The Godfather's Heir.

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The Godfather's Heir.

By: HaNina OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Jonathan Smith is a tycoon who comes from a poor family. Due to his perseverance and intelligence, he became the wealthiest man in the city of Rivera. Many enemies and business rivals want to take him down. Jonathan still standing proudly on his oversized chair. His enemies could not touch him. Even his business empire was getting stronger after he was elected Prime Minister in this country.

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  • AleeJandro


    Love the story, so far Interesting

    2022-12-23 14:52:06
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82 chapters
Chap. 1 His Personal Assistant
"You cunning human! I will take revenge on you. Just wait, Jonathan!"A man is dragged out of the Smith Corporation building. His coat and shirt were dirty with dust and coffee. His hair was a mess, and his face was red with anger. "Be careful, Mr. Alfonso. At this age, you could have a heart attack. Your blood pressure can also spike drastically, resulting in a stroke." The deep voice with a flat intonation sounded mockingly at Alfonso. His business opponents are trying to bring him down. "My name is Jonathan Smith, remember that. Write it down in your brain!" Jonathan pointed at Alfonso's forehead with his index finger. "I'm no longer the poor guy from the overhang of the Church you kicked out just for standing in front of your little office." "Tsk… everything has turned around. I am the richest man in this country. Once you, play fire with me. Don't expect laughter in your life tomorrow." Jonathan kicked Alfonso in the stomach before heading back into his office. "Smith bastard
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Chap. 2 Magdalena Morris
Jonathan treats Adam very well. Jonathan is not only indebted to his father, but his mother's medical expenses and his two younger sisters' education are also borne by Jonathan. "What are you doing?" "Sorry, sir." "I pay you to work, not to daydream, remember that!"."Yes, sir." Jonathan was sitting in his oversized chair. The Smith Corporation's office is on the highest peak in the city of Rivera. Anyone would know if Jonathan's company is the number one company in this country. No wonder many like Alfonso want to bring down the number one businessman in the country."Sir," Adam called. "What's the matter?" "Miss Moris..." "What's happened with her?" Magdalena Morris is the only daughter of the Prime Minister, who has been in love with Jonathan for a long time. The 23-year-old girl admired Jonathan and ended up falling in love with him. Her meeting with Jonathan five years ago, when he was about to apply for a business license for a company subsidiary in another city.At that
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Chap. 3 A Condition from Abraham
"Uncle Peter," called Magdalena, who was very disheveled."Miss Morris was being bullied by drunks; we found her on the street and took her home with us," Jonathan said, who saw Magdalena frightened."Come in quickly, Master, must be angry because Miss doesn't want to obey his orders to pick by the driver when you come home from school," said Abraham Morris personal assistant, named Peter."O-okay," Magdalena was scared and wanted to hurry inside. But her steps stopped when the figure she feared was standing in front of her. The white-haired man wearing bathrobe pajamas looked at her sharply."What happened, Lena?" The middle-aged man's deep voice sounded terrifying."Dad," Magdalene looked down in fear."Young people are always like this, Mr. Morris." Jonathan's voice intervened between the two."Smith," called Abraham flatly. Who does not know Jonathan Smith, the wealthiest man in this country? But with Abraham's stubborn nature, he would neither bow down nor honor him like the syco
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Chap. 4 Getting Rid of The Traitors
"Miss Morris has graduated from college; she'll be back in the morning. Don't you want to pick her up?" Adam asked.Jonathan stopped what he was doing and then looked at Adam. "Is it necessary?""You're her fiancé; you'd better pick her up. Miss Morris has been out of the country for five years.""But she, every year, returns to this country," answered Jonathan casually."That's because you never visited her.""Last year, I came to give her a surprise on her birthday."Adam sighed; his boss was really too cold with women. But that didn't stop the beautiful woman from approaching him, including Magdalena Morris, a young woman who had been his fiancé for five years. The Prime Minister's daughter, Abraham Morris, still adores him, even though Jonathan treats her casually."It's because you have business in the same city that you took an hour to give her a birthday present. Nothing special, taking the time to visit her." Adam said."Sorry, sir," Adam lowered his head after Jonathan tapped
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Chap. 5 Catch The Traitors
"Yes, sir.""Do it neatly; I'm waiting for the results. Haven't had a good show in a long time." Jonathan said with a grinning smile. He shook off his expensive coat and walked to his room.Arriving in the room, Jonathan called his personal secretary."Miss Rodriguez, order a bucket of red roses for tomorrow. Neatly wrapped and packed in an elegant ribbon.""Anything else, sir?""A box of chocolates, wrapped in the same colour as the flower bucket. Have a vase of flowers on my table.""Yes, sir, I understand."Jonathan smiled faintly with just the gift. Magdalena Morris's heart would melt for not picking her up at the airport.***The atmosphere in one of the elite bars in the city centre looks very cheerful and lively. But the visitor only contained a few men in expensive suits. Apparently, they were VIP customers from among the successful businessmen who booked the bar tonight. It looks like erotic dancers with minimal clothing are entertaining them. The clinking of clear glasses fi
