The Billionaire's Trials

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The Billionaire's Trials

By: Victoria T.O CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"He's just a piece of shit who wasn't worth my time," - Ex-wife. "I managed to get what I want from him so I don't need him anymore," - Former best friend. "That lad has the potential! He's going to be my next heir!,"- Godfather. Leo lost platinum and gained a diamond instead! From that moment, he plotted his revenge on those who had made him grovel at their feet.

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  • Ummi Yahaya


    Highly recommented. The book is worth reading. It's filled with life lessons and wisdom.

    2023-05-18 00:31:20
  • Quincy


    Worth the time.

    2023-03-03 04:46:03
  • Franklin Adedeji


    I love the flow of this story. James' murder gave me the chills. Might just give up on my ethics for now and continue reading this.

    2023-02-01 01:11:36
  • Victoria T.O


    Dear readers, stable updates will commence December 1st. Thanks for the wait꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡

    2022-11-29 04:45:26
  • Corazon Palma


    Boring from the start of reading but it seems that the story flows so wonderful .

    2022-11-25 19:51:13
  • Mary


    I don't know why this book hasn't got any reviews. It's intriguing and interesting. My favourite chapter so far is 'what are you wearing?' The story might seem boring but it's actually very interesting and I love it. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.

    2022-09-08 00:01:17
  • Ummi Aida


    Fantastic job author. worth my time

    2023-04-13 12:13:35
  • Christina Estrada-misloski



    2023-01-01 14:24:11
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172 chapters
001: Nostalgia
Glasswares made clinking sounds as a loud laughter boomed in the hall every now and then. People were standing in pairs of two's and three's. Everyone is trying to build a social network. Leo's breath was disgruntled as he stood in front of the huge entrance door. He couldn't find it in himself to remain calm no matter how he tried. He could hear loud laughter coming from inside. He looked down at the rough but decent suit he was wearing, paired with black worn-out shoes that still looked presentable for tonight's events. This will have to do. He took a step forward and the doors flew open. He wasn't prepared for the sudden opening cause he froze a little bit. Everywhere quietened when the door flew open. People were anxiously looking at the direction of the door, wanting to see which distinguished business man or woman had arrived. Leo was sure that he heard loud gasps when he walked in. He tried not to feel nervous at the questioning eyes on him or waver at the scorching lo
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002: Meeting Mr Greene.
Leo clapped absentmindedly with the rest of the crowd but his eyes stayed on the stage. The second reason why he is at the banquet tonight is to meet the mastermind of all these. He wants to meet the mysterious Mr Greene, the man that had single handedly led Greene's conglomerate to success for years. The man seems to be the only solution to his current problem. If he could just meet up with Mr Greene once, perhaps he'd be able to convince him... Convince him to help him in creating another PLATINUM. Perhaps the man will be convinced to help him in creating a new jewelry company. Just one word from the man, it can easily make Leo's worries disperse. Even though barely anyone knows who Mr Greene is or what he looks like because his conglomerate has always been headed by representatives, everyone actually holds that man in high accord. If Mr Greene is willing to sponsor his new business idea, he is certain that he would make another insurmountable feat in the business world and p
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003: Sudden Revelation Of His Identity!
"Sir... What... Did... You... How...," Leo couldn't form a complete sentence. He just kept on stuttering till James explained,"I have been searching for you too." James smiled sadly,"I never even knew you were right under my nose. You don't know how long I have been searching for you Leo. I searched for years. Why did you change your name? Why did you change the name your father gave you?" Leo looked down, not having an answer to that. He didn't know what to say. James coughed and stood up. "We will talk about that later. How have you been Leo? This isn't what your father would have wanted for you. It's not even what I as your godfather would want for you," Leo didn't know why he felt like the man spoke with disappointment. So he is James Greene... The same Greene! And he is also his godfather... Leo could feel his head spinning. His supposedly godfather is the wealthy James Greene everyone adores. Leo couldn't describe how he felt at that moment. Excited? Stunned? Shocked? Ner
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004: Final Decision.
Three days later, Leo examined the spacious reception room, looking through the transparent glass windows and doors. He felt out of place, just sitting there, watching employees scurry to and fro. He tapped his fingers repeatedly on the seat as he glanced at the old, cracked watch on his wrist. He's been waiting there for the past forty five minutes but no one attended to him. He tried to approach the receptionist earlier but after giving him a quick look, she ignored him and he was forced to find a seat. Was this how his own receptionist used to behave to people? The thought slowly seeped in his mind. Did she use to treat people based on their appearances? Did she cast them out if they weren't well dressed like him? "Excuse me mister," A feminine voice interrupted the chain of thoughts in Leo's head. He looked up and saw that the receptionist finally noticed him. He stood up hurriedly, clutching the bag in his hand tightly. Not like a treasure was in it. It's just the cont
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005: Who is pressurizing him here!?
