The Fast Rising Billionaire

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The Fast Rising Billionaire

By: Winner Girl CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Christopher, who had faced business setbacks before, faces criticism at his wife's workplace for not bringing in customers for three months. Under pressure from his wife's family, he's given an ultimatum to get a job with a $10,000 monthly salary. Reluctantly, his wife offers him a sales position at the same real estate company where she works. Despite workplace challenges and bullying, Christopher accepts a sales challenge from his manager, Peter Earl – sell 100 properties by the next morning or get fired. Determined to prove himself, Christopher works hard and perseveres, eventually achieving remarkable success and becoming a billionaire.

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Sales Management
Christopher straightened his black tie and brushed his hands over his suit, before pushing open the door to the business director's office. He was one of the sales representatives of the Philly group, where he worked, and he was in a hurry to make his meeting. “How many times have I told you," snapped an annoyed voice from inside the office, “knock on my door before you come in? Is it really that hard to remember?”A smile taking over his face, Christopher smiled at his wife, his cheeks puffing up with amusement, “Laura, my wife, can you stop reminding me of the rules?” As she frowned, the smile on his face turned bitter, until it was gone completely. He had expected her to scold him, but nevertheless, the look on her face hurt his feelings, made him a little sad. Glaring at her husband, Laura, his wife, said, “you know, just because I am your wife, I have tried to cut you some slack. You have been working here for three months, haven't you?” she asked, easing a brow in disapprova
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Need Your Help With Something
“I am calling for the sake of the business,” responded Christopher, thinking fast. “You had better be. Anyway, I am here to give you a task as requested by the higher ups,” responded Atis, frowning. “I'm listening,” said Christopher, setting the phone he had been holding down on the table. In the sales department, a hush ran through, and whispers began, overhearing the conversation between Christopher and Atis. “Your task is to settle the McIntyre account. If you succeed, you will be getting a promotion, and if you don't? Well, the company might decide that you are not worth the trouble of having around. ” The McIntyre account was one of the most complicated accounts available, and the company had been in meetings after lettings in attempts to close the account. Looking up at Atis' face, Christopher could spot the familiar condescending grin he had seen on his face.Noting his apprehension, Atis' delivered the ultimatum, the smile on his face unflinching. “I will even give you a
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A Look At The Notice
Taking a long drag from his cigarette, Christopher looked around. It was early, and smoking publicly was frowned upon, but he had had quite a day, and dealing with all of the day's happenings sober was more than he could do.Exhaling the cloud of smoke, he hung up the call and decided on what to do next in order to make the ultimatum possible. His next stop was the corporate headquarters downtown. One of the largest companies in San Clemente, it was the best place for him to begin to attempt to meet his goal. It was one of his most frequented places, especially since he had been frequenting them for months, responsible for distributing flyers to their offices. Before going into the building, he smoothed down his clothes, and looked at himself in the mirror, making sure that none of the stress he felt was evident on his face. Upon getting down from his car, he walked into the reception area and went to meet the receptionists, a saccharine set smile on his face. They had always give
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I Have No Idea
Sighing, Mr. Davies ignored his workers, aware of the importance of the man standing in front of him. “Mr. Christopher, thank you so much for coming,” he said. “It was my pleasure,” said Christopher, smiling, “Mr. Davies, I hope that you will be available personally tomorrow morning. By 9 o'clock, I will need you to personally make your way to the sales department of the Philly group to make the purchase of a hundred properties, as discussed.” The sales manager, Robert, who had come to the reception area when he heard the ruckus, gasped. The shine in his eyes seemed to convey a million emotions, one of them being his surprise. Robert blinked slowly, looking between his boss and the strange man that was proposing business to his boss. Nobody had ever come to the company to ask his boss to get that many properties at once. Everyone but Mr. Davies and Christopher looked over to Robert where he was standing, unmoving, and raised an eyebrow in question at him. Nobody has ever come to h
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Mother In Law
As he shut the door to the gate, Christopher took in a deep breath. He was late, and he had no idea what the reception would be like. Living with his family-in-law was humiliating for anybody, but with personalities like the ones in the family, there was sure to be even more humiliation. Opening the door, he walked in, immediately facing criticism from Laura's family for his late arrival. Jim and Melody, her older brother and mother, both harped on him immediately, expressing their frustration at his inability to arrive back home on time. “Do you see the time?” asked Jim, pointing at the clock, “Where have you been all day? Are you trying to intentionally make the family starve?” Joining in on the bandwagon, Melody accused him of neglect, poking at his chest. “You think you are better than this, huh? You think you are now too good to cook for us? Do you think you are too good for this family? Because newsflash, you are not.” Pulling her hand gently away from his chest, Christopher