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Chap. 6 The End of The Party
"What a pleasure of this life, wealth, power, and women." Esteban laughed in the room while hugging the call girl he had been paid. He didn't know that Adam and Jonathan's bodyguards were ready to drag him out and humiliate him outside the room."Open it," Adam ordered the receptionist, who was already holding the room key card."Bep," the door opened. The receptionist pushed the door of the room where Esteban was occupied with making up his lust openly.Esteban was still busy, wallowing in his lust, so he didn't realize that the bed he was in was surrounded by Adam and his followers. The white-haired man was still babbling dirty words while enjoying his call girl."Well, feel so good, huh?" Adam asked."Yeah," replied Esteban unconsciously."Sir," called the girl seeing the people around her."What is it?""Sir, they….""Shut up and serve me. I have paid dearly for your body!" Esteban snapped as he continued his game."All right, Mr. da Silva. I can't wait too long. I haven't slept a
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Chap. 7 Jonathan's Real Face
"You …." Esteban raised his hand."Yes, it's me, Jonathan Smith." Jonathan still hasn't changed his sitting position. Dressed in an expensive suit that was still neat and crossed his legs. His right hand has a cigarette tucked into his middle finger."Feel cold, huh?" Jonathan asked casually and then looked at the bunch of traitors with a sharp gaze."What the hell, Jonathan!" shouted Esteban."Mr. Smith, call my full name, Mr. Jonathan Smith," Jonathan confirmed."What do you mean, bringing us here naked!" Esteban rebuked fiercely while holding back the cold that had pierced his skin for a long time."Adam," Jonathan called out, stretching out one right hand.Adam took an iron whip and handed it to Jonathan."Tell me, what is the purpose of you guys trapping the chief production manager at the west city branch office?""What do you mean?" asked Esteban.Jonathan waved his whip in the air, the sound of the flexing object snapping making Esteban and his gang shudder in horror."Call me
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Chap. 8 She is Back
Esteban swallowed hard. He can not refuse and should know who is the real Jonathan. A successful businessman from the poor family background. Orphans living on the streets can change their fate in a short time. There must be something that supports them. Stupidly he didn't think that way. The underworld is like flesh and blood, fused into one inseparable whole. Jonathan must have easily noticed his abnormal movements in the company."Mr. Smith, sir, I'm sorry, I made a mistake. I didn't mean to. Please forgive me, sir." Esteban crawled again, grabbing Jonathan's feet, which were wrapped in shiny loafers. Esteban's six followers also did the same.Jonathan smiled slyly at the seven naked traitors worshiping him, begging for mercy."Tsk..." Jonathan spat, and they quickly apologized to him after stealing his property. There is no mercy for them; he must be cruel before people dare to bring him down. Being the number one person in this country is not easy. Jonathan could stand firmly wit
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Chap. 9 The End of The Traitors
Two hours before.Jonathan stood at the vault door with Adam. Before going to the office, he looked at the last person to win over the mantle."Open the door," Jonathan ordered the doorman."Yes, sir." The guard rushed to open the door for Jonathan and Adam; behind him, several bodyguards came in as Jonathan's safety guard.A chill pierced Jonathan and Adam's skin after the door to the room was opened. Someone was sitting in the corner of the room, hugging his legs. While the bodies of six other people lay on the floor in a terrible state. Bloodied and blue from freezing."Check those six people!" Jonathan ordered his men to check on them. Jonathan's personal bodyguards, numbering four them, checked the breathing and pulse of the bodies of five of Esteban's comrades."How?" asked Jonathan."Four people, including Mr. da Silva, have died, sir. Except for the young man on the other end. He's still alive, probably very critical at this point." Jonathan's bodyguard said."S-sir..." called
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Chap. 10 The Luckiest Men
"Tsk… he's not here," Magdalena muttered after entering the director's room."Mr. Smith is in a meeting, Miss," Adam replied."Then? Why are you still here?""What do you mean, Miss?""You're his personal assistant; you should be by his side right now. Especially in an important meeting."Adam scratched his non-itchy hair. His boss told him to pick up his fiancé. And now the person he picked up blamed him for not accompanying his boss. All are wrong, and he doesn't know what to do."What are you waiting for?" Magdalena was annoyed because her fiancé's intelligent assistant suddenly looked stupid and seemed slow in thinking."Okay, Miss." Adam bowed and left Magdalene to follow Jonathan into the meeting room.Magdalena's gaze was fixed on a reasonably large glass flower vase available on the nightstand in the corner of the room. Magdalena smiled happily. Her famously cold fiancé is actually hot and caring. Even the most minor things can be remembered during his busy schedule.While hum
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