Leo didn't miss the opportunity to look around the floor as they walked to where he assumes to be Mr Greene's office. He stared back at the employees that pretended to be carrying out their various tasks, hiding how they were stealing glances at him. Jake finally stopped in front of a door which had a golden plated sign at the door. Leo read the three letter words out loud,'C-E-O.' Jake opened the door and walked in. Leo followed closely behind. "Here he is Mr Greene," Jake reported with a bow. James nodded, his eyes fixed on Leo. "You can leave. Ask one of the staff to bring refreshments later," James dismissed him. Leo stood by till the door closed quietly. "Why are you standing over there? Come here and take a seat," James pointed at the seats in front of him. Leo nodded and walked to the seats. Earlier, he wasn't actually thinking of anything else than meeting Mr Greene and informing him that he's made his decision. But now, he feels paranoid. What if Mr Greene has change
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006: Grandfather... How do I look?
Leo sniffed and nodded. He wiped the corner of his eyes and read the remaining part of the agreement. The few things Mr James mentioned to him earlier were in it. He continued reading until he saw another baffling request in the agreement. "Grandfather!," He called out, making James turn to look at him sharply. James already knows why Leo called his attention so he just stared back and waited to hear what he had to say. "I have to bear the family's name also?," Leo sounded confused. James nodded. "After signing this agreement, you would be allowed to bear the family name. That is if you want to. Did you read it well? I am not making it compulsory for you to carry on my legacy. It's just a...," He let his words trail off. Leo blinked. It's just what? Why is he leaving his words halfway? "I understand," He assured James and then swiftly signed in the required places. He's gone through the agreement and has no other complaints. He has realized that everything written in the agre
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007: He's not my brother... He'll never be my brother!
"Old age must be making grandfather go crazy! How could he have even thought of something like that!?," This feminine shrill was what welcomed Leo's presence in the foyer. He stopped walking and gave James a questioning look. "Mom, remind me why grandfather still hasn't gone to the retirement home yet? Isn't he old enough?," Leo's eyes widened at the rude words the unknown female spat out. "Let's go," James nudged, not showing any reaction at the rude words that were clearly directed at him. "That's my father you are talking about. What the heck is wrong with you Heaven?," The second voice made Leo realize that it's not one person that's in the sitting room. There are two... Two females. "Well, he is my grandfather!," Leo finally walked in and saw the lady that had been causing the ruckus. His nose scrunched up as her outfits were the first thing that caught his eyes. Why is she wearing such a short skirt? Her top even has stripes all over to the extent that he can see the co
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008: He lost platinum and gained a diamond instead!
#Mason's Group Of Companies Acquired Tim's Group Successfully# Leo's eyes turned rigid as he watched Scott smiling happily in a video that was tagged to the headline. The bastard acquired one more asset to his name, making another stance in the business world. He increased the volume of his phone and the room resounded with Scott's voice as he entertained the media happily. "This wouldn't be a success if it wasn't for the capable team backing me up," Scott's words were loud and clear as he pointed to a group of people. The media and the crowd cheered loudly as familiar faces stepped on the stage. Leo shook with anger as he watched the people he had painstakingly trained for years standing behind Scott. Everyone of them is an employee of Platinum. People he had brought up from scratch and modified their talents. Now someone else is reaping off their success. Leo switched off the phone in anger and threw it on the bed. He drained his wine quickly and filled the glass to the bri
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009: Something is amiss...
"Have you been waiting for long?," Leo's shoes made a low sound as he walked to Jake. The latter was holding a bundle of files in his hands. "No sir," He shook his head. He did not dare tell Leo that he had actually been in the office earlier trying to sort out the files and simplify Leo's work on his first day like the chairman had instructed him to. "Shall we?," Leo motioned and he nodded before finally walking into the room. Leo sucked in a deep breath as he looked around the room in amazement. He felt like he had entered an entirely different room from the one he stayed in yesterday. What the heck happened to the room? Everything has been totally transformed into... A different chic style. Everything in his favorite color. His eyebrows rose involuntarily at this. Without waiting to be asked, Jake explained,"The chairman ordered the redecoration of this office according to your taste as soon as you left the office yesterday." Leo nodded. What more has the old man doing for
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010: A Lowlife Billionaire
So he didn't have to go through the stress of walking to the front. He noticed that the chair at the head of the table was vacant. James was sitting on a chair next to that one. He smiled as soon as he saw Leo walk in. He gestured to him to sit on the chair. The employees exchanged glances curiously as Leo advanced to the chair reserved just for the Ceo. Some of them could barely resist displaying their surprise when he sat down. Their curious gazes were immediately directed to James, demanding for an explanation. When Leo finally sat down, James stood up. Jake was standing behind Leo like he always does for James but now that James has handed that power to Leo, he'd sworn to serve Leo just as he served James. He was holding his notepad as always. "Good morning Ceo James!," The employees chorused. James didn't respond to their greetings. Instead, he shook his head to show his displeasure. "You should show respect to your new Ceo instead," He pointed at Leo and the room turned
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