The Arcane Trickster

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The Arcane Trickster

By: Wright AtWater OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Asahel Couzens is a young man who lost his father earlier in his life, with only his mother left, he decided to partake in a ritual to awaken his class in hopes of joining the army to provide a better life for his sick mother, but, before he can start his life anew the kingdom he lives in is engulfed in chaos as civil war breaks out. If this wasn't enough bad news for the young man, his mother tragically passes away, leaving alone him completely alone in this chaotic world. Follow Asahel's journey as he discovers the secret of his family, his abilities, and the chaotic era of the world currently is.

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CHAPTER 1 - The Call of the Nameless
Asahel Couzens looked at the crowd around in a daze, it was the Year 534 of the Lunar Conclave, currently, at seventeen years of age, it was his first opportunity to be granted the gift of the goddess, most of the time only nobles would be granted this opportunity, after all, a Lunar Crystal is as valuable as its weight in gold if not more, but 5 years ago the Silver Council, the greatest authority of the Congregation of Unity signed the Treaty of the Revelation. The peasantry was elated, after all to them, awakening a useful Gift of the Goddess was a one-way ticket out of the misery of poverty, to Asahel it was the same, his dad, a civil servant for the country, died when he was barely six years old, luckily his father was an educated man and tried its best while alive to educate Asahel, making him learn to read, write and do simple arithmetic, a luxury and skill that few people at the botto
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CHAPTER 2 - The March of the Masses
Asahel received his Class Identification Plaque and bowed again to the white robbed priest, who in his turn gently smiled and patted his head with a hand. -“ Go now, child.” Said the priest as he turned back to the altar, “There is still quite some work for us to do here.” Asahel understood that the priest was telling him to not linger any longer on the altar, after all, the line behind him wasn’t getting any smaller. Dashing out of the altar, he wanted to head home and tell the news to his mom, but he was stopped by one of the men who received the ritual with him. -“ Hey man, we are the only people to get good classes in that batch, huh, My name is Hick, we should get together and chat sometime, afte
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CHAPTER 3 - Dedication and Curiosity
 Reynald was running around in joy with a sword he gained from Derwyn, his uncle who was the leader of an escort group that worked with local merchant's caravans, he always would pass a few days in Reynald's dad’s house when he was in town, Derwyn sometimes taught him how to use a sword, Reynalds love and determination for Knights came from his uncle who has awakened the Shield Bearer class in his second awakening. The party was joyful, Reynald's family treated Asahel and Lucia as family members, so nobody was out of place. Reynald mother’s and Lucia were talking at the table, Lucia looked a lot healthier and more energetic after the good news. Reynald and Asahel were talking with Derwyn, the two young men were enthusiastically asking the older and more experienced man questions, Reynald was having a hard tim
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Asahel barely slept that night, only falling asleep when it was almost morning, he woke up  almost at 10’o clock confused, it was rare for him to lose one morning of work, he was mentally drained from thinking all night about how to revolve his situation and finally decided to sell his dad’s old book collection.   Books were expensive so the entire collection could help his mother sustain herself in his absence, but he knew his mother would never agree to it, so he would do it in secret, he jumped out of his bed and exited his room.   He looked around his house and didn’t find his mother in the living room, by this time she generally would be sewing things there, so he checked her room and she wasn’t there too, Asahel was surprised, he didn't t
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Derwyn began their training with some exercise and basic movements, Reynald and Asahel performed sets of movements without rest for hours, Asahel was excited to train at first, but soon his arms started to get sore and he could barely keep his dagger up. As Asahel sat down to rest, Reynald too stopped his training, he still looked energetic, but he was bored of this type of training. -” Hey Uncle, Hey Uncle, why don't we spar, I already did so many sets.” Asahel thought that Reynald energy was neverending. -” Tsk, what good sparing is? You need to polish your basics first.” Derwyn looked a bit annoyed, Reynald was too unruly to take training seriously, Derwyn wanted to train Reynald seriously, after all, the young man was gifted with a strong body and a rare class. Read more
-” Hey get up, this time let's attack from different sides.” Reynald had a determined look on his face.Asahel got up and held his dagger again, he focused on Derwyn and nodded towards Reynald. The two dashed once again, Reynald on the left and Asahel on the right, as they approached Derwyn Reynald thrust his sword. Asahel was completely focused on Derwyn movements, he knew that he was faster than the two of them, so he needed to react as soon as he moved. Derwyn's stick moved fast towards Reynald's sword, Asahel took the chance and tried to slash towards Derwyn belly. Reynald was smiling as he saw the stick coming from his sword, he put even more strength in his thrust wanting to break it, yet to his surprise, when the stick hit the side of his sword the stick didn't break, w
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-” Oh? This took quite the interesting turn.” Derwyn grinned, he looked at Asahel and then towards Reynald and held his stick like a sword. Derwyn observed the two for a few seconds and moved towards Asahel, who instantly jumped back, seeing the boy retreat he stopped and turned to Reynald that was performing a thrust towards him. -” Your form is horrible, with no speed, and no precision.” Derwyn's grin only grew wider as he saw Reynald retreat as he saw him turn towards him. “ Did my kicks hurt? You two are so careful now.” Derwyn tried to provoke them. Reynald gritted his teeth and was about to rush towards him again when Asahel screamed. “DON'T LISTEN TO HIM!” Asahel scream made Reynald stop. “ The range of your thrust
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Derwyn still held Asahel's dagger, when he saw the two approaching him again, he threw it towards him. He wanted the end things now, but the boys were still willing to continue, so he decided to follow them. Asahel picked up his dagger and spit a mixture of saliva and blood, his tired gaze from just a moment ago was replaced by the eyes of a falcon eyeing his prey. Reynald too had changed in this spar, he had a disciplined and serious attitude, he wasn't moving wildly as before, and even tried to use the movements as Derwyn taught him. Derwyn watched as the two took position again and nodded towards them with a prideful gaze, before that he recognized their talent and potential, now he recognized their efforts and determination. -” How about making this our final bout?
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Derwyn had a gentle smile as he noticed the blood driping from his wirst, in the end, the two had won. He wasnt ashemed of admiting defeat as he was proud of their performance. Derwyn walked towards Asahel and put his wirst near his face, Asahel thought that he was trying to help him get up, horever as he looked closer, he too noticed the small cut.   Asahel felt relivied, his efforts were paid off, a feeling of hapiness washed over him. His entire body hurt, but he didnt mind and tried to sit down. Its only after the spar finished that he and Reynald noticed their mother watching them.   The two ladies had a proud look on their faces, the boys performance was a great spectacle ot them. Merthia saw that the spar had finished and ran towards Reynald. He held him and caressed his head.   Read more
Chapter 10 - Battle Focus
  Asahel was at a loss for words when he returned, the magical feeling of floating around still fresh in his mind. Asahel was at a loss for words when he returned, the magical feeling of floating around still fresh in his mind.   "That was so unexpected; I never expected to be able to float around so freely." Asahel had a gleam of excitement in his eyes.  

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