There is nothing much in the plates of the other people joining them into the banquet that the duke prepared for him. Mostly it was meat with juicy red juices glazed on top. Somehow it brought back Sky to the time where he is still being fed with her favorite dish that he had come to despise now. The temperature immediately died and the servants jumped in front and removed the dish in front of Sky who’s having a big amount black mist enveloping around him. As the race that greatly related towards the darkness, they more than anyone, could see and feel the intensity of his aura. The lower servants who cannot handle his aura slowly disintegrated which cause for an immediate counter measure. They all been told to retreat and the upper servants went forward to replace them. The other members of the family of the duke are all quietly trying not to pay any attention towards him.

Sky had been in the very foul mood because of the duke who’s provoking him sin


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