Michealis (2)

“The sound of the wind tells the foreboding danger but no one ever heard of it. Not a single soul.”


There is no carriage unlike the usual means of transport to nobles or horses for a speedy travel. The sound of the wind harshly being treaded against by not just one but many individuals who are traveling faster than a normal eye could follow were like a cry of a prey being tortured to death until it perish in a gruesome way. It’s not that often like this when Ciel and his underling travels but it seems like an eerie travel today because of one individual that looks like casually walking in the park. He felt the need to really release the pent up and slowly increasing anger he is feeling whenever he see this devil.

But the person himself was just casually looking from side to side and sometimes engaging in a conversation to his supposedly enemies. How weird. That is Ciel’s verdict after watching

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