Reincarnated In An Apocalypse

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Reincarnated In An Apocalypse

By: Innocent Asian OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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11 people from different norms of lives, hidden pasts, and unfadeable regrets brought together by the god himself to face their destined death. A group of immortality seekers with rarely anyone sane, controlled by the devil creating chaos for the world. An unknown king from an unknown era being enlightened by the death of a loved one. A wise and gentle queen pushed to the hatred by slowly going insane king. Is everything going to turn out to be destined like every other possible time or will something unexplainable help them out?

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“Amira, you have finished your task. What will you choose now, dear?” It is a calm voice, full of sweetness; giving peace to her confused and scared heart. "Where is it? Am I dead? Who are you?" Amira is still in a daze. The mental and physical pain she felt earlier is slowly withering off. Her mind is getting clearer and clearer with every passing second. She looked around in search of the voice."Your death and life are in your hands, Amira. It was your choice to go to the world again. Now coming back to me or going back to him is your choice. You can't see me, Amira; stop looking around. Close your eyes and feel it. You will understand everything."Amira listened to the voice and did as the voice asked her to do. Soon, millions of memories came rushing to her brain. Her last life and the present one all replayed in her mind. Everything was clearly visible. She felt every moment as if it was not just a memory. She had the same feelings as she felt in those memories.She remembers e
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The beginning
7 DAYS earlierOtto, living a hard life, making other’s life hard, thinks he is the most unlucky person in the world.Hugo finally got a chance to revive.6 teenage friends, all thinking they are true to others, but at the same time are hiding their pain because it’s hard to share. Each thinking, “I am the most miserable one”.Fred, a driver; who had his life coming from hero to zero because of his ‘trusted one’,Emmy, a carefree soul, pulled in all these happenings just because it’s her fate.Delrina, after learning an important lesson, is trying to save her mother’s life.Each one of these 11 thinks they are going to start new soon, leaving their past behind, unaware of the hanging sword on their heads. Among them is a chosen one, who'll save the world, and correcting her past life mistake.……A group of tomb raiders, turning to immortality, influenced by the devil who’s determined to end the existence of god, is willing to go to all the limits, just to fulfill his desire for unlim
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Berry was still sitting on the dirty stair. Zale didn't mind sitting there either. The lobby had only natural lighting. Everything looked beautiful and peaceful, with the slow sound of the raindrops in the background.Berry looked at each of them slowly, one by one, before sighing a deep sigh. I know that this palace is supposed to stay hidden at all costs, but I can't do that alone. I'll just let them know about the palace as well and get some money. He thought to himself and started,"My grandfather told me this tale of the king of immortals, and I saw that palace once when I was young. I can help you."Berry knew the story, but there were so many loose ends to it. Moreover, people from his ancestry treated it like a fairy tale, so with the passage of time, there were so many changes in this story.Berry was about to start the story when suddenly he saw the person from last night again. It was the one who was being stabbed by a kid. That person was crying in the arms of a beautiful
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Basically, everything these 4 are going to do is controlled by the devil. And Berry is someone with a mysterious past life, with the ability to give the upper hand, either to the god or the devil. ... God took his action way earlier. All the eleven people the devil chose are already coming together in a single place. And the first person is this girl, who just got a taste of the truth of the human heart. 19 June 2019 "I finally got a boyfriend after so long!! You know Tim, I had a crush on him ever since.... umm ever since when? I don't remember. But I already had a crush on him and today he asked me out. It's still hard to believe. He's so popular. Why would he date me?! Timmy, I am so happy today." Delrina was overflowing with happiness. Timmy and Delrina are best friends. They are inseparable. Their friendship is so famous if one is walking around alone, random people on the street start asking about the other one. Both of them were sitting in their usual place. It is Timmy
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Berry quickly closed the curtains and went to the bed. He had a single bed near the window. There was an almirah right in the front corner and a small table under the window. Rest of the room was empty and the door was right in the alternating corner of the almirah. He was laying on the bed and still had those stars shining in his eyes. Soon he fall asleep.He was initially facing the wall, later he turned around half asleep. He caught a glimpse of someone in his room. It was a small kid. The same who stabbed someone in his earlier illusions. He was sitting on the floor with his face in his knees. He looked miserable. Suddenly, the boy heard something. He picked himself up with great difficulty and moved forward. A new face entered Berry's sight. He looked like a guard. He gave that boy a dagger and told him something in an ancient language. Berry had some knowledge of ancient languages and he understood a word or two. And he was sure that this guard was trying to manipulate him. He t