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Do Not Try It
Walking into the living room where Laura sat, Christopher shook his head, refusing her request. “No.” The sound of the word alone made Laura raise her he'd up and roll her eyes in anger. In the last three years, Christopher had never uttered a word in the negative to her, and now that the topic of divorce had come up, he was now strongly opinionated. It had happened before–whenever her parents mentioned to him that they should get divorced, he would become adamant, and tonight was no exception. Getting up and pushing past him to go into the room, Laura tried to keep the scenes as privately as possible. “Look, Laura. I love you. I love you so much that I cannot imagine a future without you. You can't tell me that we add going to get divorced, because I disagree. I do not want to get a divorce, and without my input, you are not getting divorced from me. Look, Laura, I know that I have asked you many times to trust me,” he said, careful not to get too close to her for fear of spook
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You Don't Have Enough Money
Alone on the bed with his thoughts, Christopher began to think about the dinner that was coming up between his wife and Rivera. From the drop in he had gotten at his desk, he knew that Rivers had ulterior motives to seduce his wife. There was the possibility that he was lying, or just bluffing, but knowing Rivera, the intent was very present. With a sigh of irritation, at Rivera, at himself, and the entire situation, he got up and opened the door, walking into the dining area with a wide smile on his face. The rest of the family was gathered at the table, and as he walked in, they all went silent, turning to look at him. The tension was palpable enough to cut through with a knife, and he took his seat beside Laura, still smiling. As dishes were passed and everyone took on the amount of food they could finish, Christopher noted that he was getting a number of furtive stares. Thinking nothing of it, he ignored, and began to eat. The regular conversation of everyone asking how the ot
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A Useless Man
Unknown to Christopher, Jim had overheard his speech, and he looked on appreciating at him. One of his biggest worries when he had met the man his sister wanted to marry was that he was after her money, especially when he considered the fact that he was poor and Laura had quite the inheritance. It was a welcome relief, even though he did not approve of the man, to see that he was not the kind to incite tension or problems over the money that they had. “For a poor man, at least he has a little bit of morals, when you move out, you can have your morals for dinner” Jim snorted, poking at his food. As he watched on, his fiance seemed to ruminate on what he had just said, and then turned suddenly to him, her face the perfect picture of displeasure. “You pathetic waste of space. How dare you speak to her husband that way? How does his financial status affect you?” she asked, sneering. Taken aback, Jim sat there, his mouth gaping open and shut like a fish. His girlfriend was not the t
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Your Pleasure
Upstairs, Christopher went to his work desk and continued to work, ignoring the snickers of his co-workers as they came into the shared office space. “Yo, Christopher,” laughed Tim, the office jester, “you're getting fired today! If I was you I wouldn't even have bothered to come into work today. ” Intentionally, Christopher decided to it ore it just like he had ignored Moss earlier that day. Walking out of the elevator, River approached Christopher and began to mock him. “I called you while you were downstairs, and you ignored me. Do you have any idea just how disrespectful that is? Today is the day you will lose your job, so you might as well just do as I tell you.” “That… is my job,” muttered Christopher. “There's no way you think that I should be doing anything different.”“Talking back, I see. No worries. The clock will soon strike 9:00am, and you will no longer work here, you waste of space.” Ignoring him, Christopher continued to type on his keyboard, logging in the rest o
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Our Home
Together, they got into their cars, Laura got into her new sports car, and Christopher drove the other car behind her as they headed over to her parents' house. The drive was not a long one, and in mere minutes, the pair had arrived home. The joy at the day's successes did not last a long time, as they met packed bags sitting on the stoop of the house. In front of the entire pile was a wicker chair that Laura had had for a few years, and if they had been unsure before, that was a definite sign that they were being kicked out. Laura looked at Christopher as though she needed to make sure that he was seeing the exact same thing that she was seeing, but his face did not bely any shock. Melody and Austin must have spent all day packing their things, and needing to hear it straight from the horse's mouth, Laura went to the door and knocked on it. At first nobody answered, and Laura put her head to the door to listen for footsteps. She was too focused on listening, so she did not see
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