The Dark Side of the Heir

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The Dark Side of the Heir

By: Monica CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Michel, a worker who always received praise from his manager, suddenly faced a major problem when the task assigned by his manager turned out to be considered corrupt. Despite his insistence on his innocence, his friend James suddenly turned to support the manager and claimed that Michel deliberately made a mistake. Michel was fired and felt shattered, not knowing what to do next. However, when he returned home, he found his wife, Elera, laughing with a man named Erick. In his despair, suddenly a well-dressed person bowed and said, "Finally, we've found you, the heir."

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161 chapters
Part 1
The tall stack of papers instantly distracted the eyes of a man who had just finished stretching his muscles. That man was Michel. A private employee who works in one of the large and well-known companies in the city where he lives today. Although Michel's position is only limited to ordinary employees just like the others, there are still some employees in the place where Michel works who still feel jealous of the man. The reason is, every time the director comes down to their company to check on the performance of all of them, it is always Michel who is always praised by the director. When Michel had just taken a break, he was surprised by the arrival of the manager in his room. Moreover, the manager's gaze looked unusual at Michel. "What is this data? How can you input all the numbers in there with the wrong numbers? Can't you work properly?" Rio, the manager, gave Michel an unhappy look when the man made a mistake. Michel furrowed his brow, he was very sure that he had done e
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Part 2
Without hesitation, Michel immediately pulled the knob of the door to his room with his wife and opened the door wide. His eyes rounded perfectly when he saw two naked people on his bed. "Michel..." Elera was shocked when a man she recognized stood in the doorway of their room. As soon as possible, Elera grabbed whatever was beside her to cover her naked body. "What are you doing, Elera?! Who is this man?!" fumed Michel who would certainly never be able to accept all that. Michel's heart was completely broken, how could it not be! A disaster came twice in his life. Already this morning, Michel had to accept the fact that he had lost his permanent job, now Michel also had to accept the new fact that his wife had a relationship with another man. One thing that makes Michel's heart hurt even more is the position of his wife's body, who is currently not wearing a single thread on her body. Without having to ask again, Michel actually already understood that they were having a rela
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Part 3
There was a sound that came from throwing a large bag and a suitcase containing all of Michel's clothes. "I've packed all your things. There's nothing left. You can leave here immediately." Elera threw all the belongings of Michel, who would soon become her ex-husband. Michel's face looked incredulously at Elera. In fact, the woman had prepared everything first. "I really didn't expect you to act like this, Elera. Where are the promises you made with me? They're all gone just because of another man." Michel tidied up all his belongings. Immediately, the man walked out of the apartment that had really broken his heart. "Damn it! You bastard!" Michel cursed, kicking the empty can in front of his feet. Bugh! The can landed perfectly on the bald head of a resident in the apartment. Wanting to hide to cover himself was also useless, because at that time Michel was in the lobby area of the parking lot which was completely spacious and empty. "Bastard! Who has the courage to kick t
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Part 4
"Let go! Let go, damn it!" Michel snapped at the burly men who seemed to be keeping a tight guard on him in the center seat of the luxurious black sedan. The look on his face seemed to give a hostile look to the men who had dared to take him without permission like this. "Calm down, young master. You are already safe. This is your rightful place." The man who said Michel was a lost heir raised his voice again. Bringing his gaze to the large mansion in front of them right now. Michel, who seemed to understand the meaning of the man's gaze, then followed the direction of his gaze. Seeing the building that was so large and magnificent immediately succeeded in making Michel silenced unable to say anything else. Michel blinked, trying to make sure that what was in front of him was certain. "Please come down, young master. Mr. Alberto has been waiting for you inside for a long time." The man then said again to take his eyes off Michel. "Alberto?" Michel felt familiar with the name m
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Part 5
A knock on the door instantly woke Michel from his long, comfortable sleep. "Excuse me, young master. It is time for dinner. Young Master is requested to come down to the dining room immediately." Michel stretched out his hand to cover his mouth after yawning so widely. "Very well. I will prepare to come down." Michel finally said. After giving an answer in a slightly elevated tone of voice. The sound of knocking on the door of his room was no longer heard by Michel's ears, it seemed that the personal assistant had really left there. A long sigh came out of Michel's mouth. The man then straightened his body, sitting right on the soft bed that he never imagined could be on it. Michel wandered his eyes, looking at the clock on the nightstand near his bed. It was more than six o'clock. It was dinner time for the rich, and of course Michel was not used to it. Michel rubbed his face quite roughly. Everything that happened to him felt like a dream, being in all the luxurious mansions
