She had been put in therapy by her parents for over two years after her bullying incident where she was emotionally troubled, and that was a scary time for her and her pa
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Train Wreck
"Is this all our relationship meant..?" Sophia muttered just loud enough for Xavier to hear as tears were already planning a mega crusade within her eyes."EHH!" Xavier scoffed with a derogatory tone following. "What were you thinking? That you were now my life or that my sex life revolved around you alone?" Xavier continued.The crusade was set in Sophia's eyes and tears began to propagate the gospel of her hurt feelings down her cheeks. She was inaudibly letting out the cry sounds though, slightly sniffling. Xavier was the best thing that had happened to her in 3 years and it meant nothing to him? Her tears triggered the beast in Xavier as he was hell bound on piercing the uttermost parts of her heart with more words of pain."You weren't special, not to me…" Sophia couldn't take any more of this memory flashback, so she forced herself right out of it.She was tearing up more and more, so she put her hands in the faucet and back to her face. All along, the classic, James Arthur'
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Hyacinth the Pious
"Don't call me back. You made your choice and I've made mine." Hyacinth said in her British accent angrily as she hung up her transparent beautifully curved hologram mobile device which immediately erased the pixels-in-person image that it projected from it.198 days earlier"Are you sure we can't get you to change your mind, Hyacinth?" Dolly asked her daughter with care as she sat at the edge of her bed."I've made up my mind, mum. I'm not going to Mars. That's not what God would want" Hyacinth audaciously replied her mum."Are you really going to miss out on the very first amazing thing that has happened to man's history in so long because your Bible tells you so?" Dolly asked with an irritated glance towards Hyacinth's face. "Yes, mum. Have a nice time outside of God's Earth. Mars needs you, a whole lot more than I do. I'll be just fine." Hyacinth retorted as she got up to look outside her room's window.Hyacinth was an 18 year old religious Christian from a very wealthy family, a
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Burn, Fire!
There's no night-life worldwide that comes any close to that of Ibiza. Mencia was dressed in an all-white bikini and thong as the life of the party that she'd always been as she danced along the brownish white shores of the beach with traces of ashes littered across it. It was no accident that she was the most followed celebrity on the planet with 470 million followers across all Holo+ social media platforms. She owed most of this to her sexy body and mind-bending curves.This party was not about the 19 year old. It was her sister, Estella's 22nd birthday. Estella had been under attack by a variety of journalists and tabloids for being opposed to popularity and being 'low-key' but that didn't matter to her. Estella walked hand-in-hand with her American boyfriend, Justin, as she smiled towards the crowd she met upon her arrival. There were no little than 200 half naked bodies gyrating and drinking around the evening bonfire that flamed fiercely. This was not her doing. Mencia was the
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Chaos and what feels like Yesterday
With a hundred heels on the run and a dozen people falling on to the ground, the only source of light, the bonfire, was put out by the rushing wind that accompanied the waves which were a few feet away from the shore.The screams worsened in the face of the darkness with people colliding with each other and noises that sounded like utter pains from stampede filled every angle of the place."Vvvvzzzooommmshhhhh" The sound alongside discordant tides crashed multiple times with the weight of people's voices sounding muffled as they drowned in its weight and impact."Mencia? Don't let go. Let's keep going" Justin said as he tried his every best to stay coordinated in his speech making process.Mencia couldn't speak. She was only doing one thing, breathing, and she wasn't doing it well enough as Justin kept dragging her away from the chaos behind them to some place ahead that they could not see."Gabriel! Gabriel" A girl screamed with a heavily teary voice from somewhere close to the fleei
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Nuclear Showers Hit Blanket of Tears
It was 3:09PM in the city of Petrograd, Russia and Anna was at the World War III Memorial Park sitting next to her squatting dog by one of the ultra-modern benches spread across the park. She inhaled the air and it still was not clear and as clean as she remembered.Anna's husband was a war veteran who passed away about 7 years ago. She had not felt this much peace in a while. She smiled slowly and her wrinkled eyes smiled from the right edges, too. She had every reason to be happy in this moment. Her husband was a brave soldier who gave his all into serving his country and seeing a monumental Hologram Edifice right before her just made his efforts make sense to her.The war might have been pointless as she'd always believed, but her husband was not a coward and this honourable place was worthy of the efforts he invested."Can you hear me, Vladimir?" Anna said with a warm smile clothing her much wrinkled face as she caressed the hair of her dog's head softly. Anna stared into blank
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Bunker goes Bonkers
Petrograd was one of the many cities attacked by the nuclear bombs which fired themselves into the air and decimated the population of cities like Pyongyang, Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, New Delhi, Washington D.C, Georgia, New York, Moscow and Jerusalem recording astronomical casualties, many of which could not be recorded or confirmed.With towers torn into halves and skyscrapers crashing down and smaller buildings caving into the earth, there was utter chaos and destruction around the world. The trees that prospered along the Park's road and side, big and small began to wither and fold in slowly. What was this?Here, at Petrograd, six minutes into the crashing of the nuclear weapons that had showered the city in ruins and destruction, darkness began to form from within the sky. No, it was not within the sky. It was within the eye socket of everyone. One moment ago, there was chaos and enough daylight to see the terror that had just befallen this city and now, it was like there
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Poetry of Darkness
"Taaa" The cups sounded as they bounced slightly right off the floor. The countdown was down to 3 minutes and 13 seconds and as Peter turned his back to look at his daughter, Evgenii and son, Vova who just entered the room with faces of worry and fear of the unknown they weren't ready to accept, he looked upon their comely faces and smiled.His wife would have been proud of the amazing children he's raised but she had been dead ever since their birth. His children meant the whole world to him besides his work obsession. They ran towards their trembling dad who was about to crash hard on the ground with his face sweating profusely and his breath becoming unstable.He fell right into the arms of his twin children, gazed at their lovely velvet eyes yet again. Evgenii could not hold back her tears as she knew the hour of his death was upon them. Vova held on to his father's arm tightly as he held back the tears from falling from his eyes.All this time, Nicholay had already fallen to th
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