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7 July 2020 Another among these 11 people is Hugo, and he is having a hard time financially. "Let me cook today, dear. " Hugo looked lovingly at his wife. "You look differently happy today. You took the kids to the park and now you wanna cook. Any good news?" Mrs. Hugo was satisfied just at the sight of him being happy. "Nothing special. I just feel like cooking today." "Ok, Mr. chef, I would love to taste your cooking every day. I'll enjoy the food sprinkled with your love." "Then wait with the kids outside." "Yes, sir!" Mrs. Hugo was an easygoing, cheerful lady; the reason for him going on till now. But now he just can't bear the sight of his wife working so hard. She always pretended that everything was alright, but he is aware of how alright everything has always been for her ever since she married him. Now he has found a way out of these all difficulties of their life. He decided that he'll just end this miserable life of everyone along with his own. He cooked very delic
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"Oh yes, I almost forgot that I am on the ground" Hugo smiled, embarrassed and took his hand.Cook got up and smiled a little at him."Woo, it smells so good. What is it? Let me guess, it smells of qwerty vegetables and Italian type spieces. Wait, is that some new pork recipe?"Everyone was fond of his cooking in the whole town but, till now no one was ever able to describe the ingredients of his dishes even after eating them let alone that this person didn't even look at it. He gave the exact list of the ingredients in just a few seconds."Who are you? What is your profession?" Hugo was not a social person, he had no idea about etiquette, he was just curious about what type of person was standing in front of him.'Wait wait wait, what?! You are asking these things to a stranger you just met? Did you bump your head somewhere?" The stranger asked while taking a closer look."What do you mean?""I mean, This is not the right way you thank someone.""Oh, I was just curious about you beca
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A glimpse of future?
Hugo got his passion and life back, and Delrina got a chance to correct her mistake. But is that all? Or is there more than what meets the eye?...Berry carefully heard the sizzling voices for quite a while before finally the light lit. Everything was visible now. Berry was too stunned to do anything when he saw what was happening in front of him. He saw Orion, Zale, Archer, and Liam standing around a tall pillar. They were looking at it with a bit of cautiousness and a lot of excitement. Archer and Liam had bruises on their faces and shoulders. Whereas Orion had a deep cut on his right arm and Zale had a pale complexion.But what shocked him was not this. He saw himself standing along with all of them, scared and about to run away. Berry has no idea "what is going on?" He spoke it out aloud, but no one heard it. He spoke louder, but no one responded. It was more as if they were unable to hear him. Looking closely, he realized that they were not in the forest anymore. The surrounding
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I'll be back soon...
Mrs. Otto just cried in her mother's arms for a while until his father took them both inside the house. They all sat in the living room silently for a while. Her mother, Clara, finally dared to ask once more. She is sad for her daughter. How did someone so gorgeous turn into something like her? It's been years since they saw each other. Clara clearly remembers the face people didn't get tired of looking at. But unless she tells them what is wrong, how can they possibly help her?Nora just shook her head in a no. She kept staring at the walls of the house.'How happy I used to be when I was here. I left my parents alone for such a long time just for someone who doesn't even care about me, even when I am the only one alive who they can depend upon. Now I will spend the rest of my life with my parents, taking care of them. I don't need anyone to feed me.' Nora thought to herself and slowly her gloomy face gained a small smile.She smiled at her parents."Your daughter is finally back." S
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Real Story
...Berry's story was true to some extent, but there were so many made-up tales added to it by his ancestors...."You should stop now. You are supposed to be the role model for our empire; if you believe in such dark superstitions, what will happen to our countrymen?" The queen was fed up with the King now.First, he made her move out of the palace to an isolated place, where she had to suffer even for daily necessities. She is not a greedy or luxury-loving person, but still, the problems she is going through don't even make sense. Why does she need to be away from the palace? It's not like the king was cheating on her. If it was so, then still she could still have tolerated her suffering, thinking of them as her fate.It was still adjustable, but that was not the only reason for her anger. She just recently found out that the king was going crazy for eternal life. She tried to talk sense in him, but all in vain.Now she understood the saying of never-ending greed. The king has every
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