The Inevitable Rise Of Miles Greyson

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The Inevitable Rise Of Miles Greyson

By: Cha Cha OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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'Get your life upgraded, and I will come back to you, Miles. I can't be with a man that can't pay my bills. You are nothing, but a lowlife churchrat' Miles Greyson thought it was all over for him when his girlfriend of years whom he could move the world for, betrayed him. He was going to brood over it, but getting an alert of a hundred billion dollars with an invite to meet the manager of the biggest tech company in the country was all it took for him to get over his girlfriend as his life took a new turn. Watch how Miles made them all regret ever treating him like a piece of trash. How did Miles inevitably rose to power? It's a mystery and secret you would be curious to know about...

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  • Shyne Shyne


    I love the title, the cover, and the content of the book. The blurb drew me in, and I think I'm mad over it now

    2023-11-09 02:26:52
  • Rhon Shah


    Poorly written and update is so very slow

    2024-03-10 19:50:56
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53 chapters
Chapter 1"You are so sweet, baby… Never had such a good sex in a while…" Standing in front of one of the doors along the hotel hallway, twenty-seven-year-old Miles Greyson took a deep breath and swallowed nothing, contemplating on whether to knock on the door or let them have fun, hearing the hard moans and groans coming from inside the room.'Hello, Mr. Miles. I left a bag in the backseat of your car. Can you bring it over to room 1402 at the hotel you dropped me earlier?” He was on his way to school after his part-time job as an Uber driver when he got the call from his last client, the man he had dropped off in front of a hotel. Although he was almost late for class, he had to drive back to deliver the bag to him.Miles curled his fingers into a ball, and just when he wanted to place a knock on the door, he couldn't help but notice the familiarity in the voice coming from the room, but there was no way it could be what he was thinking. It couldn't be his girlfriend's voice… He
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Chapter 2"Let go! You don't know who I am. I'm going to make your life miserable!" The man struggled to breath and still threatened Miles even though he was getting choked, but Miles didn't listen to him. He was ready to kill him."Just give up, Miles! Whatever you do can't make me get back to you. You don't deserve me! " Hearing Jessica's voice, Miles grip of the man's neck slowly loosened, and when he finally let go of his neck, he took a step back and clenched his fingers into a tight fist, enraged."I don't deserve you? Jessica,you are the most disgusting person I've ever met, and I regret ever crossing path with you," His eyes piercing into Jessica's, he uttered those words with pure disgust written on his face,"You are nothing but a disgusting shameless whore…" "You are going to regret this... I'm going to make you two pay for this, and that's a promise." Miles uttered, picking his words one after the other."If you have enough money, you should work on getting your life upgra
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Looked down upon
Chapter 3Confused about where the message came from, his phone started to ring with a strange number displayed on the screen, and he quickly swiped the answer button."Hello, this is..." "Am I speaking with Mr. Miles Greyson?" A deep baritone masculine voice sounded from the other end, and he raised his eyebrows in shock. "Yes, this is Miles," It took him a few seconds before he could reply to whoever the person was. "Congratulations, Mr. Miles Greyson. You have inherited a fortune from a distant relative of yours. Let's meet at the Ace group of company by 9am on the dot tomorrow. I will be expecting you," The voice spoke, and Miles was left stunned. "Huh?" He blinked his eyes rapidly. How could a stranger he barely knew call him on the phone and ask them to meet? What if this was a trap? What if he ended up getting hurt? Could this be a ploy to harm him? What if it was Jessica behind the curtain and doing this? He asked himself. "Ask for Mr. Ace Smith when you come," Those were
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sudden inheritance
Chapter 4"You're here?" The manager uttered surprisingly, his eyebrows knotted together."I wasn't expecting you to show up so early," he further said with a warm smile lingering on his face, and Daisy was forced to look at Miles again, shocked that her boss was being like that to someone they all looked down on a few moments ago. Who is he? She asked herself, confused."Yeah... It just...happens," Miles stuttered, not sure of what to say. Although they talked on the phone earlier, it was his first time meeting Mr. Ace in person. He had only seen this business tycoon in magazines, and it was still hard to believe that they were standing in person and he was smiling at him. "You are welcome, Mr. Miles. It's nice to meet you," Miles's jaw dropped when the man bowed and greeted him respectfully. He pinched the skin under his trousers to be sure this wasn't a dream, but he soon confirmed that it was not. This man who was confirmed to be amongst the ten top richest business tycoons in A
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The new CEO
