They decided to spend the night at the city to do more shopping and resupply. But Andrei didn’t need such thing because his rings has a far more enough item to sustain him for about years. Finished shopping they are now at an inn different from what Maria recommended. But wait…why is Maria not tailing them anymore? Did she finally come to her senses?

“Where is Maria?” everyone look at him like if he is asking the right question except for Brent. He is still sane and perfectly in the right mind so why are they looking like he had lost it? After confirming that he is not joking, Liam sighed before brushing his hair up out of frustration or not? Well who knows…

“Don’t you remember? You told her off and a creep for sticking on a man far too much. That’s why she bid her farewell when we got your registration card. I kind of pity her face that time. She

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