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Part 6
"I disagree, Dad" Everyone in the dining room turned their heads towards the man who had just opened his voice, that man was none other than Brion. Michel turned his head towards the direction of the voice, a man with a face almost similar to Alberto's, was staring hostilely at him. "Dad doesn't need your approval. No one can prevent an absolute decision from Dad including you." BRAK! Michel was shocked when the man, who turned out to be his half-brother, just left by making the chair he had been sitting on fall to the floor. "You don't have to listen to him, Michel." Alberto finally said.In the morning. "Good morning, Young Master!" Michel's sleep was disturbed by Daniel's sudden presence at the bedside, standing with his body slightly bent. Michel furrowed his brow as if to explain how the man felt ambiguous about Daniel's sudden presence. "As Mr. Alberto said last night. Starting today, you will go to the office. The director will introduce Young Master to all the employe
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Part 7
In a room, two men of different positions were looking tense, even blaming each other. "Why didn't you ever say this? It could be our positions that are at stake right now." Manager Rio seemed to be railing against James with that fearful sentence. The man naturally felt very anxious in addition to the lopsided smile that rose perfectly on Michel's face. That lopsided smile was something the man couldn't forget. "I swear! I didn't know about this he at all. For as long as he's been a friend I've known, he's never told me any of this." Manager Rio seemed to be throwing anything that was nearby. The man's face looked very anxious, afraid of all the possibilities that Michel could have taken as the man's decision. Not only that man, James who was in front of the man also felt the same anxiety. James was also afraid that the job that he had as the only source of income he got would be at stake. If he didn't work in this office, he didn't know where else he could work. "It's all your
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Part 8
"So, the mastermind of all this is Erick?" Michel seemed to emphasize his question. His gaze also looked so sharp at the two humans in front of him. Both Manager Rio and James seemed to gulp down their saliva with difficulty, and it even felt like their breath was really choking as if they wanted to die. With slow but steady movements, Manager Rio, Erick's best friend, nodded his head. "How much did he pay you guys?" asked Michel in a dismissive tone of voice. A lopsided smile appeared perfectly on Michel's face at this time. He didn't think that all this had been planned so carefully. One thing that made Michel unable to think anymore was where Erick, who was clearly new to him when he was caught in the apartment with his wife, in fact the man had known Michel long before that. If the man did not know Michel, of course nothing like this would happen. "2000 dollars shared with two people." Michel chuckled even more when he heard the amount of money. To be honest, if asked whet
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Part 9
Michel confidently greeted his ex-wife in front of a boutique. Elera looked at the car as if she couldn't believe it."What did I just see? Michel getting out of such an expensive car?" Elera's mind rejected the fact.Everyone knew Michel was a poor man with no bright future. That's why Elera's family disapproved, and gave the idea for Elera and Michel to divorce."Ah, maybe Michel got a new job? It could be, it was just a tactic because he saw me before." Elera smiled dismissively. "Wow, does he think I'm stupid?" she thought again."Of course I'm doing very well, Michel," Elera replied after a long silence.Michel shoved one hand into his pants pocket. "That's what it looks like. Good, at least you didn't get away from me for nothing."Elera laughed again. A dismissive, contemptuous kind of laugh at her ex-husband. She just didn't know yet that Michel had found his real family. If Elera had known, she would have cried while kissing Michel's feet in turn."Then, what did you come her
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Part 10
"Ex-husband, damn it!" Elera screeched.Elera grabbed the paper bag that the cashier had held out. She squeezed the straps of her paper bag, then ran out of the boutique to chase after Michel.Elera saw someone opening the car door for Michel. The man hurriedly got into the luxury vehicle. Because after Elera was almost close, the car was already driving."Ah! Asshole!" Elera couldn't stop being angry. She even pulled her own hair as if in frustration."Watch your back, Michel! I can't accept you embarrassing me today. One day if I see you again, I'll pay you back many times over! You'll see," Elera sputtered with her breath caught in her throat.***Michel sat sweetly in the back seat. In the front were Daniel and Mr. Arsyad, his driver.It seems that this is the first time Michel is shopping for his own needs. All this time, Michel's money was used up to please Elera when she was his wife.Daniel realized that Michel looked gloomy. He tried to reprimand him, "Are you alright, Young
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