Ch 4: The Home of the Wood Elves

Marcus didn’t imagine this night to bring problems one after the another and this problem before him got in the way of getting to the preys.

Nonetheless, to him this is just another thing to remove from the way, so Marcus made the first move charging straight at the wood elf male.

The male wood elf was ready as he swung his short sword in a downward move.

Marcus easily dodges it then strikes back with one of the daggers to cut the side of one of the legs.

After that, he quickly made another move once behind the wood elf slashing down a dagger into his back.

That wood elf cries out in pain then sends one elbow back to hit the one attacking him, but it fails when Marcus takes a step back right in time.

Then move closer back closer to slash sideways across the chest of the wood elf then back smack him in the face hard as he falls back.

“Is this all a wood elf like you have to show to look how easily I am beating.”

Marcus says enjoying this moment but knows he can’t have fun for much longer.

“Do you believe you have won already, I am still alive and willing to keep on fighting you.”

“Not much longer wood elf.” when Marcus said that he charge pushing him against a tree

After that bite into his neck to soon tear off a piece of its flesh off with his teeth allow the blood to pour onto him.

Marcus went back to bite into the neck drinking up the blood until done with the body letting it fall onto the ground.

He then wiped away some blood then looked up at the sky noticing that night was coming to a close end.

“Great another night wasted, I was so close to fixing this, but thanks to these elves getting away they are gone. Well, for now, I will find them again the next night and end it.”

Marcus looks at the wood elf laying on the ground dead, this tells him that there are more of them deep within the area the queen and princess will be there as that wood female elf would be there.

“Well, I best get some rest then.”


Deep within the woods lies a village of wood elves who were up and moving about with their daily life as the sun was up.

Not long those who were on watch for any sign of trouble saw three fingers running toward their home.

They saw one was one of them and familiar with it, but the other two were humans following behind the Queen and her daughter.

Once all three of them were inside and stopped in certain other woods, elves gathered around them.

“What is the meaning of this Sineat, why have you brought these humans to our home and where is your brother?”

One of the wood elves asks these questions. 

“Father! I do not have enough time to explain all I can say is we must go back brother is in danger and will need help.”

Sineat's father looked at her, seeing the worried expression on the elf girl's face, then turned his attention to the two human females, noticing how tired and scared they were.

“Very well someone takes these two humans somewhere to stay and rest and make sure to place guards to keep watch over them.”

The queen and her daughter were soon escorted by some wood elves to where these two will be staying at the time.

“Sineat takes us to where your brother is.” her father asked.

She then starts right away as her father and a few other wood elves follow behind.

After a time they all come to find Sineat's brother dead on the ground drain of blood with his neck ripped open.

“Brother no!.” Sineat cried out as she grabbed hold of his body in her arms while crying.

The father was also hurt by this to see his only son dead yet allow no tear to fall from his eyes.

he could tell what had done this one that is known to leave such a body in such a state as they are creatures who feed for blood and the night is their friend.

“Huntmaster who could do this to your son, his blood has been taken.” one of the wood elves with them asked.

“A creature that could do such a thing is well known to feed on blood and move only by night. That is called a Vampire.”

“A vampire!.” Sineat yelled out in surprise.

She looks at her father as he looks at her.

“That hooded attacker was one, I had no clue of that, I wouldn’t have stayed by his side to fight against such a creature.”

“Sineat my daughter explained how this happened.”

The wood elf girl did tell her father everything the night before this was her flat if she didn’t jump in to save those humans Sineat's brother would still be alive.

“I could see the sadness in you not being as your brother would not want that, he chose to stay and fight this thing on his own to save you. His death was not your fault, it was by the one who took your brother's life.”

“Yes, father and I would gladly make that thing pay for it.”

“No you will not, I have already lost one child, I will not lose another, return to our home, be with your mother and inform our Queen about those humans you brought back with you. I know she would like to know the reason they were in our lands.”

“No, I will not leave your side as well, I can not repeat that mistake father.”

Sineat was against it because listening to her brother has cost him his life and fear that doing the same with her father will happen again.

“You must as I am the huntmaster here with the duty to protect his people and deal with a problem as this besides, I think it best you tell your mother about your brother as she will need you to be by her side at the time.”

When hearing about her mother Sineat realizes that she must be informed of this and knows that it was bringing pain to her heart.

“I will return then father may you and those that follow be watched over by the earth spirit.”

After Sineat said that to her father she grabbed her brother carrying him back with her while the father and those of other wood elves stayed.

“Come let us hunt down the creature that has taken my son's life and uses the sun as our weapon against this Vampire.”

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