The Chosen Six

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The Chosen Six

By: Nicky Flamez OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A group of teenagers were selected to become mages of a dying world, they are to pass through a test in a form of a school setting. The world of Alzdaar was in war, the war between mankind and demons, the war has gotten to a brink, so a prophecy was made that there were six chosen humans who can end the war.

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37 chapters
"Aghhhhh" The sound of claws cutting through flesh echoed through out the city, the soldiers were in a rush to stop the advance of the monsters lead by the demons, "Where are the mages? they were suppose to be protecting the boundary to the city" one of the soldiers yelled out before being cut into two, the monsters overwhelming numbers and strength were too much for the weak soldiers, the city was over run by monsters in a matter of minutes... "Retreat protect the people and retreat, the mages has been wiped out, we are on our own, everyone retreat to the portal" A soldier who looked like the Head of the soldiers yelled out, cutting off a monster head, the monsters were blue, they had scales, with sharp fangs and claws, they had heads that looked like frogs and rabid dogs combined, they were ugly as hell and they smiled when they were slaughtering the soldiers, as if they were enjoying themselves."Retreaaaat" the Head soldier screamed at the top of his lungs, "Ahhh, this fucking mon
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"Mum, mum, mum, I have been given a scholarship by one of the best schools in city Z" Nicholas ran to meet his mum, after reading the content of the letter delivered to them."Calm down son, what is it? speak slowly, I can't understand any thing you are saying dear" Miranda said while smiling at her son, who was clearly out of breath from his long run, her crystal clear blue eyes sparkled, her long wavy blue hair falling silently on her shoulders, she was a beautiful woman going to her mid thirties, but she still looked like she was in her early twenties."Mum I just got a scholarship into the "Glorious Academy" in city Z, that famous school that only a select few students every year"Nicholas said happily with a bright smile on his face, he felt proud, he was turning 15 soon and he was going to attend Glorious Academy a dream school for most people."Nicholas did you seat for the scholarship?, why were you selected?" Miranda asked a bit puzzled."This was also puzzling to me mom, but
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A huge hologram appeared in the large hall and a man, who doesn't really look like a man, he had white long beard, his hair was white, he was white, he looked like a professor, he was on white robe, but the strange thing about this man was his ears, they were longer than normal, and these shocked the six of the teenagers that were sitting there."Hello chosen ones, you have been brought here to attend our glorious Mage Academy, but before you can become a member you would have to pass through a test" the man from the hologram said with a placid smile."Hey hey we heard nothing about a test, we were told that we were chosen as scholarship students nothing more, and what do you mean by our glorious Mage Academy, we were admitted to Glorious Academy, there was nothing like Mage, are we in a movie? this ain't funny" Carter replied back, he was hot blooded male, who cannot sit still for a minute, when Carter was screaming at the hologram, Nicholas on the other hand was observing the man in
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Test 2
"Hello everyone my name is Nicholas, shall we all introduce ourselves before the test starts" Nicholas said with a smile, he was being friendly because if they want to survive they would all have to work together."The name is Carter pretty boy and who put you in charge?" Carter the boy that have been rampaging and screaming ever since said, looking like a teenage tyrant."Don't mind him he is always grumpy, my name is Derrick, nice to meet you" the other boy said with a polite smile towards Derrick, his smile was really refreshing, 'a typical handsome boy' Nicholas thought to himself, forgetting he himself was still handsome."The name is Ivy, pleasure to meet you" 'wow what a melodious voice with a beautiful face' Nicholas thought to himself but smiled politely back at the girl, she was the girl who had a bun, with her purple hair and purple eyes."My name is Lily, pleasure to meet you" she said while giggling, she was the curious girl who asked if the man in the hologram was on a c
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Test 3
Derrick ran towards the nearest building he could see, his mind were a mess 'what have I gotten myself into, is this the end for me' Derrick was panting and running and came into a small building, the inside wasn't large but it was still empty, just a few boxes that was inside, it was like it was used for a store room.'I was so proud of gaining a scholarship into one of the best schools in city Z, only to find out that I have entered into a life and death situation' Derrick mind was running amok, he looked around aimlessly only to pick up the boxes that were lying around and using them to block the doors, he sat behind the door resting his back behind all the boxes he had placed shivering.Meanwhile Ivy and Lily were together, they ran towards an empty small building only to find two Roaches inside the building, Ivy took two red balls out of her bag and immediately threw them towards both Roaches, immediately they caught fire, they both incinerated and turned into ash."Ahh ahh ahh