Chapter 5"An arranged marriage?" Miles muttered, stunned. This was the least of the things he had expected. Becoming a billionaire overnight and getting into an arranged marriage. It was shocking."The young lady's grandfather had done a favor for Mr. James in the past and because of that, Mr. James had promised him that his son would marry the man's granddaughter in the future..." He paused and observed Miles's expressionless face before he continued."Since Mr. James didn't have a son, he had written in his will that his heir would fulfill the marriage," he explained to Miles."The marriage is just going to be valid for a year and if after you both find that you are not compatible, then you can file for a divorce then. You will still get the inheritance even after the divorce," Miles swallowed the lump that formed in his throat as he stared at Mr. Ace explained everything to him. No matter the angle which Miles tried to look at this from, he couldn't help but think that this was a
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Went to her rescue
Chapter 6"Wh...what!" The receptionist stuttered confusingly and blinked her eyes a few times to be sure she wasn't dreaming."You are fired!" Mr. Ace further said, and the receptionist gasped sharply."Wh... what... Sir, please you can't do that... Please I'm really sorry. I was just doing my job. I had no idea who he was... Please have mercy on me," the receptionist went on her knees and pleaded with Mr. Ace."I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, Sir. I will make sure to discipline them. I'm really sorry," Mr. Ace apologized to Miles."Thank you," And with that, Miles advanced toward the exit door and exited the company.A smile laced up his lips as soon as he stepped out of the company. He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a few dollars he had on him before he got here earlier."I'm fucking rich!" He mumbled excitedly then hauled down a cab and hopped inside."Diamond bank," He said to the cabby, and the ride began...The cab pulled over in front of the tall buildin
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Mocked by ex-girlfriend
Chapter 7 "How much is the money?" Miles asked for the second time."A hundred thousand dollars. Do you have that much money to pay for her?" The man mocked Miles again, but he opened his bag and took out a parcel of money from it."Here is your money," They were stunned when he threw the money at the man. "Let's go," The man left with the other men, leaving Miles and Ashley who was already on her feet."Thanks for that. You didn't have to do that," Ashley said as she dusted the invisible specks of dust on her body, but Miles just stared back at her wordlessly."You weren't expecting me to have left you here like that, right?" He rolled his eyes and sighed. "You should be careful not to get into trouble. Those are bad guys and they could harm you if no one had come to your rescue. You should be mindful of who you loan money from," Miles advised her."I'm not owing them money, Miles. I've already paid the money before. The boss of the group is a gangster and he had been disturbing me
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Dinner with classmates
Chapter 8"Are you jealous, Jess?" Ashley was pissed, so she stepped forward and smirked at Jess."Don't be so full of yourself. There is nothing to be jealous about," Jess rolled her eyes, but deep inside her, she was fuming. How could he have found someone so early just barely forty-eight hours that they broke up?"You should mind your business then," Ashley said to her, then turned to Miles."Miles, let's go sit over there," She pointed toward the set of tables and chairs just behind Leo, and he nodded. They both walked over to the chair and sat on it."Your order is here," The waiter walked up to them and placed the food they had ordered earlier, along with Miles's bottled water since it was the only thing he ordered. He didn't just feel like eating anything tonight. At least not now."It's pathetic how he can't even afford a plate of food," Leo mocked Miles."I'm glad you left him, Jess. I couldn't afford to be with such a pathetic broke loser," Jess's friend added, and Jess snick
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Chapter 9"I'm afraid I would have to involve the manager in this," The waiter threatened Miles."Yes, you should," Miles agreed, and they all glanced at each other.After the waiter left, Ashley looked around and found Leo and other classmates staring at them, so she sighed. Maybe it was a bad idea coming out here in the first place.Barely ten minutes after the waiter left, the manager of the restaurant, a man in his late forties, came walking into the restaurant with two hefty men walking behind him. They seemed to be his bodyguard."There you are, Mr. Collins," Leo uttered proudly as he stood up and smiled at the manager as he extended his hand for a handshake."It has been a while, Leo. How have you been?" The manager greeted Leo politely like they've been friends for a long time now."I've been good. I was still going to come to see you when we were done here. Is there a problem? You don't usually come here," Leo asked even though he knew that the manager was there because of Mil
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Chapter 10"Over here, please," The waiter called out to his colleague who didn't spend another second before he walked over to where they were seated."Take this to that young man over there," The waiter gave Miles's bill to his colleague as he pointed toward Miles who was seated calmly.The waiter handed the bill to his colleague, and he left to meet Miles.While everyone was waiting for Miles to panic as he went through the bill, they were shocked to see the calm expression on his face instead."Two hundred thousand?" Miles raised his gaze to the waiter and asked."I told you that he won't be able to pay. How is a delivery guy going to raise two hundred thousand dollars for just a one-time meal?" Jake laughed even though he had yet to sort his bill out."What is two hundred thousand dollars that he can't afford? He is really a pauper," Leo mocked him as he laughed loudly."I'm glad you dumped him, Jess. I wonder how you would've coped with this," Jess's friend rolled her eyes."Yes
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