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Test 4
"Holy shit we are screwed, we are so fucking screwed" Carter whispered to himself, the mammoth saw them and most of the neighboring monsters, and they began approaching the clocktower.The monsters approaching the trio drained all the blood from their faces, thier biggest fear was the mammoth, that can flatten the whole clock tower with it's trunk.Derrick was still shivering in the store room he locked up himself in, nobody knows what he was whispering to himself, shivering as he sat down there like a lost puppy, he was so scared he couldn't do anything and just sat there.A Hog Goger was approaching the store room which Derrick hid, and it started punching the wall with full force, the wall shattered into pieces, the Hog Goger smiled devishly at the petrified Derrick.'Move legs, move legs, move, please move' Derrick thought in his mind while crying pitiful, he couldn't monster the strength to run anymore, he didn't want to die but the fear in him was greater than the motivation, 'o
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Test 5
Meanwhile the trio, who were in a bad position were so scared that they froze for some seconds before they immediately decided to climb down as fast as possible, due to the huge size of the mammoth it was normally slow, so Nicholas, Carter and Freya decided to climb down immediately to avoid the mammoth, it was a monster they couldn't kill, and they could only avoid it when they see it."Let's quickly run downstairs and escape this monster before we are all flattened, the remaining monsters are already gaining on us" Nicholas screamed grabbing Freya's hand who was confused at first before a tinge of red appeared on her face, before storming downstairs.Carter followed suit behind them running as fast as he could, he wished he had an extra pair of legs right now, 'what kind of psycho test is this?' 'they only wanted us dead or what?' Carter thought to himself, he was scared that this could be all his fault, he has been running his mouth around wanting to hog all the attention but this
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Test 6
Seeing the situation they were in, the mammoth has seen them dodging the falling debris and killing the monsters on the rampage, the person who first noticed the mammoth looking at them was Carter, he was petrified at first but decided to push Nicholas who was closest to him towards the mammoth to distract it for him to run away, if Nicholas get killed it wasn't his concern he never liked that too know it all, taking all the limelight away from him, 'this wasn't payback but survival, don't hate me in your next life you damn idiot' Carter thought before apparently gathering his strength and pushing Nicholas towards the mammoth and running the other way."Ahhhh ahhh" Nicholas rolled down on the floor after screaming the unexpected push pulled him very close the mammoth, Freya eyes were blazing with anger when she saw this, she shouted "Nicholas" seeing how Nicholas was rolling towards the huge mammoth, she feared that Nicholas was already doomed 'this idiot has done this again, if I ca
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"Stop scaring the kids Darius" the Archmage spoke looking at the young looking elf, he was the one who addressed them earlier and he was the one who brought them here after giving them the test, he was the one they were more familiar with.Nicholas was looking at the white beared elf, who seems too real to be a joke, the ordeal they just passed through made him realize that nothing happening now is a joke."Umm excuse me, we passed your test can we go home now, I don't want the scholarship again, I can't seem to get any signal here, please can you take me back home" Lily said with a sorry face, she looked like who was about to cry and the way she was pleading she wanted to go home was heart breaking."Kids calm down let me introduce myself and the people gathered around the table, before we begin" the Archmage said while stroking his beard."My name is Chandelier but you can call me Archmage, this is what am normally called, the old man who is a bit muscular over there is called high
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"First of all, all of you are no longer on earth, you are in a world called Alzdaar" the Archmage said while looking at the children, their reactions were really amusing to Archmage Chandelier, most of them seemed like their whole world has came crashing down, two of them looking confused about what the Archmage just said."What the fuck do you mean we are no longer on earth anymore" yes this was Carter shouting again, the remaining five should elect him as their speaker because he seemed like he had no fear of speaking out when need be."What I meant is you are no longer on earth, okay to put it in simple words you have been summoned to another world" Archmage Chandelier said holding his forehead, he was already tired of this blabbering fool, if not he was among the chosen six, he would have already kicked him out already, Archmage Chandelier couldn't remember when last he spoke so much."How come we are in another world, I don't remember us passing through a portal to another world"
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